This is my 1st attempt on hellsing fic so do RR. The plot will revolve ard the hellsing organization and its people wif a few surprises in stored. Warning: if the chars are a bit or way off the tangent in OOC, do know that this fic has nothing in full relation to the manga or anime except from certain referencing. If this is not your liking, don't continue reading downward, I repeat, DO NOT CONTINUE.

Now for the standard disclaimer: I do not own hellsing or any of the existence of the other species used except to create plots that kept me up all night.

Chapter 1: Someone from the past

It started off like a typical evening for Seras Victoria, upon waking from her restless slumber, she press the remote that leaves the coffin top of her bed, and saw a familiar object on the table as she glanced around her room. I don't feel like drinking it tonight, maybe…just maybe…

Hesitate as usually, Police girl? I really don't understand why you persist in this behavior…

M…ma…master! She squeaked in her mind, looking for any trace of her master at the four walls. As usual, Alucard did not give away his presence to his fledgling.

Drink it, your body needs it. I'm sure this message does not have to be repeated.

Sighing to herself, she pretends there wasn't a voice in her head and went to do her daily routine. She gave the table a wide berth as she took out her uniform from the closet. Maybe later, master. Seras heard a chuckle in her head, and then silence as if her master have finally accepted her reply and not continue his taunts at her lack of interest in drinking the medical blood packet.

Quickly, she finishes her dressing, and proceeds towards the main floor of the manor.

Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing was at her table as usual, smoking her favorite cigar while going though what seems to be a ton of paperwork. Walter was there serving tea to his mistress, 'Will that be all, my lady?'

'Yes, Walter. Do not disturb me unless it's something of importance.' Integra replied as she scans through a document.

'I shall take my leave then.' Alucard appears right after Walter closes the door, looking at his master through his sunglasses, with a smirk on his face. He glides pass her table, looking at the moonlit night through the window behind her.

'Ahhhh, such a lovely evening, and a wonderful moon up there in the sky. Makes me want to spill some blood to make it perfect.'

'Alucard, how many times must I repeat myself. No thoughts of killing on a moonlit night,' said Intergra as she sealed a letter. 'And close the drapes of the window before I shoot you on the head.'

'But my master, surely you wouldn't be so cruel as to deprive your servant such a beautiful sight. Besides, the beams of the moon does wonder to the color of your hair, brings out the silver sheen of your locks.' Alucard replied innocently as he turned to face Integra, who is grinding her cigar with her teeth, hands fisted on the table.

You want bloodshed so much, I'll give you bloodshed all right! 'Silver, you say, I'll give you enough the sight of silver that will last you through this blasted night.' Thoughts and speech run through her being at the same time as she draw out her trusty weapon, loaded with blessed silver bullets and starts firing at the No Life King's direction.

Walter was down at the kitchen when he heard the ringing of shoots sounding through the manor, followed by a zealous mad laughter. They've started earlier this time, thought Walter as he glanced at the clock on the wall. Every full moon nights of every month, Alucard will try and test the patience of his master to see how long and how much can she endure before she pulled the trigger. Normally this could be avoided as there are always a few missions to separate the two long enough to let the night pass by. Tonight, however, wasn't the night.

Shaking his head, Walter proceeds towards the cabinet to take another tea serving set when the intercom at the wall cackled and a voice starts to relay a message.

"You there, Walter? This is Pip here speaking."

'Yes, Captain, I can hear you loud and clear. Is there something of importance?' said Walter as he busied himself by preparing another set of strongly brewed Earl Grey for Integra.

"Well, I'm not sure if it's important to you or not mate, but a soldier at the guard post told me there are two strangers looking for Seras."

'Two strangers looking for Miss Seras? In the middle of the night? Did you tell them we do not have a person by this name? Or maybe they have mistaken for someone else?' Walter was now pondering whether to included a bottle of scotch to the serving.

"That's the problem, they or should I say the female describe Seras's personality and features to the tee. She insisted Seras is in the manor and demanded that we let them in. Feisty woman, that she is." The voice in the speaker chuckled, before continuing, "She also said they mean no harm and all they wanted is to see Seras."

'You did say there are two visitors, who is the other?'

"That's the weird part, the guard said he can't see the features clearly but he knows the other one is a guy. He's standing really close to the gal now I've seen her thorough the monitors. Really protective of him. Blind me! The bloke is staring at me! He knows I'm watching the gal and he's warning me off. "

'Staring at you, you say, Captain. Do they have any features like the undead?' I think I've better bring the bottle along with the tea to Sir Integra, she'll need it later after an interval with Lord Alucard.

"Nope, not that I've noticed, they show up in reflection and heat scan. No sharp, pointy teeth or red eyes."

'Tell the visitors to wait, I'll inform Sir Integra of this situation, as soon as the shooting stops.' Walter carried the tea tray with the scotch and packet of blood chilled in a bowl and heads towards the office.

"Don't take too long, Walter. Something tell's me that the bloke is not the patient type. Especially in niceties like this."

(In the office) 'ALUCARD! Stand still for once and let me put a goddamn bullet into your solar plexus!'

'But master, I thought you want to shoot at my head,' said Alucard as he avoid yet another round of silver bullets heading at his direction. The room was riddled with bullet holes, and Alucard was taunting that master's aim and speed is getting slow. Integra paid no attention to his words, focusing only on shooting the vampire before her to kingdom come. Just as quickly as he was at the teasing, he stopped beside the door, head corked as if listening to some faraway sound. He frowned slightly, like he'd never experience this before. Integra saw her opportunity to strike the vampire right where she wanted when he raised his hand to a ceasefire and bow towards his master, 'I apologize for my interruption, master, but it seems Walter is outside pacing along the hallway. I suggest we listen to what he has to say before we continue, shall we?'

What is Walter up to? Doesn't he know I'm not to be disturbed! Unless it's another freak attack, maybe I should hear what is the matter before I make that infuriating imbecile into Swiss cheese.

I heard you, master. I never knew you liked cheese made from Switzerland.

Integra scowled at him, rearranged the papers on her desk and placed the gun beside it, with the hammer still corked. Alucard just laughed as he opened the door and called his old friend into the office. 'I apologize for the interruption, Sir Integra but we seem to have a couple looking for Officer Victoria. They are still at the main gates.' Walter stated as he placed the new tray of tea with the bottle of scotch and blood packet on the table. Alucard plucked the packet out from the ice, examine the label before ripping the packet open and poured it in a wineglass that Walter had placed on the table upon entry. Smiling at the taste of blood running through his palate, he salutes his way to the windows and looked at the moon, with the glass cradling in his hand.

'There are people looking for Police Girl, a couple no less. This proves to be an interesting night after all.'