The day that I had to leave Kansas was mortifying for me. I was shy and quiet and had few friends as it was and now my parents were forcing me to start over again in my year of high school!

The funny thing is, part of the reason I was depressed over moving was the fact that I would have to leave behind Bradin Westerly. He was sweet and athletic, smart and beyond attractive. I, along with what seems like the entire teenaged and younger female population, had an intense crush on him. Well, it wasn't a crush so much as a slightly creepy infatuation.

I suppose it didn't matter that much…Bradin didn't even know who I was. It's not like he was a snob or anything, but he just had so many friends and I was just so quiet and shy… I was an easy person to over look. Bradin was without a doubt the most popular guy in our school so I didn't blame him that much for not knowing who I was. Added to that, I wasn't exactly gorgeous. To be fair, I wasn't deformed. The qualities I had were plain, though, and plain doesn't get you noticed when you're surrounded by a horde of skinny, perfect-figured future models. I was short and I had medium length black hair that never looked right. My small eyes were a very dark brown and I always thought my nose was flat. I was not a toothpick, either, and flat as hell.

Anyways, my parents wanted to move someplace near the ocean and they had finally saved enough to do so. My mom had gotten a generous job offer in someplace in California.

When we arrived in my new home, Playa Linda I think it was called, I was still sullen. I had to admit that it was pretty with its beaches and all, but I was very much homesick. It didn't really make me feel that much better when I realized that the close proximity of the beach meant that nearly every girl I saw was in a bikini.

A week or two passed and I had finally stopped moping about the new house and had ventured into the local café. I was painfully shy…though I did want new friends, I didn't exactly want to introduce myself to anyone.

I was seated at the café, sipping an ice tea, when a person walked in. A person I had never expected to see again. I blinked and rubbed my eyes. This had to be just a hallucination.

"Coke, please." Oh Lord it wasn't an illusion. Bradin Westerly was standing four feet away from me! What the hell was he doing here? Should I go over and talk to him? He didn't even know who I was, that would just be stupid…

Bradin looked up at me and I realized that I had been staring so I finished my drink and stood up and left.

I was pissed at myself for not talking to him as I walked down the sandy beach. The sun was setting and the beach was pretty much deserted as I sat down on the sand and watched the waves ripple. My mind had to be playing tricks on me…it was probably just someone who looked like Bradin.

I don't know how long I sat in that position but the next thing I remember is a voice ringing out beside me.

"Hi." It was Bradin! I nearly jumped out of my skin as I turned to look at him. "…Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

I cleared my throat and shook my head. "No problem."

"Um, anyways, I'm sort of new here and I could very possibly be wrong, but, uh, I was wondering if you were new around here too?" Bradin questioned.

"How could you tell?" I raised my eyebrows in surprise.

"You just looked kind of sad…maybe a little homesick. And, unlike 99 of the population here, you're wearing clothes that cover your entire body." He laughed. I laughed back and wondered if he had any clue who I was. "My name's Bradin Westerly."

It was definitely him and he really didn't have any inkling of recognition for me. I felt a twinge of anger and stood up. "That's great." I shot with a touch of coldness to my voice.

Bradin stood up to and followed me as I walked away. "So, I was thinking, seeing as though we're both new, maybe we could get to know Playa Linda together. Combat the loneliness."

"Bradin, why the hell are you talking to me?" I asked him, shooting daggers with my eyes. "You have a whole buffet full of scantily-clad girls to hang with. So why are you choosing to grace me with your time?"

"What?" he gawked. "I'm not like that! Listen, I just thought you maybe needed a friend. Seeing as though I could use a friend too…"

"Since when have you needed a friend? You always had buckets full of people worshipping you before in Kansas," I snapped.

"How'd you know I'm from Kansas?" Bradin asked in shock.

"Forget it," I brushed off, regretting my spat.

I should just let it go that he didn't know me before. I walked faster and left Bradin behind. I couldn't believe that the first time Bradin Westerly talked to me I had yelled at him!