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The Concept of Good




The icy wind blew round as two cloaked figures met at the summit of the mountain. The two figures nodded their covered heads in acknowledgement of one another. Both were concealed by the darkness of the starless night and the blackness of their long cloaks.

"Greetings, Darcy," the taller figure said, lowering her hood.

The wind kicked up, blowing her long white-blonde hair around her. Her bright emerald eyes glimmered despite the absence of light.

"Galatea," the figure addressed as Darcy replied, also lowering her hood.

Darcy proved a sharper image with her long black hair braided tightly about her head. Her naturally pale skin was made even paler by the coldness of their snowy surroundings.

"I see my father has bought you here as well," Galatea said, smiling.

"Naturally, we are the best," Darcy replied, turning to her right. Galatea followed this move, her eyes catching the hidden entrance to their master's dwelling.

The seemingly small cave was emitting a welcoming warmth from within.

"Shall we enter?" Galatea said, gesturing toward the cave.

Darcy nodded in reply. The two stepped lightly onto the snow, leaving no footprints behind them. A few feet within the cave torches appeared, lining the walls. This cave was not as other caves were. There were no specks of dirt to be found upon the ground . It was obviously inhabited. Galatea and Darcy continued walking deeper into the cave dwelling.

They stopped before a set of large, double doors that looked as if they belonged more in a manor rather than in a cave. Galatea put a hand forth to open one of the doors but was stopped short by Darcy.

"Wait! Listen," she hissed.

Leaking through the doors were snatches of conversation between their master and an unknown visitor.

". . . A gift to you, My Lord," said the unknown voice.

"There are no such things as gifts, Voldemort, only exchanges. What do you want in exchange?" their master asked.

"You are indeed wise, My Lord. I require my enemy, Harry Potter," the one named Voldemort said.

Their master scoffed. "Kidnapping? That is beneath me."

"The boy for the dagger, Dracula. That is your only option."

"How dare he!" Galatea growled, followed by a quick "shh!" from Darcy.

Dracula's deep chuckle was heard from within. "Very well. I accept this partnership." There was silence, and then a loud popping sound ran from inside the room.

"Enter," Dracula called.

Both girls entered and bowed deeply. Their master sat upon a great golden throne that was placed in front of a roaring fire.

"We have arrived, Father," Galatea said, looking up.

"My dearest daughter and my most loyal servant, welcome," Dracula said.

Dracula was an impressive being even to his own kind. Standing, he was over six feet tall and often draped in black. His long white-blonde hair matched his daughter's exactly but his skin was somewhat lighter. His smile suggested warmth, but his gray eyes told differently.

"I assume that you overheard my conversation with Lord Voldemort," the vampire lord said, picking up something from his lap.

It was a magnificent dagger comprised almost entirely of silver except for a few inset rubies in the hilt.

"What makes an insignificant dagger so special that you would side with such an unworthy piece of scum?" Galatea sneered.

"Never you mind. You shall be informed when you need to be."

"Forgive me, Master. But why have you called us?" Darcy asked quietly.

"Ah, Darcy. The daughter of my most loyal vampire fledgling. I have called both you and my Galatea here for a special task that I need you to perform . . . two special tasks to be exact."

"Does one of them involve this little wizard boy?" Galatea asked, mockingly. Darcy shot her a glance.

"It does indeed," Dracula replied. "He is no little boy, though, only a few years younger than you, my dear—Darcy is there something you'd like to say?"

Darcy did not look downcast at being called out, in fact she looked pleased. "Our skills with their magic will serve us well on this assignment."

"Clever Darcy, exactly," Dracula said. He smirked. "I do hope you are not rusty with your wands."

"Of course not, Master," Darcy answered.

"We will bring you Harry Potter, Father," Galatea said. "What is this other task?"

"It involves my new dagger." Dracula raised the weapon up with both hands and held it out to his daughter. "You are to find the Slayer and take her blood with this weapon."

Galatea arched a brow as she picked up the blade. "The Slayer?"

"The chosen one, yes," Dracula answered. "There are many now, but I need only the blood of Buffy Summers."

"Very well," Galatea said.

"It will be done, my master," Darcy said, bowing. Galatea followed her example.

"Then be on your way." Dracula turned his head from the two girls.

Darcy and Galatea left the room and quickly made their way through the cave.

"So which task should we perform first, Darcy?" Galatea asked, trying to hide her excitement at having a new mission.

Darcy still looked as stoic as ever. "I suggest getting the boy. Young men are easier to find."

Galatea smiled at that. The girls reached the outside and took flight together.

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