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Epilogue – The Challenges Never End

Officially three months had past since the very celebrated return of Son Goku and many things had changed for better or gone back to normal. ChiChi wasn't completely happy with her husband's new and rawer nature but was experiencing the joys of falling in love again with her husband. Bulma had immediately planned a party for him and everybody had been happy to see each other again: getting reacquainted with Goku had been an experience itself after getting over the shock of his appearance. More serious and scarred with a tan and attitude weren't the first features to come into mind when you spoke of Son Goku, until recently.

After finding out that Gohan lacked in his training and that Goten was never ever received any kind of training in his life had flamed his temper. More for the sake of Goten's and their own safety since the boy was now a fresh Super Saiyajin with not one ounce of control over his powers, expect the transformation. ChiChi had reluctantly agreed to his point of view but Goku's methods of persuasion were rather questionable. To some people it was miracle how fast Goku and ChiChi rekindled their flame, but then again most people didn't have a marriage and love like theirs.

The Son family had decided to stay in Ox King's castle and make their old home a vacation cottage of some sort, since they owned the lands there and it was still under Son's name. ChiChi continued as a Queen and she was slowly but surely getting her lost personality and will back with few incidents only. She even made Gohan start a real high school instead of home schooling and without him rotting in his own room.

Life was settling down and routines were starting to take place. Goku met with his friends frequently, sparred with his sons and Vegeta, and was slowly gaining his previous muscle mass and appetite back. Hell had taught him to survive with minimal food and water so his body and mind still had to adjust back to the idea of possibly receiving nourishment whenever he so desired.

It felt weird being called Son Goku again; he had used the name Shadow for so long. Trunks still sometimes called him that and it served as a good reminder to pretty much appreciate what he had, damnit.

The boys were also told all about their heritage and finally being introduced to the Z senshi; Bulma and ChiChi little sheepishly apologized for their strictness, but with the lifestyle the defenders of Earth led, none really blamed them, as bad as it was to lie to children about something like that. Goten and Trunks spent the next weeks in complete lala-land filled with heroic deeds and superheroes of all kind; mostly somehow related to Z senshi achievements and powers. Their teacher had already written many notes for their families which told the parents not to allow their sons read so much foolish hero comics and stop encouraging them to use violence since they often sparred at leisure to practice their newly learned and exciting skills.

There was one thing that really ticked Son Goku off, though. Some dufus had claimed the title of the Champion of Tenkaichi Budoukai and called himself the savior of Earth on their call. Usually merciful person, Goku had suffered seven unimaginable years in Hell, for saving Earth and idiot needed a lesson for taking credit for other people's hard work...

It was 27th Tenkaichi Budoukai coming up...


" Dad, can't you reconsider this?" Gohan pleaded desperately his father who was solemnly wrapping his sash tightly around his waist. The pair were in the locker room of the stadium where other participants were also dressing and getting ready for their matches. The other had already gone to watch the preliminary rounds; the ridiculous punching machine.

" Nope. Ya know ya even wanna have a crack at the asshole, son," he retorted and cracked his knuckles. An unconscious habit he had taken on from Hell. Gohan cringed at this and the words the same.

" But... but..." Gohan looked stricken.

" You fancy that Satan girl and you're afraid she'll hate you if she ever found out I beat the shit out of her father?"

" Uh... eh... not! I just..." The young demi-Saiyajin went beet red and fumbled for words, trying to explain himself.

" Sorry to say this, but pray for miraculous intervention if you wanna stop his beating!"Goku left for the battle area, Gohan running after him, pleading him to not to do it and ChiChi wouldn't like if he drove away a potential wife material. The statement of course resulted in merciless teasing...

The unbeknown mowhaked and purple-skinned Kaioshin left in the locker room smirked. If you only knew...



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