Severus ponders on his life in the Fanfiction Character List. 300 word Drabble. SSHG.

He couldn't believe it. Here he was, sandwiched between Rubeus Hagrid and Sirius Black of all people. With only Voldemort beneath them. Life was finally repaying him for all his crimes.

He wasn't even visible at first. No, one would have to scroll down on purpose if they wanted to see him. Some what reminiscent of life in the dungeons. Then, he hadn't desired accidental attention. But now, he craved their notice. Anything to get him away from Black and Hagrid. Not that Hagrid was a bad fellow, but have you ever been underneath him?

There, floating, hovering, up in the First Half, she smiled at those around her. She was between Harry and James. Potters. The duel banes of his existence. Sometimes he thought she switched with them in order to chat with Lily or Ginny, and to allow father and son to be together.

Of course she was near the top. She always was. Her subtle beauty and her obvious genius would always ensure that. And of course her despicable friends helped as well.

The only supreme force that Severus could let himself acknowledge at play again. Irony remained in control of his entire life. Here, where anything was possible, where people came to make their dreams and fantasies true by writing and displaying for all to see, he was still resigned to life as he knew it.

Oh for that brief caress, that subtle 'click' that meant someone had chosen him! How he longed for their attention, these faceless controllers of his destiny. And oh, if only they would move to the next column, the identical stack of people, if only they would select her as well! Then, finally thrown together, they would live for a brief time in the fantasies of others, where anything was possible.