Chapter 9 – Epilogue


Ginny opened her eyes to find Madam Pomphrey standing over her. Her entire body ached and she found herself wondering how many hippogriffs had been in the herd that ran her over.

Several potions were forced down her throat causing her to grimace as not a single one of them tasted remotely good. 'Must have been brewed by Snape.' she thought.

As the pain receded the events of the day came flooding back causing her to sit up, her entire being instantly filled with worry about Harry. It was only Pomphrey's restraining hand that kept her from leaping from the bed to search for her love.

"Harry!" she said her eyes frantically scanning the hospital wing.

"Shhh, its ok child, Harry's fine, just tired and magically exhausted. He's sleeping." Madam Pomphrey explained in a soft, calming tone.

Ginny's eyes finally landed on a bed further down the ward. Seeing his messy black hair and the continual rise and fall of his chest as he slept calmed her.

"You're sure he's ok?" asked Ginny her gaze returning to her care provider.

"I promise he's fine." she replied smiling. "How are you feeling?"

"My whole body hurt when I woke up but I feel fine now."

Pomphrey was nodding. "The after effects of an extremely powerful pain curse. You may be sore for a couple of days but you're free to go."

Ginny got dressed and walked over to Harry. Making sure Madam Pomphrey wasn't looking she cast a quick spell to remove a memory block she had placed and pocketed her wand. Placing a gentle kiss on his forehead she pulled up a chair and sat down to wait.

Madam Pomphrey smiled softly as she noticed Ginny sitting beside Harry's bed holding his hand. She'd banned everyone from the hospital wing while she cared for her patients but she didn't have the heart to make her leave after everything they had been through together. Walking to her office she left the young couple alone.

Harry woke and let out a groan as he recognized the familiar bright light and decor of the Hogwarts hospital wing. Looking around he found the familiar red hair of his girlfriend on the bed beside him. She was sitting in a chair next to his bed holding his hand and had fallen asleep.

Deciding she looked uncomfortable he picked up his wand from the nightstand and carefully levitated her into bed with him. Wrapping his arms around her she unconsciously snuggled into him and he drifted back to sleep.

Ginny woke slowly feeling much more comfortable than she remembered being when she fell asleep sitting with Harry the night before. As she opened her eyes she found the emerald green eyes of her boyfriend staring back. She started to say something but was quickly stopped when Harry pressed a finger to her lips.

He moved the finger to his own lips letting her know he wanted her to stay quite then nodded his head to the side. As she listened she realized there was someone else in the room and by the angry ramblings she could make out it was her brother Ron.

"Bloody git. What the hell does he think he's doing with my sister? When he wakes up I'm going to kill him." Ron was muttering.

Harry and Ginny shared a grin almost laughing out loud before Harry pulled her in for a long kiss. It was, of course, at this point that Ron noticed the pair was awake.

"What the hell are you doing to my sister Potter?" Ron roared.

Ginny sat up to begin defending Harry. "Mind your own…"

Harry stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. "It's ok Gin. I can handle this." As she looked at him he mouthed 'trust me' to her and she nodded.

Harry then turned to face an angry Ron Weasley. "Ron, before you get all bent out of shape could you do me a favor and grab a couple things out of my robe pocket over there?" Harry said gesturing to his robes which were hanging on the wall.

Ron grumbled something about snitches, glue and the giant squid but went to search the pockets of Harry's robes. A minute later he pulled two pictures out of one of the pockets and his look of anger changed to one of fear and panic as his gaze went back and forth from Harry to the pictures. It was several minutes before he could speak. "Ok then Harry, just so we understand each other." He then bolted from the room leaving behind a hysterically laughing Harry and Ginny.

Madam Pomphrey appeared moments later and after much pampering pronounced Harry fit and able to leave.

As Harry was about to get dressed Professor Dumbledore arrived. "Harry, Ginny, it's good to see you both back up and about."

"Thank you Professor." they replied.

"When you're ready if you could join us in my office there are several people who wish to see you both." the Headmaster said twinkling all the while.

A few minutes later Harry and Ginny were walking through the entrance hall when Harry was attacked by a large amount of bushy brown hair.

As the hug ended Hermione wiped tears from her eyes and started in on Harry. "Harry Potter! Just what did you think you were doing running away like that? And then that stunt the two of you pulled! You could have been hurt or worse! You're lucky I was gone all summer or I would have… well Harry you shouldn't… Oh Harry I'm just glad your ok." she finished jumping on Harry for another hug.

Over Hermione's shoulder he could see Ginny doing her best to keep from laughing at his predicament.

"Shhh, its ok Hermione. Everything is ok now." Harry said as he patted her back and glared at his girlfriend making her want to laugh even more. Eventually Hermione pulled away from the embrace and moved to Ginny giving her a hug as well. "I'm glad you're ok too."

"When I got back from vacation yesterday and saw the Daily Profit I didn't know what to think." Hermione handed him the paper as she said this.

The Boy-Who-Lived and His Girlfriend

Defeat You-Know-Who and his Army

In an incredible and daring victory Harry Potter The-Boy-Who-Lived and his girlfriend Ginny Weasley The-Girl-Who-Loved led You-Know-Who and his army of Death Eaters and Dementors into an ambush. Trapping them between two incredibly powerful shields the amazing pair destroyed the dementors before summoning an army of their own consisting of fifteen foot tall stone golems. A great battle ensued during which all of the Death Eaters were either killed or captured. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley then dueled with You-Know-Who eventually coming out victorious. The young couple was unconscious following the battle and taken to a secure location to be healed.

It is rumored the pair have been recommended for The Order of Merlin 1st Class. We at the daily profit wish them both the very best and thank them for their selfless actions.

-Rita Skeeter

Page 2 - The Battle of the Burrow
Page 3 - Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley
Page 4 - Peter Petigrew found alive! Sirius Black Innocent!
Page 5 - Death Eater Names and Trial Dates

Harry looked towards Ginny with a grin on his face. "The-Girl-Who-Loved eh?" he said causing Ginny to blush.

A laughing Harry gave Ginny a soft kiss eliciting a gasp from a shocked Hermione.

"I thought the paper was exaggerating again, when did this happen?" Hermione asked.

The couple turned smiling towards their friend. "At the beginning of the summer." said Ginny, "Come on, let's go see Dumbledore there's a lot to tell."

With their arms wrapped securely around each other, Harry and Ginny continued on to the Headmaster's office with Hermione following close behind.

Entering the office they found several Order members, the Weasley's and Remus who immediately swept Harry into a bone crushing hug.

"Cant…Breath...Moony…" Harry managed to choke out.

"Sorry Harry," he said sheepishly as he pulled back still holding Harry at arms length. "You just had me so worried. I thought I'd lost you for a minute at the end there." After another slightly less painful hug he released him.

After everyone greeted Harry and Ginny they took seats on the couch and waited for the questioning to begin.

"First of all you two," Molly stated with her hands on her hips as she eyed her daughter, "I would like to know where Harry has been staying all this time."

Harry and Ginny both gulped and after sharing a look Harry replied. "I've been at the Burrow all summer."

"WHAT!" the confusion and questioning was similar all around the room except for the Headmaster who was sitting behind his desk twinkling like mad.

Shaking off her confusion at the answer Molly continued. "I'm sorry Harry I thought you just said you were at the Burrow all summer?"

Harry just nodded.

"How is it we never saw you young man?" she asked.

Harry grinned and pointed to Ginny. "That's her fault. She was my secret keeper."

Ginny punched Harry in the arm and whispered quietly, "Thanks a lot Harry."

Once everyone quieted down Harry and Ginny told their story. They told about their trips to Diagon Alley and all their different purchases. They told about the Black and Potter Family Vaults and the different books they found. They explained about the door and how they cast the Fidilius charm on it.

It was at this point Harry had a thought and leaned in to whisper to Ginny. After a brief conversation her face lit with mischief and she nodded fervently. Turning to face Ginny he pulled her into an embrace giving her the necessary cover to draw her wand. With a quick glance back towards the occupants of the room Harry said, "Be right back."

Turning back towards his girlfriend he placed a light kiss on her lips as she tapped his ring three times.

Remus, Moody and Tonks broke down in hysterical laughter as the room dissolved into chaos at the pair's disappearance. Even the Headmaster had a look of shock on his face knowing they should not have been able to do that, though he continued to twinkle brightly.

The room had just began to calm and was looking towards the three who were laughing for an explanation when Harry and Ginny returned with grins that would make the original Marauders proud.

"What? How? Where? Why?" were just a few of the questions directed their way when everyone noticed their arrival.

Remus in particular was still chuckling. "Nice one there Harry. Any chance you could teach me to travel by kiss?...Actually could you teach Nymphadora and she could teach me." The combination of blushing from his suggestion and scowling from the use of her first name caused Remus to laugh even harder and the rest of the room to join in.

Deciding to keep the rings to themselves Harry reached into his robes pulling out a small dog to hopefully redirect everyone's attention. As he set the magical statue on the ground it grew into Padfoot who immediately tackled Remus barking loudly and covering him in slobber.

Remus was smiling broadly with tears in his eyes as he wrapped his arms around Padfoot's neck hugging his lost friend. "I've missed you Padfoot." he whispered.

As they parted Padfoot grabbed Remus robes with his teeth and pulled him to the couch sitting him next to Harry. He then sat next to the couch looking expectantly at his godson.

Harry still feeling mischievous just sat there with a small smile on his face looking back.

Padfoot getting impatient barked several times looking at Harry as if to say 'What the hell are you waiting for?'

Grinning internally Harry kept egging him on. "What is it boy? Are you hungry?" He had a hard time not laughing at the look on the dogs face especially with Ginny sniggering behind him.

Padfoot glared at Harry and let out a low growl.

"Fine, fine, you're no fun." laughed Harry, "Padfoot, show me Sirius."

Everyone was in shock as the portrait of Sirius appeared. Dumbledore had mentioned meeting with a 'rather ingenious portrait of Sirius' but no one had ever seen a magical artifact quite like Padfoot.

"Hello all. Hey Moony." said a grinning Sirius.

Remus was grinning ear to ear shifting in his seat as if he wanted to hug his friend. "It's really good to see you Siri."

"My, my how touching." sneered Snape, "What a wonderfully tearful reunion between the werewolf and mutt."

Remus started to get angry but relaxed as Harry placed a calming hand on his shoulder. Sirius however just grinned at Snape. "It's good to see you to Snivellus. By the way, do you still wear that underwear with the purple dinosaurs on it?"

A brief look of panic crossed the potion masters face before his scowl returned and he crossed his arms his only response to glare back at the laughing portrait.

Clearing his throat a smiling Headmaster gained the attention of the room. "As amusing as this all is, perhaps we could hear the rest of Harry and Ginny's explanation of the summer's events."

With Padfoot's help Harry and Ginny told the rest of their story explaining all about their training, the maps, finding the spells they would need, the plan and the battle.

After finishing their story everyone sat quietly pondering the events of the last few months. It was Dumbledore who broke the silence with a final question. "There is one thing I was curious about. You have told us about the spell you used to defeat Voldemort. What I don't understand is how you convinced him to cast it when the spell's description clearly said that if the castors intent was evil his soul would be recalled."

Harry and Ginny shared a grin before Harry turned back to Dumbledore. "Simple really, that was one of our backup plans. After we figured out the spell we wrote an alternate description that left out the part about evil intent. I had Ginny place a block on my mind to hide the spell from me and then relearned it with the alternate description. I was never sure if I would be able to go through with casting it or not even on him, but I knew Voldemort wouldn't have a problem with it. I figured he would find it poetic to use the spell I was going to vanquish him with on me."

Dumbledore laughed out loud finding the justice of it all to be amusing.

"So," began Arthur Weasley looking deadly serious, "Mr. Potter, you're telling me you have been living in my daughters bedroom all summer?"

"Umm, well you see.., I's like…" Harry stuttered clearly worried.

Molly took this opportunity to punch her husband in the shoulder. "Arthur, stop teasing the boy."

A smile appeared on Mr. Weasley's face as he began to chuckle. "I'm sorry Harry I was just teasing you. We trust you and know you wouldn't do anything dishonorable."

The entire room shared a laugh as Harry and Ginny let out a pair of sighs.

"There's still a week left of summer. Where would you like to stay until the term starts Harry?" Dumbledore said with his knowing smile.

Harry looked around the room his gaze finally landing on the girl next to him whose hand he was holding. Giving her hand a quick squeeze he smiled looking into her eyes. "I want to go home."