I am aware that this is not allowed and I will take it down in a day or two. Just a quick announcement.

I am aware that I have severely let his story lapse and gather dust, and I am very sorry to all my loyal readers. You have all kept me going through the years.

Sadly, I find myself with limited time to dedicate to this story, and the muse visits rarely now (again my own fault for ignoring her for so long).

I do intend to finish. I can not promise how long this will take. If however, there is anyone out there who would like to collaborate on this with me, and help kick me into gear, I would love to hear from you. You would of course have full credit and artistic licence, to have your influence in the story. Maybe working with someone will finally give me the push I sooo need.

If anyone is interested please either leave it in a review or email me at akutenshi2001 at ywho do tco dot uk.

Thank you all so much, I can not put into words how much your support over the years has meant. You are wonderful people, and I wish good karma on you all J

Thank you

See you soon!