The Rain Outside

Note: Rei and Kai have never met before in their lives. There is no beyblading. And if you've read the summary - Rei has no idea who the Hiwatari family are.

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Rei wiped up the last empty table in the restaurant. He had already been told to go home for the night – he had been feeling sick lately – but he needed the money. At least he liked his job. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to stand the many hours he slaved over Thai dishes and served parents screaming at their children.

Well, the only reason he liked his job was because of the other people he worked with; they were a great bunch. After a third time of his boss telling him to go home and get some rest, Rei only had an hour of his shift left, and soon that hour diminished into the last five minutes he was occupying by cleaning up.

Just as he scrubbed the last of some penang curry from the hard surface of the table, the clock next to the menu signs ticked to 9pm.

Not having enough energy to jump in the air and give a woot of excitement at his shift finally being over, Rei merely flipped the scrubbing cloth over his shoulder and tossed it in the back kitchens for washing.

He grabbed his small backpack and stretched as he waited outside the office of his boss to let her know he was leaving. Someone else was currently in there; probably Lee once again arguing over the wastage of serviettes by customers with babies.

Rei could vaguely see through the window of the small office's door. Yep – there was the back of Lee's head.

He could be waiting outside the room for a while if he was going to let Lee finish. Instead, Rei quickly knocked on the door, poked his head on the door, caught the boss's eye and said 'I'm finished for the night now' and shut the door before Lee could start complaining about the interruptions of other staff to his own cooking and cleaning duties.

Rei could have sworn he saw his boss smiling.

Rei was practically exhausted by the time he reached his apartment building. His bus had been late, again, for only the 5000th time in the entire history of buses, and his hair kept getting caught in his bag's shoulder strap.

Now more than a bit past his shoulder, Rei had taken to tying up his raven strokes of hair, mostly because work required him to, but also because it was easier to manage. He thought of the impracticality of growing it long, and every so often when he went to a hairdresser's he went with the mind of getting more than just a trim, but Rei knew he'd never really cut it short.

The wind had blown it out of its tie while Rei was walking back from the bus stop near his apartment, and now he was getting it caught in his bag's zip as he tried to search for his keys.

Rei swore as he came up the stairs to the fourth floor. He couldn't find them. He rounded the corner to find, however, a young man with strange blue hair fumbling with the door lock of room 243.

Despite deep tiredness, something akin to shock still jolted Rei's system.

Number 243 was HIS room.



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