Kyo's body froze in shock. Darva was gone, Mayura was saved...but..

"Alice!" He saw her against the wall, a hand on a gaping wound in her stomach. It looked as if she had run out of her lotis energy. She looked as if waiting for something to take her away. Her eyes looked at him as the rest of the group finally saw where and what state Alice was in. He pulled her into his arms, resting her head on his knees.

"Kyo...I'm so're alive." Her voice wasn't faint yet.

"Alice, when did this happen?!"

The building was returning to normal, and the two Neo Masters remained in standing position. Alice quickly spied Mayura, but felt as if something were holding her back. A tendril of Darva's form was fading, holding her leg back.

"I won't be dying alone...cursed Neo Master..."

It was then Alice felt the stabbing pain in her chest. She fell back in agony, trying to use her lotis. It was no good...she was out of power. She clutched tighter to Neyozeka's dead body in her arms.

"That's all I can remember..." The rest of the group listened, suddenly sparked to cast Jiva to heal their wounded comrade. However, it didn't seem to work even if they did have power. It was as if Darva took one last life with him, no matter what the cost.

"You've got to hold on! I love you!" His remaining lotis energy seemed to make an impenetrable barrier that even darva's voice could not enter. "We saved her...believe in us!"

"I can't..." Her tears were leaving her eyes, showing the agony and pain she was feeling. She had to tell him when it was over, to tell him she... "I love you Kyo."

"I can't live without you...please.." His voice felt raw and he was feeling his own throat scratched raw in combination with his own tears. He placed his lips on her own, tasting the desperation to stay alive. She broke it when her air began to lose almost as if to lose him in the process. Then something odd happened to his body, as if he was sharing her pain. He smiled.

"You can' should..."

"No, we'll die together." She attempted to retort to him, but he placed his hand on her lips as she felt him lift her up. The scenary began to change around them. Alice recognized this as the place as Neyozeka's inner heart. When Kyo arrived at the tree, he placed Alice in his lap and set himself against the tree.


"Just rest, we'll die together...and be happy." Alice attempted to say something else, but her head bobbed against his chest and lost it. She died, and Kyou closed his eyes in content. He soon felt the warmth of death welcome him.

The End