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Dedicated to hmm...who for this one? erm.. Well Ste of course cos I kinda sorta accidently forgot to tape this episode (not kill a bunch o'people :p) and Mary-Angela for the good times ;)

Lyndsay Willows stormed her way out of her mom's office and through the halls. During her 12 short years, she had been in and out of the LVMPDHQ as often as she had her own home, or so she thought.

Her argument with her mom was playing over in her head with added 'should've's' and 'could've's'. Turning a corner, she walked past the glassed-walled reception area which housed Warrick.

'Lyndsay?' he called, watching her walk past, 'Hey, Lynds!' he shouted running out of the room.

'What?' Lyndsay asked sternly, spinning on her heal.

'Whoa, what's up with you?' Warrick asked, walking up to the pre-teen.

'Nothing. I just hate my mom'

'Hey, I don't want to hear any of that'

'It's true' she mocked

'Come here' he guided her into the reception room and sat her down opposite him. 'Okay, spill'

'It's nothing. Mom's just freaking out for no reason'

'She must have some reason'

'I-I was just trying to get down to Freemont Street'

'Freemont Street? What's down there?'

'…Friends' she shrugged,

'On a school day?'

'Sure' she shrugged again.

'Well, in that case, I'm with your mom'

'What? Why?'

''Cos Lynds, its 1pm on a Tuesday and you're playing hooky to go downtown and be with 'your friends'. You know the kind of things your mom and me have seen when other kids have done that sort of thing'

'It all comes down to the job' she muttered under her breath

'What's that mean?'

'She always working now, she never has any time for me anymore'

'That is so not true. You are her life Lyndsay, not this job. But without this job, neither of you would have a life. You need to find a middle-ground with her'

Lyndsay picked at her cuticles as Catherine walked down the halls. A casual glance caused her to take a double look, and then step closer to the glass. Warrick, who was facing her, looked up to see her mouth 'Thank you'. He winked in reply.

'She's just looking out for you, Lynds. No-one will ever love you like your mom will'

Lyndsay looked up, 'and no-one will love her like you do'

Warrick chuckled and rocked back on his seat before resting back onto his knees, 'You're a smart kid'

She smirked

'So...stay smart. Be smarter. Stay in school, stay away from downtown unless you're allowed to go and talk to your mom, okay?'

She only nodded in reply.

'Okay?' she prodded


'Good. C'mon, I'll walk you out' he said rising.

They'd made it out of the room and around the corner when Lyndsay said, 'I'll make you a deal, I'll talk to my mom about us...if you talk to her about you two and how much you looove her and want to kiiiiss her and want to-'

'All right, that's enough outta you' he joked pushing her to the wall.

Cath couldn't help but smile as she listened from her hiding place.