Love in the Shadows

By WaMat DeBly

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh or any of the charactors here in, all are property of Shonen Jump and Kazuki Takahashi. And I'd have it no other way, I'm just borrowing them for a little while

Warning! This fic will contain graphic Shojo-ai/Yuri content. If you are apposed to Girl/girl relationships, then do not continue reading this fanfiction.

Ch 1. Dreams that come.

Anzu sat on her bed, the Battle City Tournament had just come to and end and she was finally able to relax. Breathing deeply she allowed her body to relax, thinking back to incident with Noah she smiled, she supposed not all bad had come from that little detour.

Closing her eyes she allowed herself to think back to the Duel she'd been forced into, where she'd picked her deckmaster, the Dark Magician Girl. She hadn't thought much of it at that time, but she'd felt a strong connection to the blond girl that had guided her though that duel, she'd finally figured her feelings out for what they really were, a crush, or perhaps more that that even.

Anzu hadn't told anyone about the feelings she'd felt for the Dark Magician Girl, how could they understand anyway, even Yugi had thought it kind of funny that she'd gone and purchased one of the remaining Dark Magician Girl cards left in his Grandfather's shop, she'd given him the excuse that she just liked the card.

Anzu let out a little sigh as she pulled the card from her purse, it was in a protective covering, taking the card it's self from the covering she placed it beside her pillow. "I wish we could see each other again, so I could tell you how I feel."

Mana watched in her mirror as Anzu lay down to sleep, the connection that Mana now felt to the girl was even greater than that she felt for Yami Yugi, it had been odd at first, she'd never felt so strongly about another woman. Why do I feel like this about her? She asked herself, it was a question that had Mana quite confused.

While being the female duelist's deckmaster, they had shared a telepathic link, through that link Mana had felt waves of love come from Anzu, waves of love directed towards Mana, not Yugi.

Walking towards the double doors that led to a balcony, Mana walked out into the cool night air of the monster world, looking out at the vast city and the stars above that, taking in some of the fresh air she relaxed, letting her troubles slide away before she heard a small but sweet voice from behind. "Mana-chan, what's on your mind?"

Turning around her eyes fell apon the smaller demon girl thunder drummer who was giving her a small smile, Mana returned the smile before answering.

"It's not really anything, I've just been thinking a lot about Anzu."

Kaira gave her friend a knowing giggle, "You know, she is rather cute for a human, you have very good taste Mana-chan." Mana nodded, blushing brightly before moving to her bed, "Yes she's very beautiful, but I'll never have her." She sighed, flopping her face into her pillows.

Kaira stood at the foot of the bed, one of her orange furred hands ran quickly through her bright red hair before she spoke, she watched her friends back heave in a small sob, that made up Kaira's mind. "Mana I may be able to help you, but you have to tell me one thing." A mumbled "What?" came from Mana, who's face was still buried in the pillows. "Do you want to be with Anzu?"

The question caught Mana slightly off guard, lifting her head from the pillows she wiped slightly at the tears that were still falling. "That's the thing that bugs me the most, I'm not completely sure what I want."

The red haired demon sat on the edge of the bed, "Well, do you love her?"

Tears filled Mana's eyes anew as she nodded, "Yes, I love her very much Kaira, but it's not like I can ever be with her." The tears begun to flow as Mana considered never being able to be with the one she loved.

Kaira took the blond magician into her arms, stroking at her hair to help calm her down. "Mana please don't cry, I may know someone who can help us get you to Anzu."

Mana pulled back slightly, "What, who, how?" she asked, wiping at the tears that were still falling

"Well, let's just say he's an old friend who we'll call the Sorcerer of Dark Magic."

Author notes: Well this is the first chapter, a bit of a hanger but I think it ended rather well, let me know what you thinkā€¦ this isn't my first Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction, but it's the best one I've done so far.

To those of you who support Anzu/Yugi, I normally support them myself, but this fic had to be written, I really think the dark magician girl and anzu look cute together.

And for those of you who are wondering just who Kaira is, she's the Thunder Nyan Nyan card. lol