Love in the Shadows

By WaMat DeBly

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Ch.6 Morning showers and Beach fun. Prt.1

As Yugi waved bye to Anzu and Mana, the two girls moved back into the house, Mana smiling brightly to Anzu. "Yugi seems to be really nice Anzu-chan, You're lucky to have a friend as good as him." Anzu nodded in agreement. "I've always thought so, we've known each other since we were little, he's always been a good friend." Mana closed the door and sighed, relaxing agenst the wall to her right, thinking about Kaira. 'I wonder how she's doing.' Mana thought to herself, letting out a slightly depressed sigh. Anzu turned to look at Mana, watching her carefully. "You ok Mana-chan?" After looking up from the floor she nodded, "Just thinking about a friend, perhaps someday she'll come to me like I came to you." She moved into Anzu waiting arms, enjoying the warmth she gathered from the girl at just being in her arms, Anzu stifled a yawn. "It's been quite a day, how about we go to bed, Ok Mana."

The next morning Mana awoke to the sounds of Anzu's deep breathing, watching the girl sleep next to her caused Mana to remember all the time's she'd done so from the other world, watched and dreamed of being in the brown haired duelist's arms. Slowly sliding out of bed, Mana headed for the bathroom, intending to get a shower and start breakfast before Anzu awoke, she took one last look back, commiting the image to memory before heading for the shower.

Anzu's eyes fluttered open to the sound of running water in the bathroom, sliding from her silken sheets she moved to se how far along Mana was into her shower. Opening the door her eyes were greeted by the sight of a very nude Mana, who turned fully toward her from the shower and smiled, "Ahh, good morning Anzu-chan, would you care to join me?" Blushing brightly and blinking a few times to try to shake off the suddenness of it Anzu nodded, "Ano, sure, we can wash each other's hair and backs." Mana just smiled. "It's almost ready, I'll get in and wait for you then." Getting into the shower Mana allowed the warm water to rouse her to full awareness

Anzu stripped her nightgown from her body, allowing the sheer blue material to pool around her bare feet, steping out of the pile of fabric she moved to join Mana, who already had the shampoo in hand. "Turn around and I'll start on your hair." Anzu did as she was asked, relaxing as she felt the other girl's fingers begin to massage the suds into her hair and scalp with gentle care, as Mana's fingers worked their magic, Anzu grabbed the bar of soap from it's dish and started to soap up her own body, her fingers lingering slightly on certern places before she heard Mana giggle from behind her. "Anzu, please allow me." A hand reached around to take the bar from her fingers as Mana moved to let the water hit Anzu, allowing it to rinse her hair of the soap before she moved to caress her lover's body with the soap, her fingers working around the other girl's pink nipples before diving into the valley between her breasts, then down her smooth, toned stomach and down to her laiba, slowly massaging there for a moment before moving her hands around to soap and caress Anzu's tight ass.

Unable to hold back any longer, Anzu allowed herself to moan before pressing her body agenst Mana's own, Mana had turned Anzu and was now face to face with the girl, their nipples rubbed agenst one another as Mana moved down to wash Anzu's toned legs and thighs, finally finished with the soap Mana moved back up to place a deep kiss on anzu's lips, a kiss which was returned with deep passion, their tongues twining as they rubbed agenst one another, the soap action to make their movements that much easier. A slight change in the temperature of the water caused Mana to stiffen in surprise before breaking the kiss. "I think we need a bigger water heater hon." She said with a little giggle before quickly washing her own hair and shutting the water off ,steping out she grabbed her staff and conjured two fluffy pink towls for them to dry with.

Anzu was still standing in the shower, attempting to

To regain control of all her feelings and emotions, the passion she'd felt for Mana in those few moments had felt like a lifetimes worth, suddenly she shivered as cold air hit her still wet nude skin, a soft fabric wrapped it's self around her. "You should dry off before you catch a cold Anzu-chan." Nodding Anzu whispered her thanks as she began to dry off. 'How can she be so calm after what just happened?' She asked herself as she finished drying her hair, glancing up she saw Mana was already dressed for the day in jean shorts and a pink tanktop, purple flipflop's and the blue and pink hairband in her hair, Anzu couldn't help but giggle, "Do you always use magic to get dressed?" Mana nodded, "Yeha it's tons faster, here let me." With a wave of her staff Anzu was dressed, wearing jean pants and a white t-shirt with the words "Hot Babe" written on it in Kanji, of which the words were thrust forward by the rise of her breasts and white sneekers on her feet. Anzu couldn't help but smile at the choice, because that's what she'd figured on wearing today anyway, "A girl could really get used to this."

Around eleven that morning they'd decided to walk into town, and no matter where they went, the new couple turned heads, Mana couldn't count the number of times in the hour they'd been walking how many men had asked her out, but every one of them had gotten a polite "No thanks" and a glimpse of Mana pulling Anzu slightly closer, at which Anzu would giggle and tell them that Mana was her girl.

Mana sighed as they came to rest under a rather large sakura blossom tree, Anzu pulling Mana softly into her arms as they relaxed, backs agenst the tree, the scent of blossom's heavy in the air. "How are you holding up so far Mana?" Mana looked back into Anzu's eyes, "I'm ok, just not used to walking so much." Anzu giggled, "Don't worry you'll get used to it soon, trust me on that, walking is the most common way around here in Domino City."

After a few moments they moved on, coming to a set of shops, Anzu spotted a swimwear shop and began pulling Mana towards it, causing the blond to look away from the magic shop she'd been eying, "Come on Mana, let's get each other some swim suits."

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