It's forlorn, magnificent, and amazing...and it WANTS TO BE HEARD!

The Chandelier's Lament

For those who lay in history

Scorned with great neglect,

I find quite well I take the cake:

The saddest victim yet!

The diva shrieks,

The chorus leaps,

The Phantom creeps,

Miss Daae weeps,

(Oh yes. Her lover bleats).

But what, O good observer,

What is there to do?

To make you turn with wonder—

Oh what will interest you?

If it's diamonds, I am dripping

Beautiful as sin,

And though it's true I've no hands or feet

What counts lies deep within!

(A massive heart of lead, respectively).

From my perch I tremble with desire

To fill your hearts with burning fire

I'm a singer! I'm a star!

But you've never heard my repertoire…

Oh bloody hell, I may as well

Rant away to the ceiling high

(Who claims to be sadder than I…hah!)

I don't have a stunt double

To take that breathless plunge

That dratted Phantom sends me through

Lunge after lunge.

I could complain, but did not once!

Not I of steely strength and blaze!

After being dropped some twenty times

(Though I'll admit I sawstars for days)

And Andrew, Joel and Gaston

Make me out to be

A great quivering nincompoop

But someday they will see…

That musical would never sell—

If I hadn't done so well!

All I've ever truly been is kindly and well meaning,

But before I forget…


My crystals. They need cleaning.

A/N hehe, hope you likie