The Opera Populaire was an amazing theatre. Almost every month they seemed to have some kind of opera or play to grandly show to the citizens who kept their money handy and in large amounts, and all of them were beautifully done. The scenery was artistic, the dancing was well choreographed, the acting was believable, the singing was glorious and the duels played were the hottest new addition to any performance.

But no longer is this theatre so grand and popular. A long time ago, a disaster beyond imagination occurred there…or was it such a disaster? Most of the story is kept under lock-and-key. Most don't know everything, so they assume it was just a freakish, unexplainable disaster. But in reality it is not freakish, and it's quite explainable.

My name is Joey Wheeler. I was there at the end of the Opera Populaire and know the story like the back of my hand. This story was not a disaster; it was a story of doomed love.