Chapter 1: "Debut"

"Anyone can carve the mountain, but can you master the peak?" – DJ Atomika

The plane that dropped down many of the Circuit's snowboarders had landed at the very peak of the mountain, the plane being crammed with eager snowboarders who wanted to take a ride down "Happiness" Three years had passed since the opening of the original Circuit, and since then, the boarders have been of all races, sexes and so on. This year; the fourth; seemed like a promising one: Three new snowboarders, but still two of the originals were out of commission. In fact, most of the vets had pronounced them as retired from the Circuit. That did not matter though, after all, the new blood seemed to have been pretty competitive from the first time they were glanced at.

Atomika's voice kicked in over the SSXer's Mcomms. "Welcome to the SSX World Championships where it's You against The Mountain. This is EA Radio Big coming to you from high above it all. I'm DJ Atomika: the eyes and ears of SSX for spectators and competitors alike, broadcasting live from my nifty little sound booth with access to over 262 mountain cams..." There was a five second pause before he continued "At the competitor's committee request, this years events will be happening last year's ginormous mountain across the Three wicked peaks. There was another pause, this time only three seconds. "Peak One may appear to be nicer and inviting, but riders need beware. For one thing the steepness limit in the backcountry's been increased from 36 to 44 degrees of insanity, not to mention the avalanche warnings." There was a five second pause. "Peak Two can get pretty challenging. Weather can be a serious factor as storms often batter. The Peak. Senseless. Blizzards, 70 Mile Per Hour winds, you name it! Riders will have to be on top of their game to beat this peak." He stopped for a second then continued. "And when it comes to Peak Three, you gotta love it when they save the harshest for last. A mountain dream that turns into an alpine nightmare. This is where we give Everest a serious run for its money." Two second pause. "As you know, It's taken event organizers two years to turn this place into the ultimate SSX Championship." two-second pause. "Riders will be charging hard down these recently modified, never before ridden racetracks, where the terrain barely almost reaches insane." Three second pause. "Returning events like Slopestyle will be pitting riders against a host of constructs, competitors will be looking to snake the best lines through the wildest tracks to perform legendary tricks. And for that little bit of extra value, there's gonna be a whole combo-linking for those looking to score big." Four second pause. "Abilities will be Maxed right off the start with the circuit's popular Big Air events. Riders will be going harder and higher than anything seen before! This years Super Pipe events promise to be the most outrageous pipe action ever seen. Also coming back from the older seasons at the Showoff events. Riders will blast through the race courses, burning insane tricks in one run." Two second pause. "In the early days of pre-competition training, competitors are unleashing a barrage of never before seen moves. One event official summed it up best: 'Ab-so-lute-ley Sick'... These guys are pushing the limits here people." He paused for another two seconds. "Also this year returning is Big Challenges. Riders will find themselves put to the test in some absolutely bizarre ways." He stopped for about seven seconds then added. "And yet another new twist on this year's event: SSX Masters. The few riders from the original circuit are considered as the 'bosses' of; not a certain peak this time around; but a certain event. Moreover, if they do not want an event we have here, they get to make one on their own. For the other riders to get into higher areas of the mountain, they have to beat the SSX Master, even if it's by a current SSX Master!" Two second pause. "Event organizers have been deliberate in telling SSX Riders to be careful out there, and in particular, to stay clear of the Out of Bounds areas." Some paper rustling was heard before he continued. "New to this year's circuit, for the first time we're introducing a Brother/Sister combo in the ranks. This year we have the Human Rubik's Cube of Skillz: John Eric Young. His little sister, that bouncing ball of delight who hates pink: Rachel Young, Continuing, there's Norway's gothic High Flyer: Sean Jahr Murphy. And finally the British snow star: Jamie Williamson. In addition, just about all of the SSX Veterans have returned. Canada's Amazon Bombshell: Elise Riggs, Hip-hop scene-ster: Mac Fraser, Boy Wonder: Griff Simmons, The Uber Talented: Allegra Sauvagess, and everyone else who has been on the circuit since Day One except for, sadly, the one-time Riots: Jurgen Angermann and Hiro Karamatsu. Also another old face, or should I say voice, has also returned to help me out in my studio, Rahzel from the first two SSX events has come back for an encore." a Crowd Cheering sound effect played as he concluded. "There you have it folks! The stage is now set for the biggest SSX Event of all time. So enough talk... Time to ride. Stay tuned right here to Radio Big."

John grinned ecstatically, since he finally got his chance at SSX. He stood at about 5 feet and about 10 inches tall. A black African-American with short black hair, a slight pudgy gut, weak arms, and strong calves. He was wearing his standard boarding cruising attire: a blue T-Shirt and some Black Denim shorts. Even with that short amount of clothing, he still managed to weak a small beanie, striped Navy, Yellow, and Orange, along with a pair of winter gloves with enough form to still have full control of his fingers. Ever since he got on the plane with that thin attire, some of the other boarders gave him strange glances from time to time, even being asked if he felt the slightest bit cold. The fact that his little sister was offered a spot too made him even the much more happier. He looked over at his younger female sibling and gave her a hug, then patted her on the head. "You ready for the big time Rachel?" He asked her. She nodded and put her board on her feet, since it was almost time to get off the plane. A short, light skinned girl, also African-American with brown hair, wearing a light blue coat with bright yellow snow pants. She was wearing a moss green Nordic beanie that she left untied. Being only 11, she broke the record for Youngest SSX Rider by 1 year, which was just set last year by Griff. John glanced at his two friends that were pulled into the big-time competition with him. One, Jamie Williamson, a Brit with spiked brown hair with blue highlights; his pale-ish skin is a noticeable feature. Wearing a black ski jacket and snow pants, both with matching red trims, along with solid black snowboard boots. And Two, Sean Murphy, A Norwegian boy, about 6' 3" or so, with long black hair, black leather jacket, and black linen pants, with some light chains on his pants.

As the plane approached the top of Peak 1, Powder Pete called back to all the riders. "Ok, we're here. Get ready to lift off!" He pushed the controls to open the back hatch as he lowered the plane close to the ground. All the riders stood up and got ready to ride. Some idle chatter and taunts were exchanged just as the hatch touched down on the snow. "Ok, go rip it up!" was the response Pete gave to the riders in the back. One by one (or two's) the riders slid off the hatch and onto the fresh powder that preceded every sunrise. The riders began their decent down the peak as Zoe pulled up front of the pack and called out to the others behind her "Last one down is a rotten egg… and gets to bunk with Mac the Mess!" Everyone picked up the pace down Happiness for a non-official race. Moby pulled up ahead of Zoe and waved back at the other boarders. While he was being cocky, Kaori flew over his head, pulling a Tricky Flicky, landing with petite form. She looked back over her shoulder to see Psymon coming up fast. The sudden rush of the psychotic boarder gave her quite a startle as she tumbled when he came flying by her, growling at her for intimidation. Nate and Luther coasted in the center of the group, pushing each other to make a little stability contest. Griff and Rachel sped by the two big guys in their pushing contest and took a jump together, both pulling a Big Unit off the cliff leading to the large Ice Cave. Sean carved the slope abit then went off the cliff to the ice cave, performing Kick A. Zoe, Moby, Elise, Marisol, Eddie, JP, Seeiah, Marty, Mac, Brodi, and Jamie went off the cliff too, pulling Mahogany's, Can Openers, Clean Sweeps, and Springers. Nate and Luther took their shoving match to the left of the cliff for a little detour, as Psymon followed. Kaori seemingly disappeared as John took the cliff too, doing a Amazing Spenco, 4 times before landing rather roughly. He traveled through the Cave, Mac and Marty crossed each other in the air off the large jump at the end of the cave, pulling a Smithereen with Mac in Regular, and Marty in switch stance. Elise followed the two with a Judo as Eddie performed a Proper Propeller. Nate, Luther, and Psymon were nowhere to be seen, apparently still on their detour. Kaori was still missing too. Griff and Rachel were seen way, way, way down the mountain. Moby and Zoe, right behind them. JP appeared coming from a hidden tunnel, behind Zoe, then cut to the right slope as the other four hit the left. John launched off the ice ramp and pulled the nose of his board vertical, doing a Lien air. Quickly thinking, as there was much Airtime left, he released his feet from the bindings of his board and threw it out slightly in front of him, spinning it to the right. He reached with his right hand and grabbed the left side of the board, bring it close to his body, with his legs pulled up slightly and sideways, performing a Jib-O. He brang the board back down to his feet and put them back in place, with 1 full second of Airtime left. As he hit the ground, he gave a loud outburst and threw his fist into the air to show his satisfaction. "Yeah baby! I'm the MAN!" He looked behind him to see Brodi and Marisol both pulling a Cordova with their Alpine boards. He looked around to see that Seeiah was missing too, probably on a detour with the others. As he was looking for Seeiah, she happened to fly right over his head, all that could be seen was her putting her feet back onto her board. The SSXer's continued their decent down the mountainside, pulling various tricks and taunting or cheering each other. John eventually got pushed back to last place in the friendly race, As he leaned into a bend, Powder Pete happened to fly right overhead from the top of the peak. The plane rumbled overhead… for quite awhile. The rumbling was still there even after the plane was gone. He looked behind him to see that the noise caused a rockslide. She crouched down to pick up some speed as he came to a steep cliff with a path winding back and forth down it. Seeing that it was too long to take the path, He looked over to the side of the cliff to see a fallen tree hanging off of it. He slid onto the tree doing a 50-50, then he jumped off the end and wound up for a spin. He pulled his feet out of the bindings and curled up into the fetal position and rolled sideways to his right as the board spun clockwise in a 1080. He reached his right hand out to grab the spinning board and held it, opening his body up in a freefalling position. He froze this position for a good 3 seconds before flipping the board in like a triple kickflip and put his feet back onto the board again, pulling of a spectacular Trickitello. As he landed, he looked back to see the rockslide had died down, and he continued down the broken drops. He carefully bounced down each drop-off and entered the small ice cave. He jumped off the final spot and grabbed an Indy, the he once again, pulled his feet out and then did a quick Paddle Wheel before landing. He saw lots of board tracks as he slowly rode his way to the lodge at Green Station.

John rode over near the lodge and unlatched his feet from the board, while still moving. He crouched down and grabbed the nose of his board then jumped off into the crisp white snow. He took off his gloves and beanie and greeted the other riders that were waiting outside. The heli-plane then touched down, the riders all went over and grabbed their bags. Once every got their stuff, Pete shut off the plane and went into to Lodge, followed by the riders. As they all walked into the lodge, they was greeted by the sounds of Beat boxing and mouth sound effects that could easily be recognized from the first even season of SSX. "Brrrrrnn Bzzzt! This is Rnnnt Rahzel and welcome to the SSX Circuit!" Rahzel walked out from a back room and waved to the competitors. Elise ran over and gave Rahzel a hug. "I'm so glad you're back!" she said. JP walked over and gave him a high five. Rahzel looked at the rest of the riders as they all sat down on the couches and chairs "Fraser and Wachowski are back? Oh boy…" He gave a smile at the four newbies on the circuit. "So, you're the four that Atomika recruited? Lemme guess…" He pointed to the Brother-Sister combo "John and Rachel Young, right?" John nodded and gave his little sister a noogie. Rahzel pointed to the Spiky Haired boy "You must be… Jamie Williamson, eh?" Jamie nodded and replied "Yes, but could you use Williams instead of Williamson? It don't sound as gay." Rahzel laughed and pointed to the last one. "So you must be Sean Murphy?" Sean just nodded. Rahzel walked over to the counter and picked up his clipboard, binder, and other stuff. "Ok, now that we're all here, it's time to discuss the new twist that was added to the circuit. The concept of SSX Masters. Now, any rider who has been on the circuit from the first season, gets this rank. That would be… Mac, Moby, Zoe, JP, Kaori, and Elise." He held up six cards that said 'SSX Master' on them, the size of the peak passes. "These will be put behind your peak passes, so everyone will know." He looked over to the four newbies again and said "I take it that you already know all the rules and regulations." The four nodded and Rahzel continued. "Ok, now for the last issue we need to straighten out for the tour—" Rahzel was rudely interrupted by Psymon with an outburst "THANK GOD! My ass was falling asleep!" Psymon got responded with a barrage of pillows at his face. Rahzel continued along "Finally, Rooming Arrangements!" Everyone went silent to hear who they were going to be bunked with. "Ok, We're not gonna have any Girlfriend-Boyfriend combos for… reasons that are self explanatory." Kaori, Elise, Zoe, Allegra, Eddie, Viggo, Mac, and Moby all groaned at this statement. "We're gonna match everyone up equally without the love arrangement so, here it goes… We're gonna have Pairs of three, so we'll end up with seven rooms. In room 1, we got Allegra, Mac, and Marty. In room 2, there's Rachel, Griff, and John. In room 3, we got Psymon, Jamie, and Sean. In room 4, there's going to be Marisol, Zoe, and Kaori. For room 5, we have Seeiah, Elise, and Nate. In room 6, there's Luther, JP, and Moby. And finally in room 7, there's Viggo, Brodi, and Eddie." Everyone nodded and murmured about their rooming arrangements. "So that's all the rooms and all the contestants." Now the riders all started interacting with Idle chatter, until Eddie stood up to start on the topic of the newbies. "Hey, did you see those new guys on our run? They were awesome!" Mac nodded in agreement. "Yeah! Hey John, that run what tight dawg! I saw that Trickitello you pulled off that last cliff, that was off da hook yo!" Elise spoke up. "Yeah, Griff and that little girl seemed to enjoy their run too. Didja see how they were side by side the entire way down?" Seeiah then added "That Sean and Jamie was tight! Word up! Sean pulled a beau-ti-ful Superman on that second jump!" And she was continued by Allegra, "Jamie did one smooth G-Money on the last jump too." Rahzel decided to stop the chatter quickly to get things in business. "Hey, I think we should all get our stuff to our rooms, we need to get ready 'cause there's a race tomorrow." Rachel spoke up and said "What race is going on tomorrow?" Rahzel and all of the veterans looked over at the little girl and grinned, all saying simultaneously with lot of enthusiasm like it was New Years Eve. "Snow Jam!"