Groovin' Family

"It is a bright, sunny morning. The birds in the trees are singing, and the sun shines warmly down on the plants. It seems as if mother nature herself was saying that today is a perfect da-.." CRASH! "Hey, give that back!" came a shout from downstairs. Hiro turned off his video camera, annoyed. "Now what is it?" he said, poking his head out into the hallway. Two figures were running down the hall, towards Hiro. In the lead was Strike, waving a red cowboy hat triumphantly in the air, trailed by Heat, who was attempting to grab the hat and run at the same time.

"Give me my hat back!" Heat yelled at Strike. "Not a chance!" came the reply. Knocking Hiro over, Strike dashed into his room, and shut the door right before Heat could get in. Locking it, Strike dusted himself off, than, content, plopped himself down in one of Hiro's chairs.


Strike laughed. "Ah, get over it. Besides, we're done goofing off. Heat can't get his hat back as long as I'm in here".

There was a loud noise, and then suddenly Hiro's bedroom door burst into flames, and, seconds later, crumbled into a pile of ashes.

"AHH!" shrieked Hiro, "That's my door!"

Smile vanishing instantly, Strike leapt to his feet, grabbing Heat's hat, and looked for a means of escape. Seeing no other way out, but the doorway, where Heat stood pointing a flaming finger at him, Strike gave in, and tossed the cowboy hat to his younger brother. Heat caught it, and then smirked at Strike. "I knew I'd get it back. It was just a matter of time".

"That's only 'cause you cheated. Just 'cause some of us don't have fire powers…" Strike said, rolling his eyes. Seating himself on Hiro's bed, Strike crossed his arms.

"Hey, I didn't want to crash on the race track. I didn't ask to slowly be burned alive, then miraculously saved. Of course, if you want to gain the power to control fire, I'd be more than happy to set you on fire, and hope that you get fire power before you're burned to ashes…", Heat said, stepping forward and rolling up his sleeves.

"Oh ya?" Strike said, getting to his feet. Hiro quickly stepped in between his older and younger brother.

"Please, calm down you two! Now will you guys leave my room, so I can get back to my d…", Hiro stopped, fearing he had said too much.

Strike looked suddenly interested though. "Your what?" he said, cocking an eyebrow.

"Nothing", Hiro said, stepping in front of his video camera to hide it from the others. However, he wasn't quick enough.

Heat snatched the camcorder off the table. "What's this?" he said, dangling the camera in front of Hiro. He tossed it to Strike.

"Give that back! It's mine!" Hiro said, trying to retrieve his camcorder. Strike caught it then chuckled to himself. "Don't tell me you still do video diaries, Hiro", he said, spinning the camera on his finger.

"So what if I do?" Hiro said, going bright red with embarrassment. In response, Strike took off, out of Hiro's room, still carrying the camera. "Hey, come back here!" Hiro chased after him. As Strike hopped the staircase, Hiro came round the corner. Running down the stairs, Hiro tripped in his platform shoes (which are not meant for running in, mind you), and tumbled the rest of the way down.

Heat, watching the two run around from upstairs, decided he wanted to join in the fun. Sitting on the banister, he slid down. However, at the last second, Hiro appeared at the bottom of the stairs, and, unable to stop, Heat crashed into him, and both fell to the ground, Heat sitting on top of Hiro.

Just then, there was a knock at the front door. Without waiting for a reply, the door burst open, and in stepped…

"Mom and Dad?" Strike said, hiding Hiro's camera behind his back. "What are you doing here?"

"Just what do you two think you are doing, always goofing off!" 'Mom' said to Heat and Hiro, the latter of who was trying to push Heat off his back so he could get up.

Strike crossed his arms, and rolled his eyes. "I tried to get them to stop fooling around, but you know how they are, always chasing each other". At that both Heat and Hiro shot Strike a dirty look.

"Anyway, I know you guys like to hang out and all in Hiro's 'pad', but we need to ask a favor of you" 'Dad' said. "Your mother and I are going to take a two month vacation this summer, starting tomorrow, and we needed someone to look after your little brother".

Strike rolled his eyes, and Heat asked "You mean that kid you adopted a month ago?"

"Yes, and since you boys never came over to meet him during that time, I thought it would be good he spent time with you".

"WHAT!" all three guys yelled at once, jumping up. "He can't stay here, this is MY pad!" Hiro whined.

Just then a small boy stepped in, dressed in all blue, carrying two suitcases, and a backpack on his back. Bending over, 'Mom' kissed him on the head. Before closing the door and leaving the little boy with his new guardians, the parents waved, saying "Have a good time, Tsutamo".