Hiro folded his arms, tapping his foot impatiently. Silence. "I said dinner!" He yelled. Getting out the phone book, he started skimming through a number of fast food phone numbers. Glancing at the clock, Hiro tried a last time. "For goodness sake, I said dinner! Doesn't anyone want dinner?" No one came to the kitchen. "Fine!" He yelled. "I'm ordering Italian". Seconds later, Strike, Tsutamo, Heat, and Frida appeared in the room, all complaining.

"We have Italian every time I'm here!" Frida exclaimed.

"Ewww, why Italian? I HATE ITALIAN!" Strike roared.

"We never have burgers. Can we get burgers?" Tsutamo whined.

"I wonder if we could get breadsticks…", Heat added thoughtfully. The other three turned angrily to him. "What?" he asked.

"Fine, we won't get Italian", Hiro said. "But that means you guys have to come up with a better idea". Everyone looked happily around. "One that you all agree on". Smiles vanished off faces.

"Well, I say we get burgers", Tsutamo said, folding his arms.

"We never get steak or ribs!" Strike complained.

"WHO THE HECK HAS EVER HEARD OF FAST FOOD STEAK BEFORE!" Heat exploded. "I mean, come one!"

Frida stood in the corner, deep in thought. Suddenly, the light bulb clicked on ding! (Sorry, I've always wanted to do that :P). "What about pizza?" Every one stopped bickering and stared at her. "It's greasy enough for Tsutamo's taste (burgers are greasy, aren't they?), it's Italian, like Hiro, you could always get steak as a topping (for Strike), and, you can order breadsticks…".

"Yahoo! BREADSTICKS!" Heat yelled, jumping up and down (In case you can't tell, I had tons of sugar before I wrote this chapter :P)

"Alright, I'll call the pizza place", Hiro said, picking up the phone.

"That's good and all, but what are we going to do while we wait for the pizza?" Strike asked, leaning against the kitchen wall.

An evil gleam appeared in Heat's eye, and bounded off the family room.

"What's he doing?" Tsutamo asked, curious.

Frida chuckled to herself. "If I know him, and I'm pretty sure I do, he'll be setting up the video game system".

"Heat's into video games? I never knew that!"

Strike lazily twirled one of his pistols on his finger, while glancing around. "Yah, the little weirdo gets overly excited when he plays any sort racing type video game, so I'd watch out if he puts one on".

An excited exclamation from the next room over told them Heat was done setting up the game. Much to Strike's amusement, the game that popped up on the screen was a racing game. Heat, first player, chose a drag-racer type car covered in (you guessed it) flames. As the Frida chose her car, Heat tossed controllers to Tsutamo and Strike. "Here, play with us!"

Strike smirked. "A kiddy game like this? Thanks, I'll pass".

"What, are you too afraid to challenge me? Afraid I'll kick your butt?"

"Well, when you put it that way, I guess I have no choice…", Strike replied, jamming the controller into the socket.

Tsutamo reluctantly joined the others (he hated video games). However, when he thought about it, this was another perfect opportunity to learn more about his older brothers (and Frida).

As the screen loaded, Hiro entered the room. "The pizza will be here in twenty minutes, so whi…", he trailed off when he saw the game. Without another word, he turned around and left the room.

"What's with him?" Frida asked, her car jumping from the starting line first.

Heat, concentrating hard on the game, answered without taking his eyes off the screen. "Hiro? He doesn't like video games. He thinks they make people hyper active".

"Go figure", Strike said, watching Heat clicking the controller buttons manically, tongue hanging out and all.

It was the last leg of the race, and Heat and Frida's cars were dead even. As the finish line came into view, Heat's car got a boost in fuel, and he came in ahead. Letting out a yell of delight, Heat jumped up and down in victory.

Tsutamo watched Heat with wonder. "Uhh…Strike...", he said, turning to his eldest brother, "Why does Heat get so excited? It's just a game".

"Well, I suppose because, ever since the accident, he hasn't gotten to race again for real, so he lives out all his thrills in games. Pretty pathetic, isn't it?"

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!" Out of no where, Heat had appeared in front of Strike, shaking with fury.

"Calm down, kid. Why have you been so energetic lately, anyway?" (Strike, it's cause I said I had sugar before I wrote this chapter! Don't you pay attention!). "Oh ya…"

Frida and Tsutamo looked at Strike funny. "Did you say something Strike?"

"Um, no…"

"It's ON!" Heat yelled, running back to his seat.

A few races later, Heat had one his share, with the occasional win for Frida (he let her win, but don't tell her that :P) Approaching the time the pizza was to arrive, they decided to have one last game. Through out the game Heat and Strike were neck and neck. Finally, just before the finish line, Strike pulled a cheap trick. Swerving his car into Heat's he proceeded in pushing Heat's car over the edge, thus killing his younger brother (well, in the video game world :P). "Player 3 wins!" the game announced. "Not so cocky now, are you?" Strike said, smirking at Heat.

Frida turned to look at Heat, and was surprised to see him a severe state of shock. "Heat, what's wrong?"

Heat stared off into the distance, mumbling something to himself.

"Heat, what is it?"

His voice barely audible, Heat spoke. "He…he pulled the…the same dirty trick…that the driver…that day…my accident…".

"Huh?" Strike said, surprised.

"Heat…" Frida put her arm over his shoulder to comfort him.

Heat stared at his corner of the screen, of his race car engulfed in flames, the driver dying. Those flames…intense burning…no hope…can't..breathe… Curling his hands into fists, Heat threw Frida's arm off him, and grabbed Strike by the hair. "DO YOU THINK IT'S FUNNY! JOKING ABOUT STUFF LIKE THAT!" He lifted his older brother off the ground. "DO YOU!"

"Hey…calm down! It's not a big deal! What's your problem!"

Heat shook with rage. "What's…MY PROBLEM!" he repeated. "MY PROBLEM IS IT'S BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT I CRASHED…that I can't race anymore…that…that I almost didn't…make it...THAT I'M LIKE THIS!" He screamed, thrusting a flaming hand in Strike's face, nearly melting Strike's sunglasses.

Tsutamo was so scared he almost wet his pants. "Frida…why are they fighting like this? It…it s-scares me!"

Frida hugged Tsutamo. "Strike went too far. He knew that Heat still has nightmares about that day…that that moment won't fade from his mind…he knew that Heat would be upset, and yet he still provoked him". Seeing Tsutamo terrified, Frida sighed. "Don't worry, he won't KILL him…".

In an attempt to save himself, Strike stuck Heat on the side of the head, knocking them both to the ground. As they struggled, Hiro came in, bearing pizza. "I brought pizza!" Then, seeing the two on the ground, battling it out, Hiro backed out of the room slowly. "If..you…want pizza…you'll have to come get it from the kitchen…" he said, disappearing as fast as he could. Frida and Tsutamo looked at each other, than passed the two who were fighting, and joined Hiro in the kitchen.

Twenty minutes later, a dazed Heat and Strike entered the kitchen. Frida, Hiro, and Tsutamo all stopped chewing at the sight of the two. Heat's left eye was black and blue, his hair was ruffled, and his lip sagged in the corner where a little blood showed. However, as bad as Heat was, Strike was worse for wear. Shades cracked and broken, Strike had scratches all over his face, a good portion of his hair was missing (scorch marks answered the question of how he lost hair), a broken wrist, a huge burn on the side of his face in the shape of a hand (go figure), and a missing tooth. Swaying just before he collapsed on the ground, Strike moaned. "Pizza…".

Using the counter top as support, Heat coughed. "Breadsticks?" He asked, reaching out for the box. Just as he had opened the box and was reaching for a breadstick, Hiro slammed the lid shut.

"I don't think so!" he said, grinning wickedly at a shocked Heat. "Breadsticks are only for good little boys who don't get in fights".

"Ummm", Frida commented, "I wouldn't do that Hiro. He looks like he's still got energy enough to beat up ONE more brother…"

Hiro looked at Heat to see him baring his teeth and growling like a wild animal. With a loud "Eep!", Hiro took his hand off the box, and flung it at his brother.

"So, what time is the competition at tonight?" Frida asked. All four boys' heads shot up, looking at her surprised. "Come on! Don't tell me you guys forgot…AGAIN!"

"We'd…better leave …now!" Strike gasped, pulling himself off the floor.

"Yes, we don't want to be late…" Hiro mused to himself. "Come, let's go!" Grabbing the bath of Heat's shirt, he pulled his little brother away from the counter.

"But…but…THE BREADSTICKS!" Heat complained, hands extended towards the box on the counter.

"FINE!" Hiro shoved the box into Heat's hands. "Eat them on the way there!" As the other three made it to the garage, he strutted out after them, dragging an extremely pleased Heat who was happily munching away on the love of his life…breadsticks.

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