Crimson Regret

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Summary- What if Kagome had demon blood deep within her body and no one knew about it? What if, that blood just suddenly emerged without so much as a warning? She would kill and team with her worst enemy, that's what. (Starts off with her as a demon)

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Chapter 1

The village lay in smoldering ruins. Flickering red-orange flames licked the side of a hut as Kagome walked out, her neon green eyes glowing ominously. She flicked the blood off of her claws from her most recent kill: a farmer who tried to challenge her with a pitchfork.

Her claws were already stained pinkish red from older kills. Glancing at her side, she noticed that her short was torn and bloody from the wound the farmer had inflicted upon her, but she paid it no heed.

The scent of scarlet liquid was all around her and drove her senses wild. A lot of familiar scents were mingled together in the air and toyed with her nose: Inuyasha's, Sango's, Miroku's, Shippo's, and Naraku's.

She continued her silent journey through the woods on a well-beaten path, not in a hurry to slaughter any more humans, but just sort of traveling and doing a lot of thinking. Inuyasha and the others were probably looking for her, hoping that she was safe and most likely wondering why she had snuck off during the night.

Inuyasha, of course, would have already smelt her demonic aura. He would have already smelt the demon blood coursing through her veins. What was he planning to do, then, if he did smell it?

He wouldn't dare challenging her, would he? After all, she had fangs and claws more lethal then his brother, Sesshomaru, had!

So, he would come, plead with her and try to make her stop, fail, and die at her hands. The others would have followed out of concern for her and would also meet their tragic demise. Pity.

She loved it when her victims knew of their murder when it was going to happen a split second afterward. Unfortunately, only Inuyasha knew and the others didn't. They would prance after him like children because they were worried about her and come face-to-face with their killer.

Without warning, the human inside of her shrieked out, begging, please, stop! Don't do this! You don't want to do this!

The demonic Kagome smirked. Of course I want to do this, She argued with her human side within her soul, and there's nothing you, a mere human, can do to stop me.

But, don't kill your friends or the one you love! Please, spare them! Have remorse.

Friends? The one I love? Foolish girl, I love no one. I have no friends. And I certainly have no remorse. I will kill as much as I please and I will kill whom I wish to kill. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

No! Please, don't do this! The human was becoming annoying. She kept begging and pleading, somehow able to break the barrier between human and demon and sort of fuse them together almost.

The demonic Kagome simply ignored her other half and kept walking. She was not planning on killing him because, truly, somewhere deep down, she had feelings for him and she knew it.

She wanted to rid herself of those feelings, but could not due to the human inside of her. She had to eliminate the girl first and she was too strong to send away.

Inuyasha does not love me; The demon spoke to the human. It was strange how she was almost having a personal conversation with her. He loves the wench Kikyo. She is a stupid clay bitch that has no heart whatsoever.

No, he doesn't love her! The human protested. He does love you and me. We're one whole person in his eyes, you have to believe that. It's just hard for him to let go of Kikyo.

It's hard for him to let go? Keh. The demon snorted, Right. And he loves only you, remember? He knows nothing about me existing, so how can we both be as one to him when all he sees and cares about is you?

The human side of Kagome said nothing. She had no answer, but she desperately wanted to help her other side, even if she loathed her somewhat. Her silence proved the demon's accusations as correct.

Ha! See? I told you and now, you finally agree!

There was a silence inside of Kagome's mind and soul; neither the demon nor human said anything. They were not really sure of what to say, obviously.

Kagome continued her voyage, seething with anger at the fact that she knew Inuyasha did not love her and that she possessed feelings of love.

As she was walking, she suddenly picked up on Kikyo's scent, drifting toward her nose and driving her mind wild as she thought about how many ways she could kill the priestess. No! Please, do not do it! You have already killed enough! The human shouted within the demon's soul.

No, Kagome, She said evilly, with a devilish smile, this is only the beginning. Wait and you will soon see that Inuyasha loves her after I am finished ripping her intestines out and making a necklace out of them! He'll want to seek revenge upon us, would that not be fun?

Without saying anything else, Kagome raced off with her new demon speed toward the priestess's scent, planning on ripping her to shreds for taking the person she loved away from her, even though it was the human Kagome's feelings she shared.

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