Crimson Regret

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Chapter 6

Kagome growled at Inuyasha's deathly challenge. She lunged at him, slashing him across his chest, making him grunt in pain. He dodged another one of her oncoming attacks. Sweat rolled down their faces as they continued with their bloody battle.

Wind was colliding with his injuries, causing them to sting terribly, but it no heed and leapt at Kagome, slashing her across her back and legs. She turned and sliced back with equal fury across his shoulders and chest.

He flexed his claws when she missed him once again. "Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!" He yelled, slashing at her. She managed to dive out of the way just in time, however, and followed her jump by kicking him in the ribs.

He went flying and crashed into a nearby tree.

"We have to get them to stop!" Sango shouted at Miroku as she looked up at the monk who was staring at his hand where the Wind Tunnel used to be located. It has disappeared due to Naraku's murder.

"No. They cannot control themselves," He replied calmly, "If we go over to them, we will meet our demise."

Sango looked at him with fearful and sad eyes, "But they'll kill each other!" She shouted, hardly able to keep all of her emotions locked up inside.

Miroku placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, "It will be all right." He assured it.

"How can you be so confident?" Sango demanded softly, tears starting to form in her eyes as she thought more and more about the current situation.

"I'm not." He shrugged, pulling her close, "But I have a feeling that things will turn for the best."

"I hope you're right." Sango managed to say before her tears began to spill over onto his ripped kimono.

Inuyasha sliced Kagome across her arm, causing her to stumble backwards, holding the new wound. She fell to the ground and he took this opportunity to try and finish her off. He went to incise his claws through her stomach, but she rolled and he instead stabbed the ground.

He growled and stood up and to glare at her as she stood a few feet away, battered and bloody. She returned the same dirty look, her eyes showing hatred, sadness, and jealousy. But was that a tinge of love he saw?

"What's the matter?" She asked, seeming almost eager to start the fight over again. "I thought you wanted me to face you!"

"I do," He smirked, brushing off the though of the female demon possessing feelings of love. "So come and face me or are too much of a coward?"

"I'm not a coward!" She cried, jumping forward and seizing him by the neck, her claws digging into the skin, knocking him down toward the ground.

She continued to choke him and he thrust his hands up to her neck and was returning the favor.

She was glaring at him, into his eyes. And suddenly, she saw a flash of something familiar. It continued to flash until, his amber eyes was looking into her red ones. She gasped and instinctively let her grip loosen; he had already let her go.

"K-Kagome…" He managed to choke out, "Snap out of it. I don't love Kikyo. I love you. You mean the world to me. Can't you see that?" Blood was all over the two as they lie there like that, Kagome still a little stunned that Inuyasha had managed to fight off the demonic side of himself just to talk to her.

Listen to him! He's telling the truth! The human side screeched, still in touch with reality. Please, listen. He really does love you. If only you'd open your eyes and see that!

I have opened my eyes, human. I've had them open for a long time and I've seen him with her countless times. And I've seen him protect her…from me! So, I'll listen to him if I want.

The demonic Kagome squeezed her hands around his throat once again, choking him. He began coughing and trying to get free. He felt himself losing consciousness, so, his demonic blood took over once again, slashing Kagome across the throat.

She fell backwards, holding her neck as blood fell from it. She coughed, blood spilling from her mouth and down her chin.

He stood over her, smirking, and waving his blood covered claws in front of her. He went to deliver the final blow, but she leapt backwards and followed her leap with a punch and then she kicked him in the ribs.

He doubled over, but jumped back when she tried to bring her knee up to his face and knock him out. He reached forward and seized her by her hair, throwing her to the ground as if she were a rag doll.

She saw that he was about to slice her, so, she ran her foot underneath the back of his legs, making him loose his balance and fall next to her.

They lie there for a moment, their eyes locked and their claws poised at one another's necks. They were panting from the intense combat that had been exchanged between them. And now, they both sat, threatening each other with their claws, but not sure of what else to do.

"Are you going to attack or just lie there all day?" Kagome asked in a bored voice.

Inuyasha did not answer. Instead, he kicked her in the stomach, hard, and caused her to roll onto her back, trying to gasp in more air. He leapt on top of her, slashing at her stomach repeatedly, blood pouring from the wound.

She cried out in pain when she threw him off of her. She was now on the defensive and not on the offensive.

Please, listen to me! You have got to try to talk him to normal and we can go on as we used to be. If not, we're going to die!

No! I refuse to be with him! And I refuse to die before him. I'll sacrifice myself in order to murder him.

Don't do it. What's the point?


He hovered above her as she managed to pull herself up to her feet, her breath ragged, her clothes tattered, blood cloaking her almost. "So, Kagome," He said in his deep, demonic tone, "How does it feel to lose to me?"

She said nothing and instead, ran for him, going to punch, but he caught her right hand in mid-swing. She tried the other hand, but he also held that one tight. He twisted them both around behind her. She heard something snap. She was not sure what it was, but she knew that it was not a very good sign.

She cried out when he twisted it a little more, and then tossed her to the ground. She continued to lie there, unmoving. He took a step forward, planning on killing her. She then spun around and tripped him.

He fell, but instantly got up when he saw that she was already standing. They glared at one another before Inuyasha slapped her, leaving long scratch marks in the side of her face. She did not have time to react, however, when he tackled her to the ground, tired of her foolish games.

He was about to stab her in the heart when he suddenly changed to human. Kagome had her eyes closed, also human. The human side of her warded off the demon so she could hold herself down and allow Inuyasha to deliver the final blow. She did not know that Inuyasha was human, for she yelled, "Kill me now!"

He looked confused. "Huh?" He asked.

Kagome dropped her hands and looked up timidly to find him barely able to stand, looking down at her. She jumped up, her pain forgotten at the moment, and embraced him tightly. He winced in pain, but returned it. "I'm so sorry!" She wept, her shoulder wracking from her constant crying.

"It's all right." He assured her.

She peered up at him with teary eyes, blood all over her shaking form. Suddenly, she slumped against him, unconscious. He yelled at Sango and the others, "Get the jewel shards! We have to get out of here, now!"

Kagome awoke in the small hut room, the sunlight beaming through the open window. It was blinding to her, having been asleep for a few days. She threw her hands up and shielded her eyes before managing to pull herself up, despite the pain.

Where was everyone? Was she alone or were they nearby?

She climbed to her feet and sort of staggered out the hut door and saw no one. Suddenly, a strong pair of arms embraced her around the waist and leapt up into a nearby tree. Inuyasha sat on a high limb and held her in his arms, against his chest.

"Inuyasha," She gasped.

"Finally, you wake up!" He exclaimed, smiling. "How are you?"

"Great." She said, getting comfortable in his muscular arms, "What about you?"


"That's good."



"I love you."

"I…I love you, too." Kagome felt tears in her eyes as Inuyasha turned her to face him and kissed her passionately. He pulled away and said, "I used the jewel to wish for your demon blood to be gone."

Kagome could not hold the tears and they fell down her cheeks like a little fountain. "Thank you, Inuyasha. For everything."

"You know I'd do anything for you." He said kissing her once more before they just sat there, in each other's warm embrace.

This is where I belong. It's where I want to be. She looked up at Inuyasha and smiled. I love you so much…

She looked up at Inuyasha and smiled.

She then drifted off to sleep against his chest, in his warm embrace.

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