Watching Merlin

He burned his home to honor a friend

Whose life was unjustly put to an end

He fled from his home and land

With Ambrosius he went to stand

He crossed into the unknown

With nothing but himself to call his own

Leaving a parent behind

Here another parent he will find

No prince of darkness, but of light

A father who must fight

He sees into the mists of night

And watches with his far reaching sight

His blood is to be spilled

For being a no man's child he is to be killed

He tells the king to drain the water away

And becomes known as a prophet the next day

He tells of the dragons fight

And claims the red will beat the white

The banner flies in the sky

As the fire dragon streaks up high

He sees farther than any will

And will choose to live on Myrddin Hill

The prophet can see his own death

He knows how he will be taking his last breath

Locked into a crystal room

That will trap him and become his tomb

He sees the king that will one day come

And shares his visions and thoughts to only some

For knowledge is a deadly tool

That is a weapon in the hands of fools

How can he live with seeing his end

By knowing that it waits for him for down the bend

He is the builder of fate's path

He alone faces his god's wrath

For with darkness he will create light

A light that he knows that will cast away the night

A king who will unite the land

A king who will fall by a friend's hand

What a terrible thing he sees through each eye

He must endure the knowledge of how a friend is to die

He will travel through this world mostly alone

Until he begins his way home

But Merlin will never really die

He will remain forever, watching the world pass him by