"When their enemies came at them, they persevered;

When the universe itself came at them, they persevered;

Only when they turned on themselves, did the Dark Knights fall."


In Darkness, In fire

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Ten thousand years ago, a great war raged amongst brutal and fierce warriors. Their battles shook the heavens and razed the skies. But in the end, their ferocity turned on them, immense contests of strength. These battles swiftly become enough to all but remove their kind from existence, these few warriors that survived found themselves hunted, their power feared by all.

"Damn, they must've found me." A voice from the darkness whispered agitated. Marble walls were in stark contrast to his clothing, but his presence was nonetheless masked by the deep black shadows pooled in the alley in which he hid. His left temple bled heavily, the world before him fading in dark spots that danced across his vision.

"Damn that crono mage." He muttered hoarsely as a bit of blood and spittle escaped from his throat in a wet and pained cough. Groaning despite himself he moved quickly toward the alley's mouth. His leg was ruined, but sheer force of will enabled him to limp swiftly down the night emptied streets of the lunar capitol. His pace was frantic, but still cautious. He had to be wary of the queen's guard, armed and armored and searching for him. A column of smoke rising behind him, a reminder, it was called by those who had started the blaze. Kindness for his kind would be repaid by the state, repaid with blood. His thoughts turned bitter at that, bitter at the thought of the man who had taken him in and helped him, despite the dangers. He regretted it now, regretted the danger he put that man in. That man had a wife and child, he berated himself, knowing that the five year old girl would now grow without a father, would hate his kind even more for it, knowing that her father was labeled traitor for his act of kindness.

A sharp whistle in the distance behind him threw his thoughts to the wind. The guards, they had found him, and would get him if he didn't get away. His mind shaped the familiar pattern and he was quickly dashing, his lame leg only supporting him long enough for another powerful stride. His eyes were half closed in pain or blood loss, not even he could tell now. Still he ran, the limp not seeming to hinder his motion much, but still extremely apparent. The purge was nearly complete, his kind had been hunted for the last ten years, refugees scattered to the winds by a civil war were tracked down and slaughtered without mercy. Power that was unparalleled had been useless when none could fight, not before they were already wounded by the tip of the enemy's spear. No quarter had been given to his kind. He could remember the malicious glee that painted the features of his foes, could remember the anger he still felt, and the small smirk that came to him when he realized that one of their elite had taken a fatal injury. One day their leader would pay for her ruthless slaughter, pay for taking from him his brothers and sisters. She and the rest would pay for their genocide, he swore it.

He sped toward the star port, had to get off the silver capital now. The dissention that had been growing on Earth was quickly coming to boil, and soon he felt, the enemies of Serenity's line would rise. Streets blurred together in his haste to get away, blurred as he ran and tried to plan his course of action. They couldn't find him now, no matter what they did, he looked no different from them now. His black hair and startling grey blue eyes shone almost in the dark. Those orbs shone with a determination that would never dull.

"Here we go." He said, moving onto the interplanetary transport and starting its pre-flight check. They never were very good with security.

Silver Millennium, Year 1000. After a thousand years of peace, and ten years after the ordered purge of all Dark Knight sympathizers and refugees found within the borders of the Sol system it was done, with the official end to the Dark Knight threat, peace was stretched thin, and soon to break. War once again bubbled up. A Terran duchess, jealous both of the power held by the Silver Queen, and the relationship blooming between her planet's crown prince and crown princess of the Lunar Empire, made a pact with a demonic entity known as Metallia, sealing her fate to that of the demon. Metallia granted her the strength to crush the Empire, but it was not to be. The major force that she now had command of had all but crushed the capital, when their queen gave her life in trade for a spell of such power, that it would reincarnate the souls of all lost in the conflict, and seal away the demonic armies. But that is not what this is about. A man who sat in the cockpit of a interplanetary transport watched the battle commence, felt as the senshi fell one by one, all but the hated senshi of Pluto. His heart cried in agony as he felt the destruction of Vulcan, wept as he felt the lives of the last of his family extinguished, as the millions of youma and dark knights alike extinguished as the planet was detonated by the senshi of silence. His wounds caught up with him then, and his pain let him give in to the bliss of unconsciousness.

A world of waking surprised him, as he awoke to the cool feeling of cloth against his forehead, "Wha...?" He managed to sound, albeit weakly as he got a glimpse of his surroundings, he was in what he could only guess to be wilderness, his thoughts began to race, he had crashed, and apparently into the undeveloped regions of Terra. His transport needed to be destroyed before anyone could find it. He realized that the cold compress had to mean someone, and when his eyes opened fully he could only stare a moment as his other thoughts fled at the sight of this beautiful woman. She was a fiery red haired beauty whose graceful features were soothing to him as he felt the darkness dance across his vision again. Her features were soft, and her smile radiant, so when she smiled, our warrior could only stare. His blankness ended when the woman said something, but one area of her sentence seemed stressed, "Mei-lin." He could only assume that was her name, as she had gestured to herself when speaking it. She gestured to him moments later, but his vision had faded again, and his eyes closed, and sleep took him.

The battles had ended, and no life remained anywhere, all but Terra had been burned clean of its inhabitants, Mercury's great technology failed after time spent in disrepair, giving the planet back to the giant star that warmed the system. Sol burned away all traces of the once great scientific center. Venus too suffered that fate, and Luna -Terra's moon and former capital for the silver kingdom- without the great magic of its queen and her imperium crystal, the atmosphere fled the satellite, leaving it a cold desert of grey dust. One by one the once great centers of knowledge and power in the system faded in the winds of change. Time passed, and things and people changed. The people began to forget, histories were born and lost, but despite, humanity moved forward, forgetting the past. The Silver Kingdom faded from hearts and memories as history strode forward. In the thousands of years to come, all had forgotten their ancestry amongst the stars. No written history had survived that era, none but the yellowed writings of one man whose name had been lost even to his family, a family that was never lost to time. Its name changed, as did their social and political status, but one thing always remained, they would be warriors of great valor, unsurpassed strength, and godlike ability.

To Be Continued...

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