The History of Eternia according to the Prophet Eldor

"All knowledge and wisdom is given to me by the Unknowable One, he is the lord of History and master of Time"- the prayer of Eldor, Book of Living Spells 19:111

Chapter I: The Gnostic Age

The Birth of the Gods

Before there was something there was nothing; all that was was the Essence. It was the collective consciousness of all that would be. It saw into the beyond and thus Time, the first being, was born. Time named the beyond the future, and all that came before the beyond the past. The middle ground between Past and Future he named the present.

Time then peered into the Future and commanded that beings would come forth from the void. The first being that came out he called the Unknowable One and hid all knowledge about him away. Time decreed that the Unknowable One would be the Creator who would make realms called 'universes' for lower beings to inhabit. The next being that would come forth Time called Viper and gave him the power to destroy all lower beings, Time called this destruction of the lower beings death. The last being to come forth was deferent from the first two, time called the being Shokoti and gave her the ability to make the lower beings hate each other by making some lower beings feel inferior to one another. Time called this inferior feeling of hatred jealousy.

Time then gave the three beings a collective name, he called them gods and goddesses meaning "they who are beyond time" and he called all the lower beings that the Unknowable One would make mortals meaning "those who serve the gods." Thus the gods were born.

The Etherian Creation Myth

In the days of Oblivion, the Unknowable One looked out onto all the universes he created. They were beautiful and filled with many wonders, but none had sentient beings that could worship him, and this made him sad. Therefore, he created a new universe and filled it with sentient creatures. He filled their minds with Knowledge and they worshiped him. He was happy and decided to stop making universes.

One day the goddess Shokoti learned about this new universe from her husband, Viper, the god of death. She was jealous about how the creatures worshipped The Unknowable One and not her. She was the goddess of jealousy and demanded the entire universe worship her. Despite her jealousy, she could not do anything at the time because she was with child. When the child, a three-headed snake was born, she named him Serpos meaning "he who crawls with serpents". Without the hindrance of a child in her womb, she began to plot against this universe and its inhabitants

She went into the universe and told them that she would give them anything they wanted if they would worship her. The Sentients agreed, in order to signify this deal she gave them a gift, the gift of deception. She told them that they were no longer bound only to tell facts but they could make up stories and make talk more enjoyable.

When the Unknowable One heard about what Shokoti had done, he was angry. He decided to punish Shokoti by sending her away where she would no longer harm anyone again. He invited the goddess to his palace to "give her a present." When she came The Unknowable One led her into a dining room, there he created a new dimension, the realm of Despondos and banished Shokoti to its farthest edge.

The Unknowable One was sad, because now without the knowledge and wisdom that the Sentients needed to become immortal, Viper would go forth into the universe and claim there souls as his prize. Death would creep into the world for the first time.

That is exactly what happened; Viper went forth to avenge his wife's defeat. He gave the Sentients the Sword of Blood, the sword imbued them with the power to kill each other and cause discord amongst them. His harvest was bountiful and would increase when he unleashed his son upon the universe.

However, some Sentients refused Shokoti and her gift. They fought against Viper and Serpos, and even though Viper would claim them, they would not be added to his harvest; they would join the Unknowable One in his palace and worship him for all eternity. The beings that stayed good were called Gnostics meaning "those who know what cannot be revealed."

The Founding of Infintia and Eternia, The Creation of the Tritheon, The Birth of King Hsss, The Gnostic War, the founding of Primus, The Infintian Ophidian War and The Duel of Mysticore

Eons ago, legend tells of a group of traveling sorcerers called the Gnostic Ones. No one knows where they came from or how they came to the world that would one day become known as Etheria. All that is known is that they brought with them ancient secrets only they could unlock. They named their new home Infintia, meaning "world of infinity." The Gnostic Ones believed that this universe was but one of many universes created by their god, "The Unknowable One." Their religion was based on trying to comprehend their deity's mind and achieving the "inner gnosis of true salvation." The Gnostic Ones believed that immortality could only be achieved by understanding their god.

After they set up their temple, they constructed cities and kingdoms. The kingdoms were named after Seven Divine Aspects of the Unknowable One: Brightmoon, Mysticore, Infinitum, Gailsbreath, Divinia, Cryonia, and Aquatia. They made Divinia their capital, since out of all of the Aspects, Divinity, was the highest.

Over the millennia, the Gnostic Empire as it was called spread to Infintia's sister planet. The Gnostics there called it Eternia, meaning "world that will last an eternity". There they built a castle named after their leader, Grayskull the Venerable. It is there that the Gnostics would store great power, which would lay dormant in the blood of the Grayskull lineage for ages. The divine blood of gods called Avatars, or Manifestations of the Unknowable One that had married the daughters of Grayskull augmented this power.

They also built three towers called the Tritheon; the towers would be used to keep a steady balance of good and evil in the land. The two flanking towers would be named Grayskull and Viper, after the leader of the Gnostics on Eternia and the god of death. The Tower in the middle called the Tritheonis Centraliaus (Central Tower) controlled the balance. Only one from the bloodline of Grayskull could enter the Central Tower.

However not all Gnostics were good; one of them named Gherion the Powerful began to amass a huge army. Gherion was determined to become Emperor of the planet. His forces terrorized Eternia and extorted money out of local villages for protection. However, despite the fear he inspired he still wanted something more, the universe itself. He knew the only way to achieve his goal is to enter the Central Tower of the Tritheon and harness it's energy

One night he and his army, led by General Yulvenia began to dig a hole outside the courtyard of the Tritheon in an attempt to enter the tower. They emerged in the Vault of Wisdom, but their crime would cost them dearly. The very energies that Gherion sought to harness had mutated his body. He was now a creature half human and half serpent. He renamed himself King Hsss and General Yulvenia he now called General Rattlor. His army was now the Serpentis Imperium, the Snakemen. They set up their base inside Viper tower, there King Hsss created a cult devoted to Viper's son Serpos.

Meanwhile on Infintia, The Gnostics were beginning to argue amongst themselves. The whole debate was over a matter of theology. The story of Grayskull's daughters marrying the Avatars had been circulating on Infintia for years, while it is believed true on Eternia; the Infintian Gnostics were debating its truth. Some Gnostics believed that what happened was that each of the daughters married an Attribute of the Unknowable One. They thought it pure heresy to even believe that the Unknowable One could be made known to anyone and actually marry a human.

Other Gnostics believed that the Unknowable One actually divided himself and formed new gods. These gods were said to be exact copies of the Unknowable One called Nuygas, or "offspring." The Patrya or 'father' (The original Unknowable One) was said to be driven insane by the birth of his 'sons' and became evil (Later generations would call this being "Prime." He and his exploits are later recorded in this story.)

The two factions of Gnostics were soon at war with each other: Those who believed in the Attributes (the Bylogas "the Hiders" also called Attributarians) and those who believed in the division theory (The Hylogas Divesrium "The Known Dividers" or Primians.)

The Gnostic War lasted for millennia, millions of innocent people died because of this terrible conflict. The conflict ended when the Primians were excommunicated and banished from Infintia. The Primians would settle in another galaxy on a planet that they would name Primus. There, they built a temple to store their most valuable relic, the Trifusium Crystal, a magical artifact that was said to be given to them by the Unknowable One before he went insane.

On Eternia, the newly created King Hsss was devastating the land. His armies had nearly conquered half the planet. Thousands of races were eradicated from the planet. Some offered no resistance, like the Garians of Anwat Gar, the Snakemen enslaved them but they were allowed to live. Others like the Scorpians, who inhabited the Sands of Time and the Leechmen of the Tar Swamps, fought back only to be crushed by the might Hsss's forces. King Hsss ordered that the Scorpians and Leechmen to be exiled to Infintia.

The Gnostics saw the devastation that King Hsss was causing and could feel the pain as thousands of innocent races died at the hands of the snakes. If Hsss was allowed to continue, his reign of terror soon no one would be safe from him and all life would be his slaves for eternity. The Gnostics needed to do something. They prayed to their god to help them defeat King Hsss and put an end to his reign of terror. One night the Unknowable One answered their pleas; he infused his spirit into the body of Grayskull the Venerable to give him the energy and power to defeat King Hsss.

When Grayskull woke up, he noticed the change; he renamed himself Gray and went out to fight King Hsss. He went from town to town liberating them from the Snakemen. One by One Hsss's Empire was being dismantled. When King Hsss got word of this he was furious, he put a bounty out for Gray and ordered him, "Killed at first sight."

One day, Gray finally learned where King Hsss's stronghold was located, Viper Tower. He went there and challenged the snake to a duel. Hsss accepted and the battle of Viper Tower begun. The battle was fierce but Gray prevailed, he went to kill Hsss but before Gray could strike the serpent, Hsss opened a portal and ordered all his men to retreat to Infintia. Eternia was finally free of the snake threat, at least for now. Seeing no reason to continue inhabiting Grayskull's body, the Unknowable One left Grayskull's body.

Years later, Grayskull would be haunted by the battle. The Unknowable One's departure from his body and the very fact that he failed to kill Hsss made him suffer from depression and caused him to be a distant leader. Finally, not being able to take the depression any more, Grayskull committed suicide by leaping off Grayskull Tower. Only a lone tombstone with this inscription marked his death:

Here lies Grayskull, the Gnostic.

When Grayskull died, the Tritheon vanished beneath the surface of the planet, where it would remain for eons. The death of Grayskull would curse the family and make it lose its honor. Only a female warrior that had fallen and then redeemed would restore the Honor of Grayskull.

After Grayskull's death, the Gnostics mysteriously vanished; some say that they fled Eternia and now roam the universe. They are said to have sworn to protect the universe from evil they became the Cosmic Enforcers. What is known is that no one until the god-king Grayskull the Great millennia later, would ever dare to take the name of Grayskull. Only one of the Gnostic's daughters had a child that survived past the age of two days. The great powers of the gods and the secrets of the family killed almost every one of their children. The daughter that did give birth to a child that lived a full life, Kalion, married the Avatar Sephros, the manifestation of the Unknowable One's Infinity. Kalion became the Goddess of Grayskull, the spiritual protector of Castle Grayskull and her son; Eldor became the great prophet of Eternia and its first historian. His greatest work is the Book of Living Spells, the sacred scripture of the Gnostic religion.

After he had completed the Book of Living Spells, Eldor felt his life was complete, but there was something missing, a wife. His heart yearned for the company of another to share in his joy and sorrow. He prayed that the Unknowable One would give him a mate so that he could be complete. His loneliness is best seen in the Book of Living Spells chapter 89, verse 1, which reads, "I am a mortal who has the blood of gods, yet all the powers above would never satisfy me, only another of my type would make me sing." The Unknowable One was moved by his plea and created a mate for Eldor, Etallia. Eldor fell in love with her instantly and they got married. They had a son, Tyerious, who would continue the lineage of Grayskull.

Back on Infintia, the Attributarians would have little time to celebrate their victory over the Primians. King Hsss, angered after his defeat at the hands of Gray, decided to exact his revenge by conquering the birthplace of Gnosticism, Infintia.

There, he and his Snakemen destroyed the Gnostics, only those who became apostates survived. The same thing that happened on Eternia was repeating itself. King Hsss's forces devastated Infintia. Those races that were exiled thanks King Hsss and his men on Eternia were facing the same threat as before. The Scorpians dug caverns deep into Infintia to escape the Snakemen's wrath. Many feared that this was punishment from the Unknowable for the Banishment of the Primians. However, just like on Eternia, a young sorcerer stood up to King Hsss.

A young sorcerer named He-Ro and his apprentice Light Hope, declared war on the Snakemen; the Infintian Ophidian War had begun. The battles of this war are lost to the ages, and its heroes are all forgotten. Despite this, we do know how it ended. He-Ro and Light Hope cornered Hsss and his men at the ancient kingdom of Mysticore. The three battled for hours until He-Ro opened a gateway and sent Hsss and his forces back to Eternia and freed Infintia form the Serpentis Imperium. The battle cost He-Ro his life and told Light Hope if he was ever in trouble to call upon his spirit to aid him against evil.

When he arrived on Eternia, he ordered his men into Eternia's underground realm called Subternia. He and his army built a new stronghold there, The Temple of Serpos, where he would continue to worship Serpos and plot his re-conquest of Eternia. Having suffered two defeats, Hsss swore revenge on Eternia for his humiliations.