Chapter V: The Final Age

The Mission to Primus

One day as he was plotting, Hordak received a message from his father, Horde Prime. The deity told Hordak that the time had come for his return. He instructed Hordak to go to the Tower of Darkness, Horde Prime's throne room in the Fright Zone and prepare for the first part of the ceremony. Hordak smiled at the thought that the universe would once again fear the name of Horde Prime.

On Eternia the Sorceress was alerted to this event, she summoned Adam and Adora from Etheria to Grayskull. When they arrived, the Sorceress told them Horde Prime's plan. She instructed them to return home and choose two allies to come to Grayskull with them. With that, they returned home.

Moments later, they returned to the castle. Adam has brought with him Man-At-Arms and Teela, while Adora brought Bow and Glimmer. There the Sorceress ordered the two to reveal their Identities to their friends. Everyone was shocked to suddenly know why Adam and Adora were never around when a battle starts. They were He-Man and She-Ra!

The Sorceress then took the group down to the bottom of Grayskull and told them their mission. They were to go to the distant world of Primus and seek the help of the Galactic Guardians, the warriors of Primus to help them during the final battle with Hordak.

The Sorceress told He-Man that she and Zodak would defend Eternia and Etheria while He-Man and She-Ra were on Primus. She takes them to a room to suit up for the mission. Once they are suited up, they enter the Grayskull and prepare to leave. The Sorceress bids them a safe journey and good luck in their mission, with that the ship leaves Castle Grayskull for the stars.

What they didn't know was that while they were talking, Skeletor entered Grayskull through Subternia. He was planning to prevent He-Man and She-Ra from succeeding.

Halfway to Primus, He-Man discovered Skeletor in the power room. There the two fought. He-Man pushed Skeletor into the Power generator, destroying his body. He-Man was certain that Skeletor was dead, but evil never dies. Skeletor had managed to go to the med bay and used the technology there to heal himself. He augmented his body with machinery and created a mask to hide his damaged skull; he was now the Cybernetic Overlord of Evil and was determined to stop his foes more than ever. He found an escape pod and jettisoned out of the ship.

He landed on Nordor, the moon of Denebria, where a planetary commander of the Horde, Brakk, was governing. Brakk's top two henchmen, Slushhead and Optikk alerted Brakk to the intruder's arrival. Eager to see who was coming, Brakk ordered his two thugs to capture the visitor and bring him to Brakk's court.

When Skeletor landed, Slushhead and Optikk captured him. They took him to Brakk, where Skeletor pleaded for his life, Brakk refused. Skeletor then told Brakk that he was his ticket to power, Brakk still refused. Skeletor laughed, "You pathetic fool, I am the evil of the ages, the most feared entity in the universe. YOU WILL BOW DOWN TO ME!" he then zapped Brakk with his Havok Staff. Brakk cowered before The Overlord of Evil and asked him what he was going to do. Skeletor told him that he was going to let Brakk be the figurehead of power within the Mutants, but the real power would rest in Skeletor. Brakk agreed and hailed Skeletor as his 'lord.' "Enjoy your power while it lasts Skeletor, for your dream will become your nightmare!" the Leader of the Evil Mutants whispered to himself, thinking of the day when he would be able to crush Skeletor and reclaim his throne.

While Skeletor was busy taking over the Mutants, He-Man and his allies landed on Primus. There they met the Galactic Guardians and learned the secret of Primus. Primus, Eternia and Etheria are linked by the fact that all three planets were founded by the same group of beings, the Gnostic Ones, and the same magic that ran trough Eternia and Etheria was also in Primus. They knew of their mission and were ready to help, until disaster struck.

Skeletor had used his magic to destroy the Grayskull, He-Man and She-Ra was stranded on Primus. During the next months, the crew of the Grayskull would battle Skeletor on Primus. Until one day, the Sorceress contacted them saying that the Tritheon had reappeared.

The Tritheon, or Three Towers are the center of all magic on Eternia; they were constructed eons ago by the Gnostic Ones in an attempt to balance Good and Evil. She tells the heroes that Hordak has returned to Eternia and is planning to enter The Central Tower in order to complete the spell to free Horde Prime. He-Man tells the Sorceress that they are stranded; Skeletor snuck aboard the Grayskull and has destroyed it.

The Sorceress tells them that on Primus there lives a strange inventor, Gwildor, and that he alone knows how to send them back home. She tells them that they must seek out Gwildor and ask him to use his latest invention, the Cosmic Key, to send them home. What our heroes didn't know was that Skeletor had been eavesdropping and plans to find Gwildor as well and use the Cosmic Key to help him rule the Universe.

The Return of Horde Prime, The Tritheon, and The Great Battle

Back on Eternia, the Great Rebellion and the Masters have joined forces to prevent Hordak from entering the Tritheon. Hordak knows that he must wait for He-Man and She-Ra to return because they are the keys to entering The Central Tower. Once Hordak has entered the Central Tower, he will have the final piece of the puzzle to free Horde Prime. "Soon the universe will once again tremble at the name of Horde Prime" the vampiric being gloats as he stands over the battlefield.

Back on Primus, He-Man and the guardians begin their search for Gwildor. Flipshot tells them that not much is known about Gwildor and many believe that he's just a myth. He-Man tells him that they have to search myth or not and so they press on. They search for days until finally halfway across the planet; they find a strange compound, although he is not sure, something is telling him that Gwildor can be found in there.

When they entered the building they begin a massive search for the inventor, finally after searching for hours they found the inventor Gwildor and something they never bargained for Skeletor. The Overlord of Evil threatened to destroy our heroes if they did not surrender, however neither side would have time to react, for just at that moment Brakk and his Mutants barged into the room.

The Leader of the Mutants was determined to steal the Cosmic Key and use it to rid himself of Skeletor and the Galactic Guardians. Soon a battle broke out between Skeletor and Brakk. While the two evil Leaders battle, He-Man and his friends take care of the other mutants.

The battle between Skeletor and Brakk ends when Skeletor accidentally activates the Key and transports everyone present to Eternia. Everyone stands in awe at how their homeworld has changed. Hordak has turned the planet into a war zone, and at the center of the battlefield stands the massive Tritheon, the three towers of legend. While everyone is looking, Hordak and his new henchman Mosquitor ambush them. The insectoid creature lunges at He-Man and drains his blood, which he delivers to Hordak. He uses the blood to unlock the Central Tower. She-Ra rushes in after her old enemy.

Inside the tower, Hordak has already begun the steps to free Horde Prime from his prison at the edge of the universe. She-Ra barges into the chamber where Hordak is located and the enemies fight: The Princess of Power versus the Ruthless Leader. As their swords clash, She-Ra notices a portal opening up above her; it is the portal that will free Horde Prime.

The evil demon smiles as his "father" emerges out of the spiraling gateway. Then to the horror of She-Ra, Hordak and Horde Prime merge their powers to become, Primak- the most evil being in the universe. The final battle for Eternia has begun.

Outside, the battle rages on The Masters, Rebellion, and the Guardians against Skeletor's men, The Horde, and the Mutants. Many Masters lose their lives in defending Eternia, but the price is worth it, freedom from Hordak's evil.

Inside the Central Tower, She-Ra battles the evil Primak. She tries her best to defeat the monster, but the monster sends her flying across the room like a rag doll. She gets up but is shot by Primak's energy blasts. She gets again up only to find that she lost her sword. She looks around for it, suddenly she feels the powers of Grayskull leave her as she changes back to Adora, she looks in horror as Primak destroys it. Primak taunts her and continues to blast her with energy bolts. Wounded and clinging to life Adora murmurs a simple prayer- "Light Hope, preserve me." The moment she said that a bright light fills the room and for the first time since Etheria was called Infintia, Light Hope appears outside the Crystal Castle and in human form. He first puts Adora into a trance so she can heal, and then he goes after Primak. The battle is fierce and lasts for hours until Light Hope uses his magic to separate Hordak and Horde Prime, Once the two beings are separated, Light Hope strips Hordak of his powers, with out his power he reverts to Ralabad the Wise and promptly dies. He then goes to fight Horde Prime; the two enemies meet for the first time in eons. The battle is epic and ends when Light Hope destroys Horde Prime's mind turning him into a robot with a blank slate and opens a portal to the very edge of a Universe that is fifty universes away from this one. Horde Prime is finally defeated.

Outside the remaining Masters look in awe as they see a bright light illuminate the inside of the Tower, the only evidence that can be seen on the exterior of the battle that rages inside. What amazes them even more is the sight of Horde Prime being hurled into a portal to somewhere unknown; they now know that, somehow She-Ra has won. While they were watching He-Man notices that Skeletor is escaping, he goes over to the overlord of Evil and soon the two mortal enemies are engaged in a duel.

Inside the tower, Light Hope goes over to Adora to wake her up. She tells the Gnostic student that while she was sleeping she saw her brother calling out her name. Light Hope tells her that He-Man is going after Skeletor and will need her help. She accepts and races out the door. Before she can reach her brother, she has to first battle her way through Brakk's Mutants. The fight is long and as she arrives to help her brother fight Skeletor, she notices that the overlord of evil has produced a dagger to stab the hero. Before she can warn He-Man, Skeletor drives the knife through He-Man's chest. In a fit of rage and grief, she runs over to where her fallen brother lays. She then takes He-Man's own sword and fights Skeletor herself. The battle is fierce and try as he might Skeletor is overcome by Adora and stabbed in the heart, the overlord of evil falls! She returns to Adam's corpse; his face shows the horror of those last minutes. She curses herself for not being fast enough and for going after Hordak. She kneels on the ground and cries over the loss of her brother.

Brakk realizes that without Skeletor, Hordak, or Horde Prime that he is doomed. He tries to flee but is stopped and captured. The Mutants are also captured. The Battle is over good has triumphed over evil!

Brakk's Banishment, The Creation of the Kingdom of Etherternia, The Queenship of Adora, Adora's exile, and Bow's Ascension to the Throne

After the battle, those that remain Adora, Bow, Ram-Man, and a few dozen soldiers consisting of the Eternian Royal and Etherian Honor Guards gather to bury the dead. They went from town to town to help the citizens that survived rebuild their towns and gave them money to help them take care of their families.

When they were finished, Bow suggested that Eternia and Etheria unite under one flag. The new land would be called Etherternia. They appointed Adora queen of the kingdom and began to reestablish the infrastructure and governments of the planets.

Brakk and his mutants are charged with allying with a group hostile to the realm and are sentenced to wander endlessly in space forever. Before he is sent into space, Brakk swears to have revenge on Eternia and threatens, "The lineage of the royal family will dry out, and it's only survivor leave in exile. With that, Brakk is sent out into space.

Brakk's prediction will come true; in the years after the battle, Adora suffers form nightmares and depression. She continually blames herself for Adam's death, because she failed her job as the "Protector of the Defender of Eternia." Everyone tells her it was not her fault, but she continues to think so. Finally, after only five years on the throne, Adora leaves Eternia in a self-imposed exile. Before she leaves, she crowns Bow as the new king of Etherternia, after that she is never heard from again.

Adora's Fate, The Final Return of Horde Prime, The Rebirth of He-Man and She-Ra, and The Final Defeat of Horde Prime

Adora's ship crashed on the peaceful world of Equillia, a planet of Horse herders. She would live out her life there as herder. She would sometimes wonder about the world she left behind and if the people remember her. The people of Equillia called Adora Thermium Dormium, which is Equillian for Star Lady, since she fell from the stars.

She lived out her life there, but she never forgot Eternia and those whom she loved. She wrote down the story of her life in a journal and kept with her all the time in case she would ever decide that she had paid enough for her failure. Little that she knew that her diary would come in handy.

Fifty universes away, a being once known as Horde Prime floats in the endless sea of space. He is unaware of his surroundings and totally comatose, due to Light Hope destroying his mind during the Great Battle. He remembers nothing of that war or who he is, but that is about to change. Somewhere in the dark corners of the god's mind, a tiny spark of being is ignited, restoring Horde Prime to the land of the living. He uses his vast power to channel the Essence of the Universe, a vast specter of power that was said to have given birth to all gods and goddesses that inhabit the universe. The Essence fills Horde Prime's demonic mind and with in an instant, Horde Prime is reborn. He vows revenge on Light Hope and Etheria. He then begins to search the cosmos for a servant to free him from the universe he is in.

On Etherternia, King Bow is having problems keeping the peace. Turmoil has thrust Etherternia into war. Several remnants of Horde Leadership have declared war on Etherternia and ravaged the land. Bow tries to preserve the peace and save the planet but he is overwhelmed by the Horde. The people of Etherternia cry out for his abdication and threaten to rebel if he doesn't leave. All this chaos was destroying Bow, he would, like Adora, suffer from nightmares and depression.

Five years after the final battle, in the dead of space, the space pod containing the Denebrian warlord Brakk floats by the Kingdom Etherternia. Inside Horde Prime's message reaches the dictator. Brakk at first defies prime's message, but when the god threatens him, he obeys. The order that Horde Prime gives him is to go Etherternia and steal the sword of power, and then using the power of Grayskull Brakk will open a portal and free Horde Prime. "This time there is no one to oppose me," Horde Prime declares as he guides Brakk's space pod to Etherternia.

Inside the Crystal Castle on Etheria, Light Hope senses that Horde Prime is returning, sends a message through the Galaxy to Adora to came back to Etherternia and face off with Horde Prime. The message travels light years until it reaches Adora on Equillia. When the message reaches Adora, she is scared, the fact of going back home will stir up memories how she failed and the loss of her brother. She tries to explain this to Light Hope, but the being reassures her that it was not her fault.

Just then, a young woman and her brother about the same age as Adora and Adam come to see Adora. They are two of Adora's friends, Kaylia and her brother Jason, they were the first ones to find Adora when her ship crashed on Equillia. The three have been good friends ever since.

Adora asks them they would do a favor for them, they agree to it. She tells them to go to the Kingdom of Etherternia and tell the king, Bow that they were sent by Adora and ask if the powers of Grayskull be conferred upon them. They are nervous but know that whatever the reason of this mission that it's important. Adora hands them a dairy and tells them that it contains the directions Etherternia. They and Adora go to Kaylia's space cruiser the Galactic Jewel and as Adora watches, they leave for Etherternia. As the crafts leave Equillia, Adora prays, "Light Hope, please watch over them. "

What neither Adora, Light Hope, Kaylia, Jason, nor even Bow doesn't is that another figure is heading for Etherternia, Brakk, Leader of the Evil Mutants and a Planetary commander of the Evil Horde. Guided by the hand of the evil god Horde Prime, Brakk is putting into motion to the steps to bring Prime back into this universe and reestablish the Horde's rule of Eternia and Etheria. His ship lands outside the royal palace of Etherternia and waits for the right moment to enter.

Meanwhile Kaylia and Jason's ship lands on Etherternia, following the directions in Adora's diary, they find the Royal Palace and ask if they could see King Bow. The guards take them to Bow. They introduce themselves to Bow and tell them the message Adora gave them. Bow takes them to the Room where the Sword is kept. As he picks it up, the blade begins to glow and in flash of light Kalion, the goddess of Castle Grayskull and The Cosmic Enforcer Zodak appear before the three. Bow is amazed that the two mystic beings appear.

The goddess tells Bow of the danger of Horde Prime's return and of Light Hope's message sent to Adora. Kalion asks Bow to hand Zodak the Sword of Power he does as is told. Zodak points the sword at Jason and tells Jason "his bloodline is now the new vessel for the Secrets of The Gnostics" while he is talking Kalion gives Kaylia a golden sword with a blue jewel in the center. Inside the jewel is a piece of metal, the only thing that remains of the Sword of Protection. Kalion tells bow that she foresaw this day and forged a new Sword of Protection. While they are talking, Brakk breaks into the room and takes the power sword and chants this spell:

Ancient Sword of Gnostics your secrets to me are gold. Grant to me wish that is for no mortal that will die, open a portal for me to free Horde Prime!

Bow grabs the sword away from Brakk, but he is too late.

A massive vortex opens up and a fierce storm begin to brew, out from the portal comes the evil god himself emerges. After five years of imprisonment in a universe fifty universes away, Horde Prime has returned to Eternia.

Bow hands Jason the Power Sword, Jason and his sister are unsure what to do. Zodak tells them to raise the swords up in the air. He tells Jason to say "By the Power of Grayskull" and Kaylia to say "For the Honor of Grayskull." No sooner than they say it then a bright light hides the two from view, then two voices are heard saying "I have the Power" and "I am She-Ra!" The light then fades and all present see that Kaylia and Jason have been transformed. Zodak smiles "He-Man and She-Ra have been reborn" Zodak declares as goes to congratulate the two. Just then a loud blast is heard outside, everyone goes outside to see what has happened. To their horror they see Horde Prime has gathered all of the remaining Horde forces to Etherternia, the final battle has begun.

Bow goes to round up his army while Kaylia, Jason, Zodak, and Kalion go to fight Horde Prime. The group stands in awe of Horde Prime's massive army. Kaylia wonders how they can defeat him. Kalion reminds her that Light hope will always protect them and with that they go to face off with Horde Prime.

The battlefield is stacked against them, until Bow arrives with his army but even they are no match for Horde Prime. Bow goes face off with the god himself, but before Bow could even begin to march toward him, Horde Prime blasts the king of Etherternia across the battlefield.

Next He-Man and She-Ra face off with demon deity, but even the combined powers of Grayskull are not match for the awesome might of Horde Prime. The two young warriors are knocked out cold. The only two that remain are Kalion and Zodak.

The two mystical beings try to use their magic to put Horde Prime in a prison, but Horde Prime is too powerful even for the Gnostic and the Goddess. "You are a pathetic goddess Kalion, you are inferior to me. I was created by Time out from the Essence: I was the first of my kind the Prime Deity. You were born a mortal and only became deity when you married Sephros, my Avatar; therefore I am your superior" Horde Prime taunts the goddess as she and Zodak are thrown clear across the battlefield.

While this is going own, She-Ra regains consciousness, seeing that even Zodak and the goddess are in danger she mutters a prayer, "Light Hope! Save us!" When she utters that prayers suddenly Light Hope appears once more in Human form. He goes over to He-Man, She-Ra, Bow, Kalion, and Zodak and puts them into a healing trance, then goes to face off with his mortal foe.

The student of the Great Gnostic He-Ro battles his arch foe the evil god who conquered Infintia eons ago. The battle is truly a doomsday battle as the two ancient beings fight one another. Everyone thinks that Light Hope will win, but Horde Prime came prepared for this moment. He uses his dark magic to siphon Light Hope's power from him.

Using the magic that he stole from Light Hope, Horde Prime creates an evil version of Light Hope, named Dark Hope. The two beings begin to do battle, the battle between the two is astounding they are equal in every way, and only when Horde Prime combined his powers with Dark Hope was the tide unfavorable turned.

The newly created being now renamed Dark Despair begins mercilessly blasting Light Hope with energy blasts weakening him, for once it seems that evil will triumph over good, Light Hope is dying.

As he is dying, Light Hope cries "Master, Teacher, He-Ro come to the aid of your student" Just like when She-Ra calls upon Light Hope a brilliant light appears and from it comes the ghostly specter of Light Hope's teacher, He-Ro!

He-Ro's spirit infuses Light Hope's body the powers of He-Ro and Light Hope are too much for Dark Despair and soon the two beings separate. Light Hope uses his magic to destroy Dark Hope, using his powers to turn the demon's powers against him. Dark Hope's energy is dispersed to the four corners of space.

Light Hope then goes over to Horde Prime and destroys not only the god's mind but his Spirit, the source of his immortality as well. Horde Prime then turns to energy and is sent through the black hole that the deity himself created-after eons of terrorizing the universe Horde Prime is finally dead.

Light Hope goes to wake the survivors, he discovers that the Bow was not cured, the wound he go from Horde Prime was too serious even for Light Hope to cure. The former king Infintia bows his head. He then goes to wake the others, Kaylia is the first to come to, she asks Light Hope what happened. He tells her that Horde Prime is destroyed once and for all. He goes to say that without Horde Prime the Horde will cease to exist. He warns her though "a great burden will befall upon you and you seek the comfort of exile but you must hold strong" She thinks about what that means and goes over to her brother, he still woozy from the blood loss from a wound, but other that he is fines. They go over to Bow and Zodak. Zodak, being immortal is fine, but in all reality he is dying, although he does not know it. The energy from Horde Prime's vortex that was draining Light Hope's energy had stripped him of some his power and without his full power Zodak cannot remain alive for long.Using his staff as crutch he goes to a safe spot away from the carnage.

Bow also is dying; a mortal wound to his chest was too strong in dark magic even for Light Hope to cure. Kaylia asks if she can do anything to help Bow. Bow shakes his head but says to Kaylia the she will succeed him as ruler of Etherternia. Kaylia asks how can that be, Bow tells her that her lineage is the one that was predicted eons ago that will bring the kingdom into the "Great Age of Peace." Using his last ounce of strength he hands Kaylia his sword and proclaims her Queen of Etherternia. After handing his sword to Kaylia, Bow, Captain of the Etherian Honor Guard, key figure in the Great Rebellion, one of the last survivors of the Great Battle, and King of Etherternia dies.

Kaylia then invokes the ancient honor of the Grayskulls and becomes the Reborn She-Ra and her brother with Power of the Grayskulls does likewise and becomes the reborn He-Man and leads the remaining soldiers of Bow's army to battle the Remnants of the Evil Horde.

The battle is swift and decisive, without the leadership of a being like Horde Prime the Horde is soon vanquished, the Horde Troopers realizing that Horde Prime is no more retreat but before they can leave almost of all of the Horde Troopers are reduced to scrap metal.

Most of the Horde managed to escape, but a few high ranking officials are captured, they are forced to sign a non aggression pact vowing never again to attack Etherternia and never to return to the planet. The Final Horde War is over.

The now Queen Kaylia goes over to Zodak, only to find that he too his dying. His dying words were a prayer in Gnostic, which translated into Modern Eternian reads:

O Great Unknowable One, first of the gods brought forth from the Essence, I give you my soul as a sacrifice to you. May you give my brothers wisdom to pick a new a leader and to give the new queen of which Eldor spoke of one who will bring great peace will always lead the planet into that age and may you guide my soul to you immortal kingdom for all Eternity.

With those words the great Gnostic and leader of the Cosmic Enforcers, dies.

With in minutes of Zodak's passing, the great student of He-Ro himself too dies, the strain of fighting Horde Prime was too much for him to continue his existence, even with He-Ro's spirit. The last of the Etherian Gnostics and the great Liberator of Infintia's energy disperses throughout the Universe.

As Kaylia, Jason, and Kalion look on the events that have transpired, suddenly hundreds of thousands of Cosmic Enforcers appear out of nowhere. They take Zodak's body and put on a levitating platform; then as soon as they appeared they vanished. They took Zodak's body to their monastery hidden somewhere deep in the universe. The Enforcers appointed a new leader to replace Zodak, an Enforcer named Zorlak. He forced every one of the Enforcers to take a vow of neutrality in the affairs of the universe so as never again to have a brother follow the "dark path that Zodak trod."

Kaylia, Jason, and Kalion led a funeral procession from the battlefield to the Mausoleum of Heroism where all the great leaders and soldiers of Eternia are buried. Kaylia herself wrote the epitaph it read:

Here lies Bow, A man of great Honor and great sadness. He died giving his life for Etherternia. May the Elders watch over thy soul.

After the battle, Kaylia was officially crowned Queen of Etherternia and reined for fifteen years. Years later, she married an Etherian nobleman and they had a son, Bow. She would often travel back to Equillia and visit with Adora. Kaylia died after her fifteenth year of a viral infection and her son Bow ascended to throne.

The remnants of the Horde although they still existed never achieved their grandeur that they had under the leadership of Horde Prime and Hordak; many commanders would become pretenders to Horde Prime's throne; another pretender to the throne would assassinate the current one, this cycle would continue for years. The Horde would finally fall twenty years after this battle, it last leader was sectorial commander named of all things Betamus Hordak; he was poisoned by one of his underlings, after that no one claimed the throne.

A decade after the battle, Brakk would resurface, he managed to locate the space pods of his Mutants and freed them. He then hired a mercenary army and led a coup against the current pretender to the throne, a runt of being named Selenius Delconium, a systemal commander. Brakk's reign lasted only one year before Galcentius Necronius; a galactic commander assassinated him by poisoning. Necronius' soldiers executed Brakk's Mutants and all who supported Brakk for treason. Necronius would then rule for two years, the longest reigning pretender to Horde Prime's throne. During his rule Horde World would fall into disrepair, the once massive factory world would become a ghost planet. His successor would try to revive Horde World and even called himself The Horde Prime of the Evil Horde. Betamus Hordak claiming that Hordak appointed him successor killed him three weeks later.

Adora would live out the rest of her life on Equillia, living the live of a simple horse herder. However, when the Remnants of the Horde attacked Equillia under Galcentius Necronius in a last-ditch effort to conquer the universe, she would once again become a freedom fighter. She gathered the natives of Equillia and formed a militia to fight the Horde. Thousands of people, including Adora herself would die in the battle, but they were successful in driving off the Horde. Adora's last words before she died were "Grayskull, thy Honor is restored." She is buried on Equillia; she requested no monument to her heroism, just a simple stone that reads:

Here lies Adora; She restored the Honor of the Grayskull lineage. May the Patriarch's disgrace be removed by my heroism.

The great honor of Grayskull was restored; indeed a female warrior who had fallen not once but twice, once by being tricked into evil and the second by fear, but who was now redeemed twice had indeed restored the honor that Grayskull the Venerable ruined by his suicide at Grayskull Tower.

Bow II would reign for fifty years, the longest reigning king in Eternian history. Truly Eldor's prophecy of the Great Age had come true. At the age of twenty Bow would marry an Etherian princess and they would rule with peace and justice.

Throughout time, the planets of Etheria and Eternia would face many threats. They would include heresies, tyrants, and many wars, but now that was over and peace would reign forever.

The End