Summary: When all you ever knew and loved was taken away, what do you do? When you're shoved into a place with unknown surroundings and unfamiliar people, how do you handle it? Do you run, or do you stay? Do you do what you're told, or do you disobey? Do you fight to stay the person you once were, or do you conform to what society expects you to be? How do you love that which you hate?

A/N Okay folks, here's my new story. First inu ficcy so give me a break. If you don't like can you please give me some constructive criticism. That will at least help me. So... enjoy, 'cause I worked really hard on it... kinda. Remember, flames are appreciated and accepted. I have not of yet decided on the pairings. Your choices are:

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3.) Kouga/ Kag

But I really don't like inu/kag so don't set your heart on it. I'm going to do one of each fic eventually. The two guys that don't end up with Kagome are gonna get together… ;-P

you belong to me Chapter 1

Sweat dripped down Kagome's brow as she helped to load the heavy lumber onto the wagon. It wasn't normal for a woman to do labor, but Kagome's family needed the money badly. Kagome's sister, Kikyo, labored on the other end of the piece of lumber as they worked together to load it. They finally got it on the wagon and were going back to load another piece when their mother came.

"Kagome, Kikyo come with me." she said before walking away in the direction of their home. Kagome and Kikyo quickly waved good-bye before following their mother home. They didn't want her angry at them... again.

"What did you want to see us for mother?" Kikyo asked once they arrived at the house. That was Kikyo for you. She was always so polite, so pretty, so perfect. Then you had Kagome, the tomboy one, She liked to do the hard work, played in the mud when she was little, often forgot her manners, and was outspoken. She had often been reminded that she would never be married because no man would ever want someone like her.

"As you both know, our family has been having money problems." began their mother as she sat down next to her husband.

"Yeah, but what has that got to do with anything?" Kagome interrupted.

"I'll get to that in just a minute, until then, hold your tongue!" she snapped before continuing," You remember that your brother's money from the army was our main source of income." here their mother shot Kagome a look that said that if she talked, she died, "But your brother he... he" Kagome's mother couldn't finish up as she buried her head in their father's shirt and sobs racked her body.

"What your mother is trying to say is that... that Sota was recently killed in battle. We will not be able to count on his money anymore," her father said calmly. Now, don't get the wrong idea or anything, It's not that their father didn't like Sota or anything... just that males weren't supposed to show emotion.

"Sota's...dead?" Kikyo choked out before crying on her sister's shoulder. Kagome held her sister and mumbled comforting words while silent tears slid down her face. Although the twin sister's may be totally different, that didn't mean they weren't close. It was always like this. Kagome was always there to support Kikyo, her pillar of support.

"Yes, he's dead." their father snapped. Just that he was so snappy proved how sad he was. Normally, he was a very calm, kind, collected person, "So we've had to do certain things that we wished we didn't have to do."

Their mother raised her head up and continued the speech," Your father and I have made some decisions that will... will directly affect your future. First of all, you Kikyo, will be marring our village leader. He is a kind man and you should do well by him. He asked for your hand in marriage specifically actually." Kagome wasn't surprised about this. Kikyo was the perfect lady... well, other than the fact she had been forced to do labor recently. But that just proved how devoted she was to her family. Besides that, she had had a crush on the man for a while, "But Kagome it was harder to find something to do with you."

"You've been sold Kagome. You now belong to the Lord of the West." Their father finished for their mother. Kikyo looked like she was gonna be sick.

"You... you sold Kagome!" she choked out. She hugged Kagome so tight that it looked like she thought that, just by her mere presence and grip, she could keep Kagome.

"Yes, we sold Kagome, and yes, we sold her to a youkai and his half brother." their father said before the door to their hut was slammed open and three people entered.

"Where is this Kagome that we are supposed to collect?" asked one of them in a really gruff voice. Kikyo shivered slightly as Kagome untangled herself from her sister's loving arms and stepped forward, her face void of all emotion.

"I am Kagome. If you will give me time to say farewell to my sister, I will be along shortly." she said in an icy voice.

The one that seemed to be in charge nodded his he

ad as he looked at her thoughtfully, "Granted." he said slowly.

"Thanks." Kagome said sarcastically before pulling Kikyo into another room that connected to the main room in the hut.

"Kagome... you can't leave me here. I still need you." Kikyo whispered while clinging to Kagome tightly.

"I have to Kikyo. You better than anyone know I don't want to go, but if mother and father don't want me... well then I don't want to stay. Here, give me your necklace for a minute." Kagome said while taking off her own necklace. The necklaces matched each other perfectly, as that was how they were made. The necklaces signified they were twins, and were very important to each of the sisters. Kikyo handed hers over slowly, because she didn't know what Kagome wanted with it. A pink light surrounded the necklaces and then faded. Kagome grinned brightly even though she looked a bit tired. She handed Kikyo her necklace, which she took quickly, and they both put them back on.

"Obviously, I just put a spell on the necklaces. Now, whenever you want to talk to me, just whisper to the necklace my name. If I can, I'll answer it, okay? And please don't tell anyone about it." Kagome told Kikyo.

"Okay, I won't. Are you sure you have to leave?" Kikyo asked with tears in her voice.

"Good. I love you so much Kikyo, just remember that. I wish you luck with Naroku. I know how long you've liked him. Tell Hojo I'm sorry. Ummmm... that's about it." Kagome said ignoring the last question before giving Kikyo a big hug, "I love you so much little sister."

"Little? I was only born a few minutes after you." Kikyo sniffled.

"Still younger than me." Kagome teased. They exited the room laughing and Kagome went to stand in front of the men. "I'm ready to leave now." she informed them.

"So you said your good-byes to your parents already?" one the curious soldiers questioned.

"No." she replied simply before walking out of the hut to await the soldiers outside.

"Here's your money, and you will still receive your monthly payments as well." said one of the soldiers while another one tossed them a sack with money in it. They left without another word and to their surprise, found Kagome waiting outside for them. They had expected to have to chase her down.

"Are you ready yet?" she asked in a bored tone as looked each soldier over.

"Yes, you'll be riding with Naru for right now. Go." snapped the one with ebony hair and emerald green eyes. He seemed to be in charge of the rag tag band.

"No." Kagome replied calmly before letting out a ear piercing whistle and turning towards the forest expectantly.

End Chapter 1