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Chapter 8

You Belong To Me

"Are we there yet?" Kagome asked, as the group of four slowly plodded along.

"No, we are not there yet." Wolset growled back, "Just like we were not there yet a minute ago, or a minute before that, or a minute before that! Just like, we will not be there for the rest of the day! We won't get there until tomorrow! So stop with your infuriating questioning! When we're there, I'll tell you, or you'll know!"

"You don't have to be so mean." Kagome "sniffed", because she was oh so hurt he was being mean to her.

"Lady Kagome, let's play a game." Miroku suggested as he pulled his horse up beside her own. Kagome kept a wary eye on his roving hand. One never knew where it might end up, her butt, thigh, breast, leg, or anywhere else that he shouldn't be touching.

"What, count the trees?" she replied dryly, extremely bored.

"How about shikitori?" Naru said as he pulled up next to them.

"Ummm, not sure how to play that." Kagome responded, confused.

"Oh, it's quite simple m'lady." Naru told her, "The first person, in this case me, says a word. The next person, you, says a word that begins with the last syllable of the former word. The next person, Miroku, will say a word that begins with the last syllable of your word. Clear enough?"

"Ummmm, sure," Kagome said unsurely, "But, just to be on the safe side, how about you two go first instead?"

"Of course Lady Kagome."Miroku said, hand creeping stealthily closer to her rear end.

"Thanks, and Miroku?" Kagome said oh so sweetly. Miroku looked at her questioningly, "If your hands come any closer to me, I will personally remove it and cauterize the wound. Get the meaning?" she said, still in the sweet, innocent voice she had previously used.

"O-Of course Lady Kagome." Miroku replied, his hand quickly snatched back to his side, and subtly moving his horse farther away from the quietly fuming miko.

"Improper." Naru said suddenly

"I beg your pardon?" Kagome asked him.

"My word is 'Improper'. Now Miroku has to come up with a word that starts with 'per'" he answered.

"Umm, person."

"Gosh, this is hard. How about...sonogram?"

"Very good m'lady. Now it is my turn. My word is grammar." And so the game went on.




"Algaliarept... this is boring by now. How about word association?" Kagome finally whined, tired of trying to think of random words. At least the game she wanted to play involved very little thinking.

"Is that the game where you say a word, and I say what comes to mind?" Miroku asked.

"Ummm, well yes, but let's add a rule especially for you Miroku... just to make it more fun." Kagome replied, horror visions of what would happen if Miroku was allowed to speak his mind without restriction, "Ummm, ok. This one seems obvious I know, but let's state it anyway. The words have to relate to each other. Other than that, have fun."

"Girls." Miroku replied immediatly. Kagome and Naru shot him puzzled looks, "You said "fun" and I thought it was your word. So I said "girls". I think girls are fun." Miroku explained, as if it was all obvious, which to him it was.

"Well then," Kagome said, still mildly confused as to how he thought that was her word, "Naru... I guess it's your word."



"Undo." So the game went on, and Kagome tried to ignore how everything Miroku said could be taken as perverted.




"Stop." Wolset, who had been forgotten until then, said. Naru, Miroku, and Kagome pulled their horses to a stop, which wasn't that hard. They had been at a walk all day, with occasional breaks for the horses so they didn't get too tired, as they had no spares. The little threesome looked at each other as they halted, wondering why. Then it clicked in Naru's head. The sun was going down. One should always stop then if it wasn't a complete emergency, which it wasn't, so they were stopping.

"I need a bath." Kagome announced while they set up camp.

"And you expect us to do what about that?" Wolset asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well... I saw a little hot spring a little back." Kagome said, being as sweet as she could get away with.


"Please Wolset." Kagome wheedled.


"Why not?"

"Because I said so."

"But that's not fair."

"Who said life is fair?"

"If you don't let me go, then I swear I will try to escape all night long. Even if I don't, then you still won't get any sleep. How will it appear to your Lord if you arrive at the palace sleepless and bedraggled? And with me smelling like dung and sweat?" Kagome said, and smiled when she saw Wolset give in... Grudgingly, but still giving in none-the-less.

"Alright, you can go, on one condition. Miroku has to go with you." Wolset said, knowing that she wouldn't agree.

"What? That's not even possible! If Miroku goes, then he'll never stop looking at me bathing! That's just not right!" Kagome shouted, furious that he would put such unreasonable conditions on such a simple request.

"Now Lady Kagome, I think you should know that I would never do such a thing. I have taken vows to serve the great Buddha and could never dishonor the female body in such way. No matter how beautiful, and delectable... and enticing..." Miroku trailed off, no doubt envisioning a naked woman.

"See? See? That's why! He can't accompany me!"

"Naru has a mate who will murder him in a thousand different ways, and I have to finish setting up camp. Neither of us can come with you, and you will not be allowed to go alone. Therefore, Miroku has to go." Wolset explained in a simplified manner, as if talking to the village idiot. This only served to infuriate Kagome further, the petite black-headed women capable only of huffing and puffing and glaring at the person whom she had deemed her mortal enemy. Then she got an idea. Oh yes, it would work.

"Fine." Kaome huffed before whirling to march off in the direction of the hot spring, "Miroku, you better keep up. And if you peek, I will castrate you."




"Now Lady Kagome, is this really necessary?" Miroku asked helplessly.

"Yes." Kagome replied briefly, not really focusing on what he said, as she was focusing on her... handiwork.

"Wolset will not be happy when he hears about this." Miroku tried as he presses against the bubble enclosing him.

"Ask me if I care." Kagome said as she watched Miroku receive a small shock every time he touched the bubble enclosing him. "That won't help you know. Every time you touch it, you'll just get a small shock. Nothing to do permanent damage, but enough to hopefully teach you a lesson. And," she added as Miroku opened up his mouth to protest," If you would just behave and stay there like a good little monk, then there would be no problems, would there?"

"I am monk with powers of my own!" Miroku screamed at her fading back, as Kagome headed towards the hot springs, which were just behind a stand of trees.

"Then just try and get out!" Kagome yelled over her shoulder before disappearing from view.




"Kik, I'm telling you, I hate it out here. I mean it. Wolset is such a... a jerk! He didn't even let me go here to bathe alone!" Kagome complained at the pendant she was now holding in front of her face.

"Oh, I never saw a female member in the party when they gathered you from home." Kikyo remarked innocently, her voice floating like sweet music from the pendant.

"There isn't." Kagome said wryly.

"Oh, then you must have picked one up in your travels. That's good; it's unseemly for a woman to travel without an escort. Some people might think you...loose." Kikyo replied, still innocent, but starting to suspect what Kagome was getting at.

"Oh no Kik, the only girl in this group is me-" Kagome started, but was cut off by Kikyo's horrified screech.

"You cannot mean to tell me that they sent a man to the hot springs with you?!"

"Oh, it gets worse, sister dear. The man they sent with me is of course one of the ones you saw - The black-haired one that was wearing a monk's robe." Kagome could hear her sister's sigh of relief, and wh shouldn't it? After all, a monk was forbidden to take delight in earthly pleasures, and the female body certainly counted as that. A wicked grin spread on her face. Oh how she loved shocking her sister, even if she didn't have to love the reason for the shocking. "Except, this monk doesn't hold how vows that close. He's already grabbed me in... inappropriate places twice, and attempted to more times than that. He's currently trapped inside the shock circle."

"Oh, Kagome," Kikyo breathed, "I am so sorry. If there was any way I could save you, I would. Please believe me, Kags." Kagome could hear the tears in her sister's voice, and hurried to reassure her.

"It's not your fault Kikyo! You didn't sell me, our parents did. You knew nothing about it. I would never hold the blame on you. I love you far too much for that."

"But Kagome... what will they do to you there? What if they plan to... use your body?" Kikyo whispered those last words in horror. Kagome sobered at the thought.

"...Then I will commit seppuku. I will not allow myself to be disgraced in that fashion." Kagome returned gravely. Kikyo made no response, and Kagome started to worry for her. Here she was, being sold into slavery, and it's her sister she's more worried about, "Kik? Hey, don't worry about that. Whatever comes will come. No use worrying about it. I'm just glad to have you to talk to. So tell me about what's happening in the village." Kikyo immediately started to report all the rumors that she had heard, and Kagome settled into the rock she was leaning against, watching the steam lazily rise, and listening to the soothing flow of her sisters words and the chirping of insects in the night.




"I still think that was unneccesary." Miroku sulked as the two walked into camp.

"Well, I don't." Kagome laughed as she gaily walked into the clearing.

"Don't what?" Wolset asked suspiciously.

"Like you." Kagome quipped. Wolset just grunted, and finished up the soup he was cooking for dinner, completely ignoring Kagome, who was just fine with that. Naru and she started chatting, and when Miroku finished his unnoticed sulking, he joined in as well.

"Naru? Can you answer a very important question for me?" Kagome nervously asked, fidgeting with her clothes.

"I can try." was all Naru said.

"Ummm... what exactly does Lord Sesshoumaru want from me? I mean," Kagome rushed on trying to get it all out, "why buy me when there's slave markets with trained slaves for whatever purpose he could need them? And why risk me going mental and purifying half the demons in the castle? I mean, mikos are the natural mortal enemy of demons, just like demons are of mikos."

"...I do not think that is my place to answer." Naru responded cautiously.

"Awww, please? It's very important that I know!" Kagome complained, not liking that she was not allowed to know. That couldn't mean anything good.

"I'm sorry, but that's not my place to tell you, even if I knew. Lord Sesshoumaru bought you, and it will have to be he that answers that question for you."

"But see, here, that oddity occurs again. Why would the Lord of the Western Lands greet a mere slave?" Kagome was getting angrier as she spoke.

"What makes you think you are a mere slave?" spoke Wolset from behind her. Kagome whipped around to face him.

"I beg your pardon?" Kagome asked suspiciously. That nearly sounded like a complement.

"What makes you think you are a mere slave?" Woset repeated slowly.

"...Because, what else would I be?"

"You a well known miko across the country. You and your sister's reputation are great enough to reach even the Western Lands, although you do not live in them. They are true enough that they have been told to even Lord Sesshoumaru, and even some of the Southern and Northern Lands know of you. So I ask again, what makes you think you are a mere slave?" Wolset responded, and Kagome was, to say the least, shocked. That was the nicest thing he had ever said to her, and it was a giant compliment as well.

"...I don't know." Kagome replied weakly. Wolset gave a wolfish grin

"When you figure that out, ask yourself again why Sesshoumaru would greet you himself."




As much as Kagome loved Donovan, she was starting to hate the sight of him. They had been doing nothing but riding for three days! There's only so much one girl could take. Sure they were supposed to be arriving today, but all this riding was still driving her insane! Why couldn't they have found some giant flying demon to carry her? Now that would have been covenant.

"Are we-"

"NO!" Wolset cut Kagome off before she could even finish. Kagome heaved a huge sigh.

"Didn't have to be so mean." she pouted.




"Thank Kami we've finally arrived." Wolset mumbled as they rode into a small clearing in front of a quaint cottage. Kagome looked around.

"This is it? This is the castle? This is barely bigger than my old house! How can the lord live here? How can any amount of large people live here?" Kagome asked, extremely unimpressed.

"No, this isn't the castle. This is my house." Naru replied. Kagome blushed furiously.

"...In the most non-negative fashion of course."

"Of course."

"...Alright...sooooo... what are we doing here? I thought we were going to the castle... hence the misunderstanding."

"We're getting changed. Like you mentioned last night, we don't want to appear disheveled in front of our Lord." Wolset replied in his oh so annoying I'm-so-superior-to-you-little-human voice. Kagome instantly wanted to purify him... and soon.

"I will, of course, assist you in any way necessary Lady Kagome." Miroku said, sliding closer to Kagome.

"You want to help me?"

"But of course Lady Kagome."

"Good, stay away from me. Naru, where do I change and what do I change into?"

"My mate will help you, and she has some clothes." Naru replied.

"That's great, where is-"

"Naaaaarrrrruuuuu!" a scream came from the door of the cottage before a blur tackled Naru. He laughed in greeting, his blue hair in disarray, and slipped his arms around the small woman.

"Kagome, I'd like you to meet my mate, Aria." Naru introduced the petite woman. Kagome took a good look at the little woman, and decided right away that she could like her. Aria wasn't exactly skinny, but she wasn't fat. She was well built, and actually had meat on her body. Her hair was a dark green that went down nearly to her butt, straight as a board. Her pale, green eyes sparkled with mirth and joy, along with small flecks of blue and yellow. Kagome could tell right away she was a spring entity. Not exactly a demon, but far from human, they could mate with just about any species.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Aria. Naru's told me a lot about you." Kagome greeted cordially, giving a small curtsey. Aria responded by giving one in reply, then smiling at her.

"All good, of course?"

"Mostly." Kagome laughed, and the two women walked inside, chatting amiably. "So, what am I wearing?"

"You are a miko. Take a guess." Aria responded dryly.

"Wow, and here I thought that some people were creative." both women laughed as they headed towards Aria's small room. Aria just silently pointed towards the small basin, and Kagome sighed before washing up in the freezing cold water.

'Cold! Wet! Cold! Wet! Why does water have to be so wet?' she thought as she frantically washed her face, trying to get it over with as quickly as possible. She finished and looked around the now empty room with water dripping down her face. 'Well, shit. Where did she go?' She desperately looked around the room, hoping she'd magically spot Aria in the room... yeah, it didn't work.

"Are you looking for me?" said a voice from behind her. Kagome meeped and whipped around, getting a bad case of hair lash in return. A sigh of relief escaped her lips as she realized that it was only Aria... appearing out of nowhere.

"Evil spring entities and their stupid appearing out of nowhere-ness." Kagome murmured under her breath.

"What was that?" Aria asked sweetly.

"Nothing, nothing. I said nothing at all." Kagome replied airily.

"That's what I thought."

"Keh. Where're the clothes?" Kagome muttered, not wanting to incur the spring entities wrath. Aria tossed Kagome a medium-size brown package.

"Come outside when you're done." she told her before walking out of the room, closing the door behind her. Kagome sighed and started stripping off her dirty, travel-worn clothes, happy to be rid of the smelly things. Of course, little the miko's happiness couldn't last for long. Said miko hummed happily as she cleaned her dirty body with the rag in the basin. Suddenly, the door slid open, and Wolset waltzed in, looking unashamedly at Kagome's body. She shrieked and dived behind the nearest piece of furniture, all the while screaming at Wolset. He simply shrugged in response.

"What are you doing? Get out, get out, get out!"

"What is your problem wench? You make it sound like I not only haven't seen them before, but haven't seen better." Wolset remarked off-handedly.

"GET OUT!" Kagome shrieked again before chucking the nearest item on the dresser she was hiding behind at him. Luckily for him, it was a hair brush, but he still decided to get out before the stone basin now closest to her came at him as well.




Kagome walked quietly out of the little room, her hair slightly damp with the water she had used to tame it, and in a braid. Her clothes were beautiful for miko's robe, but only in the material. It looked the same in design as every other set of miko's robes she had worn in her life, now just upgraded for palace life. She crept outside, trying to avoid notice, not like that worked.

"Ahhhhhhh, Lady Kagome, was that you're screaming I heard inside?" Miroku asked as soon as she set foot outside. Of course, Kagome wanted to slink back inside the house, but that was no longer an option, as both Naru and Aria were coming up behind her.

"Yes." she answered shortly.

"May I ask why?" Miroku asked.

"You may, but I probably won't answer." Kagome snapped as she cleared the doorway so Naru and Aria could get through as well.

It wasn't until she had left the house fully that she saw him. The worst, most despicable enemy; the very sight of him causing a shudder of loathing and bitterness.

"You." she hissed, venom lacing her voice.

"What are you doing here?" he snapped back in reply.

"None of your business, you oaf." Kagome growled at him, before she felt a hand cover her mouth.

"Be careful what you say, Lady Kagome." Naru's voice whispered in her ear, "You speak to a Lord."

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