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"With Some Scoobies on the Side Series"

By: Lynn

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SPOILERS: I guess the beginning of Ats.

E-MAIL: A/N: Okay, so during the Ascension thing, Angel didn't tell Buffy he wasn't saying goodbye, and the whole "one last look by the fire trucks" thing didn't happen. And Faith didn't go all psycho. In my story, her association with the mayor was just a decoy.

Part 1

"City of..."

"Goodbye Sunnydale," Buffy mentally whispered as she stared out the window of the moving vehicle.

For the second time in her life, she was leaving everything behind her to move on to bigger, better things. Only this time, she wasn't alone.

"Smile for the camera Buffster," Xander said excitedly. Buffy turned her head from the window and saw one of her best friends handling a video camera, and aiming it straight at her. She smirked and waved goofily to humor him.

"So Miss Summers," he dropped his voice a couple octaves, and acted out as the narrator, "How does it feel to be finally rid of the clutches of the Hellmouth?"

The blonde slayer giggled and rolled her eyes, "Being a little melodramatic there, huh Xand?" The comic relief brunette just signaled her to keep going and answer his question, and once again she rolled her eyes, at the same time still smiling. "I finally feel free," she finally answered with much honesty.

"So no regrets leaving the slaying duties to Faith?"

"Are you kidding me? I mean I know that Giles made us promise to go back whenever something really bad goes down, and I still have duties to fulfill, but it feels like a big weight's been lifted off my shoulders, and I can be a normal girl for once."

"Oh! I miss Giles already," Willow exclaimed from her seat next to her driving boyfriend, Oz.

"Faith's probably given him a stroke by now," commented Xander, his camera still rolling, but was now focused on the red headed couple in the front.

"I'm sure the brandy's helping," Buffy joked, "And besides, if he handled all four of us at one time, I'm sure Faith will be a breeze."

"I still can't believe we're gonna be on our own. It's exciting," Willow bounced in her chair. Oz flashed her a grin and reached a hand to stroke her shorter, flipped out locks.

Ever since Angel disappeared without a trace, Buffy saw his face where ever she went. Every spot in Sunnydale held a memory; good or bad, it didn't matter, because it reminded her that he was gone, and maybe even dead, really dead, and the pain would intensify each day. So, when the day came when it became too much, and she finally wore out both her Jessica Simpson CD's for putting the songs "Where you Are" and "When you Told me" on repeat time and time again, she ran to Willow and suggested they quickly apply to UCLA instead of UC Sunnydale, before time ran out. After days of intense convincing and arguing on Buffy's part, Willow finally agreed, and dragged Oz and Xander in the mix.

Luckily, Willow, Oz, and Buffy got in the University, while Xander, knowing he'd never get in with his grades, applied to a community college. The girls got a nice, yet affordable apartment, with Xander and Oz a couple doors down, courtesy of the Harris', who were all too happy see their baby boy go, which was unsurprising to Xander. Although Giles was sad that his "children" were leaving, he knew it was best for them. He made them swear up and down that they'd visit, and not just for dire, apocalyptic emergencies. Joyce was in the same state as Giles when they left, only there were more tears.

After weeks of arrangements and packing and all those good stuff that goes with relocating, the Scoobies boarded Oz's van and branched out of Sunnydale, leaving the Hellmouth in the hands of Giles and Faith.

"Hey guys," Oz spoke up, "We're here." Buffy, Willow, and Xander cheered in excitement as Oz made the exit to enter Los Angeles.

"And now ladies and gentlemen," Xander said in his announcer voice, "I'd like to welcome you to the City of..." He caught Willow's glare and stopped himself before he said the "forbidden" A-word, so he wouldn't upset Buffy. "Ahem. Nevermind."

Buffy just gave him a small smile and patted his knee in reassurance. Once again, she gazed out the window to watch the scenery of the city she used to call home. She sighed and looked up at the night sky, silently asking the higher power up above for a sign to let her know that Angel was alive and okay. She turned her head to join the conversation amongst her friends, and missed the shooting star that flashed through the smogged filled sky.

Walking down the dark streets of LA, Angel listened intently to the Irish half demon, Doyle, explain to him his purpose as a warrior as they exited the liquor store Doyle had insisted on going to.

"It's not all about fighting and gadgets and stuff," Doyle said, holding his newly bought bottle of liquor wrapped in a paper bag, "It's about reaching out to people, showing them that there's love and hope still left in the world."

As he said that, a homeless lady they had passed on the street asked the two supernatural beings for change.

Doyle paused in the middle of his speech to glare at the poor woman in rags and told her harshly, "Get a job you lazy sow." The two passed on by with Angel deep in thought, not even paying attention to the homeless woman.

Immediately going back to his motivating tone, Doyle continued, "It's about letting them into your heart. It's not about saving lives; it's about saving souls," he grabbed the much taller man by the elbow to get his full attention and halted him in his steps. "Hey, possibly your own in the process."

Looking him straight into his blue eyes, Angel told him bluntly, "I want to know who sent you."

Doyle started walking again, "I'm not honestly sure. They don't speak to me direct. I get," he nodded upwards toward the sky, "visions. Which is to say great splitting migraines that come with pictures. A name, a face. I don't know who sends them. I just know whoever sends them is more powerful than me, or you, and they're just trying to make things right."

Angel stared thoughtfully at the ground. Why would the Powers come to him for help? He was just a lowly vampire with a pitiful, tortured soul.

"Why me," he voiced his thoughts.

"Because you've got potential. And the balance sheet isn't exactly in your favor."

Angel immediately stopped in his tracks and asked before the other man barely even finished his sentence, "Well why you?"

Sadness briefly crept onto Doyle's face, "We all have something to atone for," he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small piece of paper, changing the subject and leaving the answer at that, "Had a vision this morning. When the blinding pain stopped, I wrote this down."

The ensouled vampire glanced at the paper he took from Doyle. It read "Tina. Coffee Spot." He raised his eyebrows at the seer, "Tina," he said, a little annoyed that, that was all information he got. Now he knew how Buffy felt when he went all Cryptic Guy on her during the first few months he began talking to her.

"Nice looking girl, needs help."

"Help with what?"

"That's your business. I just take the names." He patted Angel on the back in a gracious manner.

"I don't get it. How am I supposed to know..."

"You're supposed to get into her life remember? Get involved. Look, high school's over boy. It's time to make with the grown up talk." Doyle walked around the perplexed Angel and hopped up onto a hood of a car.

"Why would a woman I've never met even talk to me?"

Doyle had to laugh at Angel's modesty, "Have you looked into a mirror lately?" As soon as it left his mouth, Doyle knew it was a dumb thing to say and his laughter died, "No, I guess you really haven't, no."

"I'm not good with people."

"Well that's the whole point of this exercise, isn't it? You game?"


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