"With Some Scoobies on the Side Series"
By: Lynn
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SUMMARY: This is a re-write of most of the Angel episodes with the Scoobies in the mix. Whoohoo! This is gonna be fun!
SPOILERS: I guess the beginning of Ats.

IMPORTANT A/N: Okay, so during the Ascension thing, Angel didn't tell Buffy he wasn't saying goodbye, and the whole "one last look by the fire trucks" thing didn't happen. And Faith didn't go all psycho. In my story, her association with the mayor was just a decoy.

"Room With a View"

Part 2

"Definitely a bachelor," Buffy mumbled and kicked a carelessly strewn shirt into a pile of more dirty laundry.

"Why are men so disgusting," she turned to her lover who was silently sizing up the room.

After a moment, Angel looked at her, too caught up into his examination to respond right away.


Buffy waved her hand in dismissal. "Never mind." She went back to skimming the room and found an empty drawer amongst another pile of scattered clothes.

When Angel went to examine the dresser, Buffy brought the drawer over to him.

Suddenly, a large brown hand shot out from behind them and slammed Angel's head onto the wooden surface of the dresser, causing him to sink to the ground.

Before Buffy could react, an arm was wrapped tightly around her neck and she was thrown against a wall.

Her attacker was a dark brown, suited-up demon with pointy spines along his jaw and bald head. When he lunged at her again, Buffy punched him in the face and maneuvered herself behind the demon and pinned him against the wall. At the same time, Angel popped up from the floor with a growl and his vamp face intact.

Buffy roughly pushed the demon's face into the wall.

"My name's Buffy, what's yours," she said with obviously fake politeness.

When the demon just growled in return, she smashed his face into the wall again.

"My name's Buffy, what's yours," she repeated more fiercely.

"Screw you… Slayer," the demon finally replied.

Unsatisfied with his reply, she, once again, violently slammed him into the wall.

Finally, the demon gave her the answer she wanted.

"Griff," he grumbled.

"Good start," Angel said with intimidation. He stood next to his girlfriend, still in his vamp face. "Who do you work for?"

"He never gave me his card," Buffy harshly threw Griff to the floor, and Angel tackled the demon with a growl. "I don't know his name, he gets his orders to me."

"You can get a message back to him?"


Angel lifted the demon to his feet none too gently and morphed back into his human face.

"You're letting me go?"

"No, he's letting you up," Buffy said, "You were sent to collect for Doyle?"

"At first. But I'm not seeing any money. So now Doyle gets dead. A message to the others."

"And your boss never gets his money." Angel added, "Pretty expensive message when you add in whatever he is paying you."

"My fees are very competitive."

"I can get Doyle to pay you the money. You have my guarantee."

"I saw what I saw, right," Griff directed towards Angel, "You're a vampire… How come you're here with a little girl of a slayer and helping some little demon half-breed?"

"It's a good offer," Buffy said, ignoring the demon's comment, "You should take it. On the other hand, you're making me want to fight some more and show you exactly what this little girl can do. You get lucky, you might last ten minutes. Really lucky, and you're unconscious for the last five."

"Ooh… she's a feisty little thing," the slayer took a threatening step forward. "You get Doyle to pay and he's safe."

"Thanks. Good meeting."

Later that night, Cordy slept peacefully in her new home.

As a gentle breeze came through the open window, the room became a bit chillier, causing Cordelia to snuggle deeper into her sheets.

All of a sudden, the silence of the room was broken when the radio next to her bed turned on. The stations changed from the rock music Cordelia usually listened to, to an AM station that had on an old song with the singer crooning out the words "You always hurt the one you love."

Cordelia's drawers were opened and closed one by one by an unseen force, and a pair of invisible hands sorted through her clothes.

A shadow was cast over Cordelia's sleeping form and a voice whispered, "What do you think you're doing here? You never should have come."

A drawer that was left open, slammed shut loudly, jolting Cordelia awake abruptly.

She sat up in her bed and her eyes darted around the room in fear. She turned off the radio and then tried to flick on the lamp, but found that it didn't work. When she went to grab a glass of water on the nightstand, it began to boil and she yanked her hand away from the heat. Suddenly, the bed was lifted from the ground and started to levitate.

"I just knew this was too good to be true. I just knew it," she exclaimed. "I'm from Sunnydale, you're not scaring me, you know. No. You're not scaring me. Not one bit."

As the sun rose the next morning, Cordelia was still sitting up in her floating bed rocking back and forth and hugging a pillow to her chest. All of a sudden, Cordy let out a huge gasp when the bed dropped to the floor.

She got out of bed and when through her morning routine as if nothing ever happened.

She took down her brown hair from the messy bun she had it in and ran her fingers through it while looking in the mirror.

"Bright, shiny morning," she said to her reflection, "nothing bad here."

She opened the medicine cabinet to get a q-tip, when she closed it, an old lady appeared beside her own reflection, which was unnoticed by Cordelia.

Cordelia stepped into the living room and pulled a chair away from the wall that she wanted to knock down, but the chair slid back into place. Cordy pulled the chair out further and watched and jumped as it slammed back into the wall with a greater force, causing one of the legs to break off. She backed away from the broken chair and a curtain cord snaked itself around her arm. She let out a scream and shook it off frantically.

"You know what," Cordy exclaimed, "I get it. You're a ghost. You're dead. Big accomplishment! Move on! You see a light anywhere? Go towards it, okay?" A sudden gust of wind blew the paper scraps from the boxes across Cordy's face.

"Ooh, cold wind, scary! What are you going to do? Chap me to death? What else you got?"

The was a knock at the door and Cordelia, once again, jumped in fear.

Angel's voice came through the door. "Cordelia, are you in there," Cordelia just stared at the door, "Cordelia!"

Cordelia pulled herself together enough to make her way to the door and she hesitantly opened it. On the other side stood Doyle, Angel, Buffy, Xander, and Oz.

Angel held up a potted cactus that could fit into the palm of his hand.

"Cactus," he said, "housewarming present."

"We were going to get you a little fish," Buffy stated, "but then we thought a cactus would be harder to kill from neglect."

"Oh, uh, thanks," Cordelia said, accepting the tiny cactus.

Doyle tried to step in first, but Cordelia blocked him and the others from coming in.

"Look I'm still getting it just the way I want," Cordy told them in a hurry, "Maybe in a day or two, okay?"

Doyle pushed past her and the others filed behind him. "Place looks great. You worry too much." Doyle saw the broken chair on the floor. "Don't know what you had against that chair though."

"It's a good thing we didn't get you that fish then, huh," Xander commented and then continued to scan the apartment.

Cordelia looked at Angel who was still standing at the doorway. "Oh that's right you can't come in." Angel stepped over the threshold and shut the door behind him while Cordelia gaped at him in shock.

"Wait," she exclaimed, "What about the rule?"

"You said when you got a place I was completely invited over," Angel replied.

"What! I didn't even have a place then. These rules are getting all screwed up." Out of the corner of her eye she saw Buffy pull on the curtain cord. "Oh my God don't touch that!"

Buffy looked at her former classmate with a raised eyebrow and ignored her demand. "I'm just closing these so my boyfriend, the payer of your salary, doesn't burst into flames, if that's all right with you?"

"Oh. Yeah. I guess."

"Hmm, Willow wasn't exaggerating. This is nice," Oz complimented.

"How about a tour," Angel suggested.

"Uh huh," Cordelia stood in place and pointed in different directions, "this is the kitchen, living room, I'm going to knock out that wall, And that's about it. Oh, and thanks for the cactus."

"I can't believe you can afford this," Buffy stated, walking forward with Angel. Unbeknownst to them, and anyone else, a pair of scissors flew towards Angel's back, but were caught by Cordelia before anyone could notice.

"Yeah, it's definitely a real big step up from the dump you used to rent out," Xander added, stepping up next to his ex, not noticing she had the pair of scissors in her hand. "Good job Cordy. My hat's off to you."

"Uh thanks," she replied, sounding a bit distracted. She placed the small cactus on a little table and she opened a drawer to drop the scissors in. Suddenly, an impression of a face pressed up against the bottom of the drawer, and Cordy slammed it shut.

Her guests turned when they heard the sound and stared at her suspiciously.

"I bet you guys want lunch," Cordelia quickly said, "There is this place down the street…"

One of Cordelia's trophies on the mantel above the fireplace flew towards Doyle's neck, but Angel caught it before it did any damage.

"That thing's been doing that all morning," Cordy tried to cover up when everyone looked at her for answers, "I think the, uh, mantel is uneven."

"That thing lunged at me," Doyle exclaimed.

"What's going on," Buffy asked.

"Okay, you're right. It's not the mantel," Cordelia said, "It's a very, VERY bad trophy."

The sound of a frightening moan caused them to turn their heads towards the wall behind Cordelia. What looked like to be red blood seeped through the wall and spelled out the word "Die." Everybody stared in shock at the wall.

"Dear sweet…," Xander said.

Angel tried to pull Cordelia to them and away from the wall. "Come on."

"I am not giving up this apartment," Cordy yelled.

"It's haunted," Xander pointed out.

"It's rent controlled!"

"Cordy, it says 'die'!" Buffy tried to get through her stubborn head.

"Hey, maybe it's not done. Maybe it's 'diet'. That's friendly. A little judgmental, sure. I'm not giving it up. It's perfect and beautiful. It's so me. I need it!"

Xander and Oz had her by the arms and tried to lead her out the front door.

"You don't need this," Angel told her, "It's just a place. You're more than that."

"How? How am I more than that?"

"We can cleanse it." Doyle suggested, "Well we can try, can we? Put the ghost to rest?"

"Can we," Cordy looked hopefully at everyone in turn.

"We can try," Angel acquiesced, "But we have to go now. We'll figure it out in the office."

"Okay," she gave in. As Xander and Oz tried to drag her out the door, she turned and yelled into the apartment, "Listen good, Casper, you haven't won a thing here! I'll die before I give up the apartment, you here me? I'll die!"

No time was wasted when they got to the office. They went straight to researching when they reached the place. Willow met up with them not long after, and was immediately assigned to the computer after she was quickly informed of Cordelia's predicament.

"Lots of stuff here about the building," Willow said, "Construction bids, city inspections."

"Tenants," Angel said, "We need people who lived there."

"And died there," Cordy added while pouring some coffee for herself, coffee that she actually didn't make this time, "That's ingredients for ghosts, right?"

With her eyes still on the computer, Willow smirked, "Don't worry people, I am on it."

Buffy stepped next to Cordelia.

"You know, this really is just a place to live," the blonde told her gently.

"No, it's more," Cordy gushed, "It's beautiful, and if it goes away it's like…"

"Like what," Angel urged on, stepping next to the girls.

Cordelia answered sadly and quietly, "Like I'm still getting punished."

"Punished," he repeated and Cordelia nodded, "For what?"

"I don't know," her brown eyes looked at each of her former classmates with guilt, "For what I was? For everything I said in high school just because I could get away with it? And then it all ended, and I had to pay. Oh, but this apartment, I could be me again. Punishment over- welcome back to your life! Like, like I couldn't be that awful if I get to have a place like that? It's just like you," she said to Angel.

He nodded in understanding. "Working for redemption."

Cordelia frowned in confusion, "I-I meant because you used to have that mansion."

All Angel could do was blink in response while the Scoobies who were listening, rolled their eyes. Their sympathetic feelings for the girl crumbled at that moment.

"Hey! I found something," Willow cheered. Cordelia rushed over to the computer, and the rest did their best to gather around the desk to see the screen. "First person to ever live in your place- Mrs. Maude Pearson."

"How did you get that," Doyle wondered.

"She's Willow," Xander bluntly replied, "Goddess of Computers."

The redhead smiled at her best guy friend and answered Doyle's question. "Name carved over the entrance of the building, Pearson Arms. I checked the obits for Pearson, we got lucky. Turns out Maude Pearson built the place and took a unit there, too. And in 1946 she dropped dead of a heart attack in Cordelia's room at age 57."

"That's it," Cordelia said excitedly, "That's her!"

"I don't know," Angel doubted, "It's not a violent death. I mean, ghosts usually…"

"It's her, I know it. That place has that weird little old lady smell, like-like violets and Aspercreme."

Doyle read the screen over Willow's shoulder. "No, they didn't find the body for three weeks. So it wasn't violets there at the end I'm thinking."

"This is easy. Little old lady ghost, probably hanging around because she thinks she left the iron on. Let's get a nice cleansing spell and do this thing!"

"Well, this is not an easy spell," Angel commented, glancing over a spell book he had in his hand, "I mean, hawthorn berries and lungwort and bile. We need bile. I don't know if we can get everything."

"I can," Doyle said, "I know this guy in Korea town, he does these spells all the time. I can get stuff from him."

"Oh goody! Another one of Doyle's guys," Cordelia said sarcastically, "Tell me, is this the same guy that helped me find my poltergeist-alicious apartment?"

Willow cleared her throat, bringing the attention back to her. "I've got stuff. Giles made sure I was stocked up, just in case."

"Who would've known Giles would be such a worrywart underneath that British exterior," Xander joked.

"Okay, Willow go get what you need," Angel instructed, "Doyle, go with her in case she doesn't have something." When Doyle, Willow, and Oz made their way out the door, Angel continued to dish out orders. "Xander, you stay here with Cordy. Buffy and I are gonna try and get some more information. Maybe Kate can find something."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Oh great… Kate," she mumbled and followed her boyfriend out the door and to his car, "You know, if you don't remember, we have our own little resident hacker here in LA. Willow could probably get information faster than Kate."

"Well, that might be true, but Willow's working on the spell." They climbed into his car and he turned to her. "How come you don't want to see Kate?"

Buffy shifted in her seat. "I don't know. There's just something about her that annoys me."

"You don't have to come if you don't want to."

Buffy sighed, "No, no, it's okay. I'll just grin and bear it. See," she gave him a partially genuine grin, "Me grinning and bearing."

Meanwhile in the office, Xander sat in front of the Cordelia's desk, playing with a Rubik's Cube he found in one of the drawers. The wondering thought of how the complicated toy was even in Cordelia's desk crossed his mind.

As his concentration was mostly focused on the contraption, he barely listened as Cordelia rambled on about her bad luck streak and something about Patrick Swayze being dead.

Finally, Xander gave up on the cube and stood up from his chair.

"Okay," he placed the toy he was playing with on the desk, "this thing is going to fry my brain worse than video games. All I need is fresh air and a box of donuts to get me going again. You wanna come?"

Cordelia shook her head in refusal. "I'm going to stay here and wait like Angel said."

Xander dramatically gasped with a hand on his chest. "Wow. This thing has really gotten to you if you're actually taking orders." Cordelia's response was just a nasty glare. Xander smirked at his ex and headed out the door.

"I'll be back in a few baring a box of sugar frosted dough. See ya later."

It wasn't long after Xander left the building when the phone started to ring. Cordy decided to ignore it and let the machine get it like she did with Aura's call.

"Cordelia, are you there," came Angel's voice over the machine, "Look I think we can end this whole thing."

Cordy rushed to the phone and picked it up. "I'm here. About time you called. You got something?"

"Meet me at the apartment and we'll figure out what to do."

"Okay." She hung up the phone and rushed to her haunted apartment.

When she got there, she found it dark and empty. She scanned the dark room for the vampire or at least his girlfriend.

"Cordeila," Angel's voice called out, "I'm in the bedroom."

Cordy went down the hallway and stepped into her bedroom. "Angel?"

She quickly searched the room and didn't see her boss anywhere. She turned around and suddenly jumped back when she found the specter of Maude Pearson behind her.

"You got my call," Maude said in Angel's voice.

Cordelia made a mad dash out of the bedroom. When she reached the front door, she found that it wouldn't open. Then, a strong, invisible force made her fly backwards through the air and was thrown against a wall. As she picked herself up, Maude was standing in front of her again.

"Poor thing," Maude said in her own voice, "You just don't fit in around here, do you? Too bad you wouldn't leave my son alone."

Cordelia stared at the ghost in a mix of confusion and fear. "Your-your son?"

After fishing some information from Kate, they found out that Cordelia's ghost had a son named Dennis, who disappeared with some girl right after his mom's death.

Buffy quickly left the office to make a phone call to inform their crew.

"Ah… Angel Investigations," Doyle answered, "We hope you're helpless- No, wait, that's…"

Buffy smirked at his confusion. "It's Buffy. Put Cordelia on."

"She's not here. Hang on a sec, there's a message."

Doyle hit the button on the machine, replaying the conversation Cordelia had with someone who sounded just like Angel.

"That's not Angel," Buffy said looking at her boyfriend who was now standing next to her. "Wait there. Angel and I are coming now." She immediately hung up. "The ghost tricked Cordy to go to the apartment," Buffy explained to Angel, "We gotta hurry."

When the group finally charged into Cordelia's place, they found her hanging limply from the ceiling with a cord wrapped around her neck.

Angel and Doyle made quick work to get her down and the cord off of her neck. Luckily, they got to her in time before her oxygen was completely cut off. Angel laid her against the couch as she started to cough.

At the same time she started to pant and sob hysterically. "The furniture and, and the wall and the blood, she's doing it- she's doing it all! She'll be back. She's stronger than us. She knows me."

"We can stop her," Angel tried to calm her down, which was to no avail.

"No, no, we can't stop her!"

"She's made a connection with you right," Buffy took over, "She thinks you're someone, someone she blames for her murder. Cordelia, answer me."

"I-I'm- I'm taking her son away. She thinks I'm taking her son."

As they were talking, a sudden gust of wind started to pick up in the house and got stronger by the second.

"That's good," Angel said, "Her son was the one that killed her. All right, you're playing a role in her delusion, that gives you power. You're the one that can stop her." He turned to Doyle and Willow, "Start the binding circle. Willow, find the spell."

Doyle started to put the supplies they got in a small circle, while Xander and Oz stood on either side of it, trying their best to light the candles they were holding.

Angel and Buffy stayed by Cordelia as she continued to cry.

"Bring the truth in the light," Willow began to chant over the wind, "Let the villain be revealed that a soul can take its rightful place for eternity."

As Willow chanted, bigger things began to fly around the room ad crashed against the wall.

"Here she comes," Doyle yelled, "She knows what we're doing."

"We need Cordelia now," Willow told them.

"Cordy, get up," Xander yelled at her.

"Adduce veritatum in lucem. Accipitat laura suam requiatam reposcant anima suum regnum. Cordelia, stand in the circle and strike at its center!"

Holding onto the couch while still sobbing, "What?"

Angel grabbed her by the shoulders. "Damn it. Do you know what this means? The ghost is in contact with you, she's given you that."

Maude appeared behind Cordy and whispered to her, "They don't care about you. They want you to fail. They know you're a tarted up little whore."

Xander watched from his place next to the circle and saw that Buffy and Angel's efforts to try and snap Cordelia out of it weren't working. He handed Doyle his candle and squeezed in between the couple so he was in front of Cordelia.

He grabbed her shoulders and shook her. "Come on Cordy! This isn't you. You can stop all of this. Do it!"

Cordy pushed him away and curled into a ball. "I can't."

"Look at you. Are you gonna let her do this to you? You never let me bring you down no matter what I say. How is this crusty, dead, old lady any different!"

Buffy gave it another try and grabbed her, "Damn it. You're Cordelia Chase. Are you just going to lie there like a weakling? Get off your ass and be tough!"

Cordelia sobbed even harder. "I can't- I can't"

"You're the biggest pain I've ever seen," Buffy dragged the hysterical brunette to the circle, "Do it now!"

"This isn't going to work," Angel stated, looking around the apartment and then at the broken Cordelia.

"And it's getting dodgy in here," Oz added and swatted a book that was heading towards Willow's head.

"We've gotta get her out of here. This isn't safe. Now. Let's go." Doyle and Xander picked Cordelia up and they all headed towards the door.

Suddenly, the door swung open and they were all staring at guns being pointed at them, The guns were held by Griff, three other Kailiff demons, and one human.

"No one's going anywhere," Griff threatened, and then lead his mafia looking gang into the apartment.

One of the humans looked at the destruction around them with his gun still held up. "What's going on?"

"You were going to let him pay," Angel growled.

"I lied," Griff returned.

Maude appeared behind the five thugs. "No more people," she yelled.

The human turned around to look at the angry old woman.

"What's this," he asked, sounding scared.

Griff kept his eyes on Angel and Buffy. "Ignore her. It's just a ghost."

Maude materialized behind Cordelia. "Get out!"

Cordelia shrieked as the light bulbs blew up and more things flew through the air.

Willow pulled Cordelia out of the way when the frightened human thug shot at Maude, and they ducked behind the couch.

The bullet went right through the ghost and hit a tile that lined the fireplace.

"You broke it," Maude angrily yelled at the man.

Angel roughly pulled Griff forward and began to fight him. The human ran away in fear, not tough enough to face situations like these. Buffy faced off with one of the bigger demons while Xander and Oz took on another. The last Kailiff demon pulled Doyle up by his shirt and threatened him with his gun.

"Look, I'll pay," Doyle frantically said, "Really! I've got a fin in my wallet right now."

"This is my house," Maude said from the kitchen and opened a drawer with knives telekinetically.

Angel knocked Griff's gun out of his hand and punched him down. He turned his head and luckily saw what Maude was about to do.

"Knives," Angel warned his crew.

Doyle ducked when they headed his way and then buried themselves in the abdomen of the demon he was fighting.

Willow and Cordelia moved to the wall when Griff threw Angel over the sofa.

"Cordelia," Willow yelled when the brunette was ripped from the wall and flew backwards towards the bedroom. Willow ran after her, but was blocked when the door slammed in her face.

In the bedroom, Cordelia stood in front of Maude, still crying in fear.

"I'll leave. I'm sorry your son killed you. You can have the apartment. Just let me go," Cordy begged.

"It's too late for that," Maude said.


"You know what happens next. Your friends are dirty. They ruined my nice home."

Cordelia dropped to the floor while sobbing uncontrollably.

"I know you were trouble right from the start," Maude continued, "I'm surprised that my son didn't smell the stench of poverty and failure on you- I can."

"I'm sorry."

"You better be sorry, you stupid little bitch."

At that last word, Cordelia immediately stopped crying and slowly looked up at Maude. "I'm a bitch."

"Take off the bed sheets, make a noose," Maude ordered, "Go on. It'll all be over soon."

Cordelia slowly stood up and looked Maude in the eye, her confidence building up once again. The word "bitch" seemed to be the magic button to snap her back into place.

"I'm not a sniveling whiny little Cry-Buffy," Cordelia stated, "I'm the nastiest girl in Sunnydale history. I take crap from no one."

"You are going to make yourself a noose and put it around…"

"Back off! Polygrip," Cordelia snapped, cutting Maude's demand off and getting in her face so she backed up slowly. "You think you're bad? Being all mean and haunty? Picking on poor pathetic Cordy? Well, get ready to haul your wrinkly translucent ass out of this place, because lady, the bitch is back."

Maude was shocked that the girl was actually talking back to her in that manner. "Do you think that I'm going to take that from trash like you?"

"I'll tell you what I think. I think that you're going to pack your little ghost bags and get the HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!"

At Cordy's exclamation, there was a flash and Maude was thrown backwards through the bedroom door.

At the same time, Buffy and Angel dropped the demons they defeated, including Griff. The strong wind ceased and the stuff flying around the apartment fell to the ground.

Buffy helped Xander and Oz up from their places from the floor, while Angel helped Doyle.

"Thanks Buffy," Oz said and moved to stand by his girlfriend.

Xander rubbed his sore shoulder. "You know, we had him."

Buffy grinned. "Right, and you were just lying on the floor to give the demon a breather, am I correct?"

"I was just about to strike when you intercepted him."

Buffy just patted his back in response. Everybody then turned their heads when Cordelia strode out of the bedroom.

"What happened," Willow questioned her, "You did it!"

"Yeah, well, she pissed me off."

"Or maybe you found her center," Angel said.

Cordy suddenly looked up at them, her brown eyes were glazed over an eerie shade of white and she had a grim look on her face.

"Cordy," Doyle asked with worry, "What's wrong?"

Without an answer, Cordelia picked up a metal lamp stand and began to demolish the wall she had so much problems with.

"Cordelia," Angel exclaimed, and everyone stared at her as she continued to beat down the wall. She finally made a hole through the dry wall and brick, and the group was surprised to find a skeleton bound with ropes. Cordelia dropped the lamp, back to her normal state, and backed up to stand with her friends.

Throughout the whole ordeal, Maude had appeared by them and screamed when her son was revealed. As the ghost stared sorrowfully at him, the skeleton started to glow from within. The white light streamed out and around the skeleton.

"Dennis I presume," Oz stated.

"And probably not too happy with his mom," Doyle finished.

The light manifested itself into a shape of a skull and the sounds of angry moans and snarls filled the room.

"Dennis, it was for your own good," Maude pleaded, "I had to do it. She would have made your life miserable. I'm sorry! Please! Please!"

There was a great gust of wind and the light lunged toward Maude. It went through her and obliterated her specter, taking her away from their lives for good.

"I knew I hated that wall," Cordelia growled.

The next night, Willow and Buffy were lounging on their living room couch when there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it," Willow volunteered and took the short walk to the door. She opened to find their favorite vampire on the other side.

"Hey Angel," she greeted him cheerfully and moved aside so he could enter.

"Hey Willow," he returned with his lopsided smile. He walked into the apartment and made a beeline towards his girlfriend. He leaned over the back of the couch and kissed her cheek.

"Hi," he whispered in her ear.

"Hi," she smiled. She tugged on his hand and he went around to sit next to her.

"What are you watching?"

"The Goonies. It's a movie from the '80s. Classic."


"How's Doyle," Willow questioned Angel, who had just come from the half-demon's apartment. "Did you make him see the error of his ways?"

"Not really," he sighed, "All he did was add another bolt to his door. But he promised to eventually tell his life story, why he lives the way he does. How's Cordelia?"

"Living large and poltergeist free," Buffy answered.

"Well, minus Dennis," Willow said, "He makes Casper look like Oscar the Grouch. He's so polite."

"Anyways, we didn't really get to hang out that long, because as soon as Cordy answered the phone, we got the boot. So it's safe to say that Cordelia Chase is back to normal."

A little while later, Willow turned her head to see that the couple's attention was totally engrossed in each other instead of the movie. She smiled at her friend's happiness and rose from the couch.

"I'm gonna go down the hall, see what Oz and Xander are up to," she told Angel and Buffy, "See ya guys later."

The two actually separated for a moment to say bye to Willow.

As the red head reached the door, she heard Buffy burst out in laughter. She looked over her shoulder to see Angel run after the giggling slayer and then heard Buffy's bedroom door slam shut as the laughter continued.

Willow shook her head and as she exited the apartment, she muttered to herself with a chuckle, "Hornballs."


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