Title: Obsessions with Werewolves
Author: LupinLovesTonks
Rating: PG13 - R
Warnings: Some language and later on some sexual situations
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and It's Characters are all a trademark for J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. This is a non-profit work of fiction based upon the characters created by the lovely J.K..

Story Summary: Nymphadora Tonks never had it easy... Her name alone gauranteed that. Not to mention she had a keen fixation with werewolves... And meeting Remus Lupin was simply the icing on her cake.

Pairing: Remus/Tonks

-.- I admit it. I'm an elipsis freak. Bare with me. I'm working on it. the Twelve Step Program seems to be going well.

Her mother had known from the start she was a bit of a trouble maker... And that she would one day get herself in trouble with her fixation with werewolves and animagi. While attending Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Nymphadora Tonks made a habit to be caught hanging around with anyone of that certain nature...

Skipping classes with animal communicators... Making certain animals at Hogwarts attack the teachers so that all the members of the class got to get out and have fun whilst the professors had to round up chickens and various pets of the students.

Causing havoc in the halls with a student that was an unregistered animagi and could turn themselves into a rabbit... But not just any rabbit... It was a vicious rabbit with little beady eyes and SHARP POINTY FANGS... Said rabbit also had a habit of biting the ankles of anyone that dared cross Nymphadora in a negative manner.

And of course, there was her friendship with the half-giant Hagrid... A very dangerous combo considering Hagrid's love of dangerous animals and Nymphadora's love of getting herself in trouble with them. But, all of these beings were nothing compared to Nymphadora's true obsession... The Obsession that even made her own mum worry very often. And that obsession was non-other than...


Various pictures of werewolves had graced her wall in her old dormitory, jewellry collection, anything she could get her hands on... She even had a little minature werewolf figure that would tiptoe around her nightstand and howl anytime it saw the moon. There was even rumors that she at one time had a werewolf lover, but that was just a rumor since she didn't really know any werewolves personally. She knew everything there was to know about werewolves...

What to feed them, how to clean them, recognize them, befriend them, and even how to breed them... Which really, honestly wasn't that hard considering they were humans... The section on werewolves in her OWLs had actually been one of the only aparts she had gotten every question right.

And, all her friends knew it was her dream to meet an older handsome werewolf and live in a little cottage in the woods and raise 18 werewolf children (a number which made her mother faint when she was first told). It didn't matter to her that one night out of every month her family would turn into wolves, she had the other days of the month to play with them as "normal" people.

Her family had hoped once she got out of Hogwarts she would grow out of her fixation with werewolves. Even her training for becoming an Auror hadn't swayed what her family called a "childhood whim". She still wanted a werewolf husband... she still wanted children by him. And she just knew that one day she would meet the right guy... the right werewolf that would put her family's mind at ease about the kind of "danger" she would be in by pursuing such a relationship.

"What about the children?" her mother had exclaimed. "What about the children when they have a werewolf father! What if they get bitten?"

"Well, they'd be werewolves as well so... he'd be able to keep a watch on them on the night of the full moon..." Tonks had promptly replied. "And a werewolf would only attack another werewolf if they pose a threat to them."


She had sighed heavily. "Mum... the disease that causes the mutation of the cells to create a werewolf infects the genes as well... The odds of me having a 'normal' child with a werewolf father are very slim. The mutation is actually very dominate and even in it's dormant form can end up causing any children to have some sort of reaction to the full moon... Werewolves hunt humans not other werewolves so our children would be perfectly safe."

That had been about the tenth time her mother had fainted due to a werewolf related subject... that week.

Then the magical day came in which Tonks completed her training and became employeed with the Ministry. Her family was proud, hoping that maybe Tonks had finally decided to grow up and think the way adults did. But never once did they ever know about her getting in trouble at least once a week for swiping the official list of the world's registered werewolves... Because she was trying to memorize the names of all the ones in the Isles in case she met one of them... At least then it would be coming at no big surprise when they decided to tell her.

But, a day came along she didn't expect. She was suddenly being put on a somewhat high alert by a co-worker warning her that you-know-who was back. Even though she knew it would cost her the job she enjoyed doing, she supported Dumbledore behind the back of the Ministry and her family, in secret. And oddly enough, it was the same co-worker that brought her support to the attention of Dumbledore, who sent someone her way to find out exactly how much she wanted to do for Dumbledore's side.

"Nymphadora Tonks?"

She quickly hid the stolen werewolf registry under a folder. "I don't have it!" She looked up and was taken aback to see that it hadn't been a member of the Ministry that had addressed her by her name. Instead, it was a very unfamiliar man. "May I help you sir?" she asked, becoming somewhat entranced by the scars that brought her to his eyes.

"I need to speak with you... privately," he said in a low tone, looking over his shoulder. "Somewhere no one can hear us..."

She slowly stood up, rather eager to see what the handsome stranger wanted to talk to her about that had to be kept so secret. Just as she was about to come around her small desk to led him out, a voice bellowed out.


She cringed as her superior officer came into her little psuedo-office. "Yes sir?"

His eyes fell immeditately to where the werewolf registery was peeking out from under the folder. "How... many times... Tonks? How many times do we have to take the werewolf registry from you before you get it through your thick skull that you are not allowed to have it!" She squished her face slightly to avoid getting the spit of her superior in her eyes, he leaned over and snatched the registery. "You have to have special authorization in order to have this registery! Authorization which you will not have... If I find this list around you one more time... I'm telling your mother. And don't pull that stuff saying you're wanting to hunt them down again... I've spoke with your mother and I know exactly what you plan to do with this list and you can forget it Tonks. FORGET IT. If you're not careful you'll be without a job, the higherups don't fancy werewolf lovers in their midsts..."

Without another word, the man stomped off. Tonks sighed heavily and shook her head. "Now how about that? How do they expect me to find my soulmate if they keep stealing the werewolf registery back from me before I can get through the C's...?"

The man chuckled slightly. He gave a small throat clearing cough and his face was serious again. "Privacy?"

"It's my lunch... if you'd like to come with me to my flat we can talk there..." she suggested. "We can Floo there since you don't know where to go by apparating."


They dusted the soot off their robes as they got back on their feet in her flat. She looked around the "lived in" flat with a smile. "Welcome to mi casa..." she grinned. "It's not much but it's home..." She flounced off toward her little kitchen and sert about to preparing lunch. "What can I get for you? Sorry to say though, All I mostly have is vegetarian stuff... I'm trying to quit the meat..."

The man followed her and took a seat at her little table in the kitchen area. "Anything is fine... I haven't eatten meat at my own free will since I was about 20..." He cleared his throat and looked around. "Before I get started I just have to say you have a very impressive werewolf collection..."

She shrugged. "Most of them are just plain old wolves... My friends aren't as good at recognizing werewolves as I am. But thanks anyway... Most people go a bit batty when they see my place... and assume I'm a werewolf... But don't worry I'm not one... They're just my favourite... thing. Veggie burger alright?"

He nodded slightly. "Anyways, Miss Tonks..."

"Just Tonks..." she supplied. "I just go by Tonks..."

"Alright. Tonks," he stated. "My name is Remus Lupin, I have been sent on the behalf of Albus Dumbledore... He's curious to see if you would like to help his cause to let the people know Voldemort is back. Someone you work with, which will remain nameless for now, informed The Order that you may have interest in helping our cause."

She tosses two frozen veggie patties onto the cooker and looked at Remus curiously. "Helping? How? Tracking down Voldemort and stuff?"

Remus shook his head. "No... More like... being a bit of an insider for us... we need people inside of the ministry. People that can find out things for us. Perhaps even going on missions for us... Rescue missions all sort of missions..." He stopped and looked at her. "You wouldn't be paid... and if Fudge were to find out you could be without a job until he's willing to wake up and face the truth... I'm not promising it would be an easy task... but you would be working along with myself and several others to try and stop Voldemort from rising to full and complete power. That sound like something you would do?"

"Count me in," she grinned. "When do I start?"

"Next week is our first official meeting, I'll come here and get you."

Tonks took the veggie burgers off the cooker and put them between slices of wheat bread. "It's not much... I'm a single girl so I don't really have very many home skills yet..."

The man simply gave a appreciative smile and nod as he took the lunch she was offering him. They sat at the table in silence, she was surprised that now that the business was done, Remus wasn't a very talkative type... He'd seemed to have no problems talking while he'd been going on about what Dumbledore had sent him to talk about... But now, he was just sitting quietly, eatting, and looking her home decor.

"You know," he finally said, after he'd finished eatting. "A framed copy of all the British werewolves would suit your collection perfectly... The registery I have may not exactly be current but... It's better than nothing right?"

"Trust me... If I knew where to get a vintage werewolf registry I'd have one... But I can't even get a new copy from work..." Tonks replied with a slight chuckle. "Not authorized you see... and it's not like a werewolf registry is something you can find on that... Muggle internet thing..."

Remus reached into his robe, that for the first time, Tonks realized looked old and numerously repaired. He pulled out a carefully rolled up parchment and handed it over to her. "I was given this in 1975... It's all the registered werewolves alive at that time. Consider it a gift... I've got a newer list on display at my home so I don't suppose I should need it... and well... you seem to fancy werewolves so it's only fitting."

Tonks' eyes widen and she gave a small gasp. "1975 list? There were close to 25 registered ones in London alone that year... The most infamous list there is..." She unrolled it and her eyes widened even more. "Updated Werewolf registery for the year 1975. Number currently on the list: 245..." She was almost breathless. "Do all the new members of The Order get prizes or am I just very lucky?"

"You're the lucky 20th member," he gave a faint smile and looked down shyly. "Thank you for a lovely luncheon Tonks. I will send you an owl later on to tell you when I will be here to get you..." He extended his hand, she took his hand and he gave it a firm shake before going back to her fireplace. "Headmasters Office, Hogwarts."

She looked back down at the parchment in her hand and grinned. She now had a very important part to her collection. As well as a new friend.