Title: Obsessions With Werewolves
Author: LupinLovesTonks
Rating: PG13-R
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and It's Characters are all a trademark for J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. This is a non-profit work of fiction based upon the characters created by the lovely J.K..
Story Summary: Nymphadora Tonks never had it easy... Her name alone gauranteed that. Not to mention she had a keen fixation with werewolves... And meeting Remus Lupin was simply the icing on her cake.
Pairing: Remus/Tonks

Chapter Four
Chapter Summary: Meeting parent's has never been this, erm, interesting.
It had been somewhat odd at first. Of course, the age difference had never really been a problem for Tonks. As far as she was concerned, she now had the man of her dreams in ever possible aspect.

However, Tonks still got the suspicion that Remus thought himself to be some sort of dirty old man anytime someone on the street would give them "the look" while they walked along the streets. It was the look that would make his smile fade and would make him withdraw into his mind until it was just the two of them again.

Only thing was, now was not the time she wanted him to withdraw into his mind. He had a rough night ahead of him and she wanted him to have a good day out before he faced his monthly transformation. But now, he was letting an older couple on the other side of the small diner ruin their day.

"Remus," she said gently. "Don't worry about it. They may not even be looking at us. After all there is a rather lovely summer display in the window across the street..."

"Full moon, Nymphadora," he said quietly. "I can hear them as if they're right next to me."

"What are they saying?" she asked quietly.

Remus was quiet a moment. "The woman is saying we should be ashamed. The man is telling her mind her own business because -" he paused to listen "-we're not even acting like we're dating. And that she should consider the idea that you're my neice and I'm just taking you out for a family luncheon."

Tonks glanced toward the older couple that was sitting across the way. She gave Remus a smirk and he slowly shook his head, she in turn nodded while grinning evilly. She looked directly over his shoulder. "Wotcher! Can I ask what the two of you are staring at?" Tonks called."You've been looking here rather intently and I was just wondering if perhaps we were distracting you or the love of my life here had something on his back that required such intense concentration, followed by rapid conversation."

Remus dropped his face into his hands. Tonks heard the unmistakable sound of him trying not to laugh as the woman sputtered a few times, as if she felt she were imagining that Tonks had just said what she thought she'd said.

"We... We... We were just wondering what that beverage is you two were drinking," the woman finally managed. "It looks rather interesting."

Tonks put on a false chipper tone. "Oh? Well, it's called a Hurricane, rather popular in the tropics. Should try one. They're lovely." She took a long drink from her straw and gave a false smile. She scooted her chair around to Remus' side of the table and rested her cheek on his arm. "You can stop laughing now."

Remus dropped his hands away from his face. His face was almost blood red and there was a wide smile on his lips. "I can't believe you just did that," he said quietly, laughter still very evident on his voice.

"Well, no one stares at my Remus and gets away with it." She gave a slight scoff. "Wondering what kind of drink I had. My ruddy metamorphing ass. We should start snogging just to spite her."

Remus shook his head slightly. "Not in public, Nymphadora. We've been through this."

"You don't like bringing attention to yourself. I know, I know. Someone we know could see us. Trust me Remus, I know all your excuses," Tonks sighed heavily.

"They're not excuses," Remus defended lightly. "They're perfectly-"

"Logical reasons," Tonks finsihed. "I've heard this speech plenty of times Remus, I know. Trust me. I'm fine with your excuses for not wanting to kiss me or hug me or look at me-" she gave a wistful sigh and fought the urge to grin.

"You manipulative little minx."

Tonks sighed slightly to cover a smile, as she traced her fingers around the bottom of her glass. "I completely and totally understand why such a handsome, intelligent man like you wouldn't possiblly want to be seen showing any kind of affection for a silly little punk such as myself."

"Were you a Slytherin?"

"No," Tonks said slowly. "I am and have always been a girl." She looked up at him. "But, hey, it's okay if you don't ever want to show any kind of affection in public. I can-"

She got cut off by Remus giving her a slow, gentle kiss. She gave a quick grin before returning the gesture. Her hand lightly came to rest on the back of Remus' neck while the hand he'd had on her cheek slowly slid to resting on her thigh. He slowly pulled his mouth away from hers, giving her time to lightly nip at his bottom lip before also backing off.

"You're a manipulative little minx you know," Remus commented in a growl like tone. "Getting me to do all sorts of things I ordinarily wouldn't do."

"I'm a girl what did you expect?" Tonks grinned. "Ready to get back to my place so we can-" she paused and raised her eyes to the ceiling for a long moment before looking back into his eyes. "So we can worship each other before you have to go and lock yourself up?"

"That sounds like an absolutely smashing idea Nymphadora," Remus whispered in her ear. "I can't say I would object to being left too weak to do anything in wolf form. Because I know that's what I would be for at least a good four hours after you're done with me."

Tonks laughed slightly as his warm breath sent chills down her spine. She threw a few money notes on the table and the two of them walked away from the little diner. Her arms were around his waist, under his coat. His arm was around her shoulders, as well as making a big show as if he were trying to tuck her into his coat.

"Don't steal me," Tonks squealed in a playful manner.

"Eh, no one would notice. Besides, I already walked out with you secured in my pocket. So there's no way they can prove I didn't come in with you."

Tonks looked up at Remus, he had that smile on his face again. The one that made him look like the boy her cousin, Sirius, had been friends with. It was the one she liked to call the "Marauder's Smile" because it reminded her of the smile he always had in the pictures of the Marauders in his Hogwart's days.

"You need to stop smiling like that or I'm just going to drag you into a roundabout and force myself on you," Tonks warned, reaching up to poke his chin.

"How many times do I have to tell you Nymphadora..." He sighed heavily and breathlessly added, "You can't force the willing." His smile only broadened as they reached the stairs that led up to her flat.

"Wanna bet?" Tonks challenged. She grinned up at him evilly and darted up the stairs with Remus hot on her heels. In their haste, she tripped over a few steps, but quickly recovered before Remus could actually gain some sort of advantage in the chase. They both stumbling up the final step and Remus ended up pinning her against her flat's door, his mouth on hers, kissing her deeply.

She swatted at him slightly and turned around, fumbling with the keys to her door. She heard Remus give a slightly annoyed sigh and aimed an unlocking spell at each of othe four locks on her door.

"Honestly, Nymphadora. Keys? You use keys, when you have a wand handy?"

She turned around and kissed him. She pulled back after a moment. "Well, excuse me, I had a big bad wolf on my heels so I was too distracted to think properly." She turned back around and opened her door and gasped with surprise. "Mum! Dad..." Suddenly, everything she had been wanting to happen before the door opened was shoved out of her brain. "What a - um - pleasant surprise."

She looked over her shoulder. Remus had already slipped into his casual, untouchable aire of mystery.

"We were just concerned is all," Andomeda commented. "When I contacted you yesterday you said you were cleaning. And cooking." Her eyes went to the man looming behind her daughter. "Who is this gentleman?"

"Oh!" Tonks exclaimed and hurried in, dragging Remus in behind her. "You remember Sirius' old friend, Remus. He used to come visit Sirius and James during the summer breaks at times..."

Tonks tried to twist away as her mother approached and felt her forehead. "Mum! Stop it." She batted her mother's hands away. "I was cooking and cleaning yesterday because I was expecting company." She nodded toward Remus. "He was coming over to watch a few movies with me."

To Tonks' surprise, her mother smiled warmly and reached out to shake Remus' hand. "Ah yes, I remember Mr Lupin very well. A rather ineffective preventor or trouble he was. But tried so hard to keep James and Sirius' noses clean." She leaned close to him. "I know, being a werewolf, you must have been somewhat horrified when you first saw this place. Most people are."

"Mum," Tonks piped. "That's enough."

"But I'm sure you've figured out by now that my daughter has a very ludicrus fixation with werewolves," Andromeda continued.

"MUM!" Tonks yelled slightly, but quickly put on a sweet and docile face as her mother looked at her. "That's enough. Remus knows I study lycanothropy. In fact, that's how we ended up becoming friends. Sort of." She turned to her father which was already about half asleep on the sofa. "Daddy!"

The man woke up enough to give his daughter a quick embrace and rub her hair. He gave a acknowledging nod in Remus' direction before going back to his nap.

Remus gave a slight bow. "If you would excuse me ladies." He quickly made his way to the bathroom and almost slammed the door behind him in his rush.

Tonks smiled slightly when her mother turned toward her. Her mother had her fists on her hips. "Yes, Mum?"

"So, where is the lad you were really cooking and cleaning for?" her mother asked sweetly. "I know you wouldn't be the type to go all out for a new friend, even if he was a werewolf."

"Well, I knew if I didn't clean he'd end up doing it while I was in the loo or something during a movie break. So I was just saving him the hassel. And trust me, it's nothing to cook for him. We're both a bit on the veggie side... Well, he is veggie but I'm trying."

Her mother's jaw dropped and she cradled Tonks' face in her hands. "Nymphadora Tonks. I know you're not seriously considering that you and Remus could match up. Because if you are, I can already tell you that it's a disaster waiting to happen. For the love of Pete, he's the same age as my younger sisters."

Tonks opened her mouth to comment but Remus returned from the bathroom, ending the possibilty to continue any sort of conversation with her mother on the matter of Remus. Remus paused, as both women were looking at him. His hands stopped in the middle of smoothing his robes.

"Should I go back to the loo?" he asked unsurely.

"No, of course not," Andromeda smiled. "Nymphadora, come with me to the kitchen and the two of us can make something to eat for everyone. You boys just stay in here and chat. Alright?"

Tonks tried to object but her mother grabbed her arm and drug her to the kitchen. Her mother instantly started plundering through her refridgerator and retrieved two boxes of tofu and some vegetables.

"Honestly Nymphadora, what is this stuff?" her mother asked, waving the tofu slightly. "You and your silly fixations. First werewolves and now no eating meat. And you want to marry a werewolf? What kind of werewolf doesn't eat meat?"

"Remus doesn't," Tonks shrugged, taking the vegetables out of the market bags.

"Is he why you're on this kick?" Andromeda huffed. "Nym-"

"No, mum, I was doing it before I met him. And for the record I wanted to be with him before I even realized he was a werewolf," Tonks snapped.

"You mean to tell me," her mother started. "That even when he would come around when you were little... That you didn't know?" Her mother threw her hands in the air and heaved a sigh. "And that's another thing. He was nearly seventeen when you were five. That's means he was twelve when you were born."

Tonks turned around and lightly laid her hands on her mother's shoudlers. "Mum. How many small crushes have I gotten over the years?"


"And how many of them were with people that were what you would consider too old for me?"

"All of them."

"And how many of those did I actually pursue?"


Tonks smiled gently and turned back around to chopping up her vegetables. She heard her mother sigh with relief and set to making tea. Taking a glance at the living room area of her flat, she grinned. Remus and her father were having a conversation about radios and the news, two of the only things a wizard and a muggle could probably talk about without much confusion.

Within the hour, Tonks, her parents, and Remus were seated in the living room, eating some take out. A unfortunate occurance of Tonks turning on the wrong heating eye on the stove had caused her wooden cutting board, which was on the eye she had wrongly turned on, to burst into flames.

Finally, just before sundown, her parents finally decided to leave. Tonks lended herself against the door and turned the locks. "Oh dear gods," she groaned. "If I had to sit there and watch you look like you were about to burst while my mum was talking about my childhood for one more moment. I would have just screamed."

"At least I now know that I don't need to feel guilty about us," Remus grinned. "At least I'm not 45 and you're not only sixteen."

Tonks wrinkled her nose as she smiled smugly. "Hey, Professor Shankar didn't look a day older than thirty. Though, even without his extra 'tutoring', I did magnificantly in Defense Against the Dark Arts in my sixth year. So, how badly did you want to throttle my mum?"

"Not at all," Remus said with a little too much properness to his tone. "Throw her out a window, yes... Throttle, no." He stepped close to her and lightly ran a finger down her cheek. "When are we planning on telling your parents the truth about us anyway? If anyone should know, they most certainly should."

Tonks thought a long moment. "Hmm. I was thinking after maybe we've been married about ten years and have about five kids and -" Tonks eep'd slightly and covered her mouth with her hand. "I mean, you know. If we ever do, erm, get married. And, all that other stuff that really isn't necessary right now so that you have no need to feel any pressure to feel you should do those things, if you don't want to. I mean, but, if you do that would be okay too. Not that I don't want to, or want to for that matter-"

She was cut off by a kiss. It was the soft kiss that she had become accustomed to when Remus wanted her to stop blabbering. Nothing too aggressive or demanding, just a simple "shut up" kiss. She slid her arms around his waist and leaned toward him. She hadn't exactly been sure how long they had stood there kissing, just that she had been more than relieved when they had moved things to her sofa.

But, no sooner then he'd started unbuttoning her blouse, they heard the unmistakable POP of someone apparating in, followed by Tonks' mother's voice proclaiming, "Nymphadora Tonks! What the blue blazes do you think you're doing sitting on him like that? And what the hell are you doing kissing him!"

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