This is a fanfic I've been working on for a while. The prologue is really just to set the rest of the story up. I haven't seen all of the anime or read all of the manga, so I don't know how the series really ends—so I made something up. It will slowly be explained throughout the fic. This story is AU because I mix the manga and the anime and add what I feel like. Hope you like it, let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. If I owned either story, you'd be paying to read this and I'd be rich.

Warning: Future Shounen Ai, mentions of rape, possible future rape, lots of violence (it is FMAxSaiyuki after all).

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Take out the spaces. This is how I imagine Ed in this story minus the automail and with longer hair.

Summary: Saiyuki crossover. Gates connecting Armestris to another world have been opened and dangerous creatures are coming through. Ed, Al, Mustang and the gang go through the gates to try to close them only to get caught up in the mission of a certain priest and his youkai followers. Mentions of AlxWinry, later RoyxEd, possibly GojyoxSanzo (I haven't decided yet). May be more couples in the future.


When you have the power to do something, it's hard not to try.

-Shou Tucker, episode 7

It had been four long, eventful years since the defeat of the homunculi. Not all of their bodies had been found—neither Pride nor Envy were found among the recognizable dead. Dante and Hoenhiem had not been located, either. Perhaps their bodies had simply been destroyed—one could hope, anyway. Their plan was for naught. The philosopher's stone had been created, but not as a simple stone to be used indiscriminately. Only its maker had been able to use it—Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist. It had not lasted very long, either. The stone was an ideal, not meant to be among the reality of man. Edward put the stone to good use, however, in its brief moment of conception, restoring his brother Alphonse to the body he had lost in a moment of youthful indiscretion, before destroying it. Unknown to many, this action was not without its consequences—its price.

Hubris. Those who heard of his crime called it many things—an unnatural act, an act of love, youthful foolishness. When the Strongarm Alchemist had heard the tale of the Elric brothers' failed attempt to resurrect their mother, he had sparkled, he was so touched at the act of unrelenting love. But Edward knew the truth was that it had been pure hubris. Oh, not on Al's part. On Al's part it had been honest love for their mother mixed with a strong belief in his older brother. That was what made it so bad. He led loving and trusting Al almost to his doom because of his damnable pride! True, Ed did love his mother very much. But even before her death he had been thinking about human alchemy. And how many alchemists had lost loved ones, but steered clear of human alchemy? They didn't love their dead families less, they just weren't so prideful that they believed they could cross into God's territory without consequence. Ed had been—he was so sure of his own ability that he had ignored the rules, ignored the warnings, and ignored his own doubts, as well as those of his brother. And ended up putting his beloved brother in the body of a cold, metal suit of armor! So when the opportunity came to provide his brother with a real, human, perfect body—the body Al should have had, would have had—he didn't hesitate, despite the cost.

It was tricky, the philosopher's stone required subtle manipulation. After his own restoration at the hands of the homunculi, however, his guilt had been stronger than ever and he had been even more driven. He had, in all honesty, never intended to fix himself. He hadn't objected when Al said it was important, and had even go so far as to tell others that he wanted to, but it had been an act. The ever-painful automail was a small price to pay for his crime, and unimportant in the long run. So the price he paid to restore Al became his new punishment, albeit a more subtle one.

There was a small group of people who knew all or most of his secrets. He told them because they knew him too well for him to hide them. Chief amongst this group, and the fastest to figure him out by far, was Al. Al had known about his crime of hubris, of course—he had heard Ed speak of raising the dead even before their mother died, and seen Ed's willful blindness to all doubts that horrible night. He was Ed's nearly constant companion their whole lives, and so it didn't take him long to figure out Ed's problems even when he tried to keep them to himself. Al, ever-loving and the one most affected by Ed's crime, forgave him anyway. Mustang, too, understood the hubris behind the failed resurrection. He was there shortly after it happened, after all. He had understood the expression on Ed's eleven-year-old face that was not just pain or guilt or disappointment, but a mixture of the three and shock that his plan did not work. Perhaps, in the end, Mustang was too like Ed to not understand the pride that had driven Ed's actions. Ed suspected that both Hawkeye and Hughes understood, as well. Possibly because they were so good at reading people in general, possibly from years of reading Mustang, who was so similar to Ed in so many ways (though both Ed and Mustang would deny it, Ed fuming and Mustang snapping his fingers in warning—they both secretly knew it to be true). Winry should have known it, but perhaps she was fooling herself. She didn't want to see it in her childhood friend, especially one she admired so—a temperamental, driven genius. Pinako made sure Ed knew that she knew and forgave him. She was the only one who ever came out and said it to his face, because she felt it needed to be said. She, too, had heard him speak of human alchemy long before his mother's death. And, of course, Sensei Izumi understood. She had committed the same crime herself, after all. She couldn't forgive him any more than she could forgive herself, but it didn't stop her from caring for him. These people, they all knew him so well. So it was no surprise when they figured out that he had lost something when he and his brother were restored.

He told no one at first. Partially out of embarrassment, partially as a manner of self-flagellation, and partially because he did not want to worry Al. For the first time in years, Al was in his human body again. Ed knew it could not last, but he wanted Al to believe that the restoration had no consequences for as long as possible. He knew Al would feel guilty when he found out that Ed was the one who paid the price for Al's body, even though Ed had paid it willingly. But time passed all to quickly, and Al soon realized that something was wrong with Ed. He slept more, bruised easier, sparred less, and ate less. Even his feisty temper seemed dimmed at times. At first, Al told himself his brother was recovering from the ordeal with the Homunculi or becoming accustomed to their new lives, but it went on too long. Something was wrong. So, finally, after six months of strange behavior, Al confronted Ed.

"Brother, what is it? Don't lie to me or try to protect me. You know I can figure you out too easily. Just tell me, honestly. It's from the restoration, isn't it?" Al asked softly.

"Yeah—knew you'd find out eventually. I didn't not tell you to hide it from you, I just… wanted you to enjoy your new body without having to worry about me. But yeah, it is from the restoration. When the moment came, equivalent exchange demanded I give something, so I gave my health."


"Yeah. I'm better of than sensei or mother. Nothing is missing, and I'm not dying. The stone protected me that much. I'm just…weaker. I get tired easier, bruise easier, can't eat a lot of stuff without feeling bad. I can't lift as much or hit as strong—that's why I haven't been sparring with you much. I knew you'd figure out way too quickly. I also can't take hits as well, and I'll probably get sick a lot easier. Before you say anything, I did this willingly and have no regrets."

"Ed you, you, you…IDIOT! How could you do this? We could have found another way!" cried a tearful Al. He wanted to hit Ed, but was now afraid of hurting his suddenly fragile brother.

"Al, I couldn't wait any longer. I had to. It's better this way. Please, please don't be mad," begged Ed.

It was an emotional afternoon, and it took a while for both brothers to calm down. Al was still upset, but forgave Ed as always. He wasn't so sure he could forgive himself, but Ed would hear none of that. It was his choice and his rightful punishment as far as he was concerned. Al barely stopped himself from crying when he learned that Ed believed he deserved to be this way, to be punished, but he knew that it would solve nothing and only further distress his brother. Al was by nature a peace-maker, and so he made peace with this new reality. What else could he do? A day later he went with Ed to Colonel Mustang's office, where the Colonel waited along with Hawkeye and Hughes, as per Ed's request. The three of them were too sharp, knew Ed too well, not to figure something out on their own if they hadn't already. Gracia was too, but Ed would let Hughes tell her. The brothers would face the Rockbelles later, together. With his brother's strong support, Ed chokingly confessed his newfound weakness to his mentor and superior under the watchful eye of Hawkeye and the concerned gaze of Hughes.

They learned to deal with Ed's…condition. It wasn't so hard, really. In the aftermath of the homunculi debacle, both the army and its leadership reformed. Had to, considering that the Furher, the dictator with limitless authority, turned out to be a homunculus. No longer could the powerful government that enjoyed the martial state of the nation, be ruled by one man. A council was formed, consisting of the most influential officers in the army as well as civilian representatives, chosen by the people. It was ponderous at first, but smoothed itself out over the years. The military council members retained their rank and position separate from their council duties. Not all council members were created equal—the top five council members had power over the rest of the council, and were military heroes from both the Ishval war and the battle with the homunculi. This fit Roy Mustang to a tee. The erstwhile colonel soon found himself a general and one of the five leaders of the council.

Emboldened by his new, long-sought after power, Mustang did what he had wanted since the Ishval war. He began to use the military to help the people, not just to control them. He also, with the full support of the council, declared that national alchemists would no longer be used as weapons of war. Their new job was reconstruction of the areas harmed by both the Ishval war and the machinations of the homunculi. Really, they went anywhere they were needed, serving as engineers, healers, investigators, and whatever else they could do with their powers to be helpful. The title of national alchemist began to lose its stain. This helped strengthen Alphonse's resolve to become a national alchemist. He and Ed were soon partners, working together on whatever assignment they were given. Though this did not really differ from the dynamic they had shared since Ed became a national alchemist, it gave Al a legitimate reason to be with his brother on his trips, protecting against all danger (much to Ed's annoyance—he didn't need protection!). Those trips became fewer and fewer, though, as the two focused more and more on research. As great as they were in the field, no one could beat them in a library. So they became alchemists who put out the worst fires (because they were the best at it) and spent the rest of their time creating new theory.