Hey everyone! As promised here I am again, to answer questions you've left me in reviews and thanks you all for reading and reviewing my story!

Now, the number one question that many of you have asked: Will there be a sequel?

Well, the answer is … well … I certainly made it appear that way at the end of chapter 12 didn't I? Actually, the honest answer is maybe. Probably, but not positively. I am glad I have gotten so much wonderful feedback on this story, and I'm very happy that so many people are anxious to read more that I write. But writing a sequel to this would be a much harder task than writing this was. I only decided to write a fanfic after getting to the end of The Amber Spyglass since I was absolutely appalled at what Phillip Pullman had done! Besides the horribly depressing ending I think he did a wonderful job with the trilogy. But now that I have rectified the situation, and gotten myself in deep by creating LeeAnn, it would seem quite cruel to not write her story. However, doing this would require me to create new characters… a long complicated plot, and well I unfortunately do not have time to do that at this point So what does this mean to you, the readers? Well, I will likely write LeeAnn's story, but not anytime soon. If I do write a sequel fic it will probably not be until June when school is out. I know that stinks, and I hate to leave you all hanging that long, but I just do not have the time to write one before that, because school leaves me with very little free time (or time to sleep for that matter.) If I do get a sequel up, and you leave your email in my reviews and let me know you're waiting for a sequel, I will email you when it is posted.

Well, now on to all the individual reviewers. If I somehow miss you, I'm quite sorry!

OToWnRoCkEr- I'm glad you enjoyed my fic. See above about a possible sequel, and I'll be sure to email you if I do get one posted.

morpherkidvb- Thanks for the three great reviews! I'm glad you enjoyed my fic. And about yours, I really enjoyed it, and I figured that my question would be answered later on but just wanted to be sure, lol. I am curious, and I'm waiting for a new chapter! :)

tigress247- I'm so glad you enjoyed this, and the ending. As soon as I finished The Amber Spyglass, I went searching for a fic like this as well, and not finding one I decided to write one myself, and I am quite proud of this. I'm glad you found it and enjoyed it, and I hope I get a chance to sequel it. I'll also try to drop by and check out your fics sometime soon.

Gypsy Star- Thanks! As an aspiring author, I love having my writing skills complemented, hehe. I hope me explanation above explains the possibility of a sequel.

InsaneGenius- Thanks! I hope I have a chance to sequel this.

Meow- I'm glad you were pleased with being notified about this fic. I know, I was depressed when I lost all my fanfiction favs too, I don't know if I'll ever find some of those fics again. :) I also agree, Iorek is a great character. I love all the information in TAS about bear versus human behavior and thoughts; I found it so unique and interesting.

Gwen- Thanks! I figured Will and Lyra needed a little sweet after all they had to go through.

Star*- Thanks, and I agree (well obviously) that Will and Lyra deserve a happy ending.

StorytellingStar- No sleep in 36 hours… sounds like me lol. Currently I have no other stories but eventually I hope to write a continuation of this. It would probably focus mostly on LeeAnn but of course have some Will/Lyra thrown in for good measure.

Alexh86- I know it is rotten of me to stop here, but I can't help my ungodly schedule (well I suppose I could, but dropping my honors classes and activities wouldn't help me much except to let me sleep and give me some peace of mind). But I do hope to post a sequel and I'll email you if/when I do.

I'm also glad you think I stayed in style with the books. I tried hard to not differ too much, although I know I did some since I have a different style than Pullman. I think I did quite well though.

Golden Claw- Yes, I did notice (and had it pointed out to me) that I have a few typos in the beginning. I'm quite sorry about this. Most of these came from the combination of the facts that a) I've always hated editing and been rather lousy at it, b) I was always anxious to get a new chapter out and posted so you guys could read it, and c) I did most of my writing and posting quite late on either a Friday or Saturday night, and being exhausted doesn't lend itself to great editing and proofreading skills. But I'm glad you could get through them and still enjoy this story. I certainly would like to have Philip Pullman read this, to see exactly how I felt about his ending ~humph~ Unfortunately there's very little chance of that, and I have no way to get it touch with him, but a girl can dream can't she?

Ax- What can I say to my greatest fan? I meant every word I said (well typed) in my dedication to you in chapter 11 and much more. When I had practically forgotten this fic you convinced me to get writing again and I am so glad that I did. I am also overjoyed you enjoyed it so much (especially the wedding), and I promise one day I will read you animorphs fics! One day in the reasonably near future lol.

And looking back over your reviews, I'd just like to say; I didn't leave you with too many cliffies, lol. I tried not to, and there were only a few.

Ataxis- Yes you did write me quite a book… that from the author who's spouting off pages of thanks you and personal stories about writing this fanfic, lol. I had a very similar experience when I finished the end of TAS… as the end drew nearer I kept expected there to be a loophole so Will and Lyra could be together and as the pages remaining kept getting fewer and fewer I kept waiting until they separated and he broke the knife and I was like, "Oh my God no!" This book would get me quite upset even a few months after I finished it so I decided to write this fanfic to heal my broken heart. It has worked quite effectively, since I now consider this the ending to the series and I can deal with the happy ending. And I agree… I haven't seen too many great fanfics on His Dark Materials. Now no one get me wrong, I have seen a few promising ones and I have not read them all, but overall I did not find any fics that fixed all the sadness I got at the end of the series, so I just had to write this!

I hope you've read (and enjoyed) the epilogue to this. And I think it would be great to get Philip Pullman to see this (I'm rather sure he is still alive) but I doubt that would happen. I also agree it is a great pity that HDM is copyrighted, because this is by far the longest and in my opinion the best thing I have written so far. Now that its done and before I start a sequel I need to concentrate on creating some characters and setting of my own and actually getting something published … but who knows how that will go.

Nimue- Thanks and I totally agree, Will and Lyra deserved to be happy and actually get to enjoy time with each other without having to save the worlds. I hope you've read the epilogue and enjoyed it.

Moon Sparkle- I'm glad your enjoying this, and hope you like the rest of it when you get around to it. After reading the books again I hope you'll catch some of my references to things that happened in them. I tried to stick very close to the books and tie in things that happened from them. I've very proud of some of my petty details… like Moxie in chapter 12 :) I'll try to check out some of you fics sometime when I get a little time, I'm sure they are very good.

Ceres Wunderkind- Yep, this is done, finally after almost a year. Yes I've also noticed how very few fics in this category actually get finished. I've read some great ones that've never gotten updated again. Oh well, this is finished and I am proud!

KirjavaLyra- Yep, I've finished, and glad you enjoyed it!

LilyAyl- Glad you liked it, and I hope you enjoyed the last chapters. I also enjoyed you story "Who Am I," I think you should continue it!

Maymay of Carthak- Glad you liked the wedding. I'm quite proud of that chapter… most of that has been stuck in my mind since almost when I started this fic, although I made up some of it on the spot… like the Gallvespians (which no one has mentioned. What does everyone think about them being Salmakia's and Tialys's daughters? I always thought those two made a good couple despite what the book said so I just had to add that in.)

Chip- I'm glad you did. ~Smiles back~

lillybell04- Glad you liked the wedding, I loved writing that chapter. I'm also glad you liked Kira, because some didn't like her. Maybe she was a tad Mary Sue-ish and slightly unnecessary, but I wanted to give Lyra a friend, and a reason to get in a hissy fit (I loved writing that!) Also, I didn't write a fic about a Lie Detector… you must be thinking of someone else. Sorry.

Animachine- Glad you like this, although you must have been rather confused if you didn't read the last book lol.

FantasyFreak2001-I'm so glad you think I have a writing career ahead of me, because I truly hope to. Maybe one day I'll have a great trilogy published like HDM. I promise it will not end as cynically as his did though! I hope you enjoyed the last two chapter of this and I didn't make you wait too long.

sparkleygem- The ending has the same effect on me, and I rarely cry at things like this. I just cannot cry at movies, but I found myself bawling at the end of TAS. My parents thought I was going nuts, lol. Glad you liked this story.

Neome- The best you've ever read? That's quite a compliment, and I'm very thankful.

blam honey- Thanks, glad your enjoying it.

Megan- Your welcome, and I hope the server stopped acting up so you could read the rests of this.

Otaku- Another who thinks this is the best, I'm so proud and honored! I tried my hardest to stick to the storyline of the books, although I found myself having to go back and read things from The Golden Compass over again because its been so long (almost three years) since I've read it. But I tried really hard!

KitKatherine- Thanks, I've always been proud of my overactive imagination!

Father Lukas- I'm sorry you didn't like Kira, a few didn't. I'm just curious why, was it because she was somewhat Mary Sue-ish? Anyway, how did you like the rest of the story?

tigris- Ah yes, Mary's reaction. I loved writing that, where she dropped her coffee cup because she was so stunned.

And yes, bad Amy resorted to using a cliffie! I couldn't help it, I just had too. Sorry about that!

And I'm also sorry you had given up on this fic. Yes I know it was many many months between some of these chapters, and I am so sorry about that. I'm glad you checked back and found out it had been update and read the rest of the story.

lilac avenue- Glad you liked it!

leogrl- Yep, you guessed right! (Of course you know this by now, but still, lol)

cherry blossom- Glad I earned so many wows! ~Smiles~

Lord Danos Asriel- Your very long and insightful reviews have inspired me much during the course of writing this fanfic. I appreciate them very very much. "Without a doubt, the very best." I still remember the day I first saw that review, I was so exuberant someone liked my story that much. I just hope the last chapters of this fic held up to your expectations.

Tialys- I'm so sorry you feel that way, although I'd love to know what you dislike about Kira so much that makes you dislike this fic. Oh well, she is not mentioned very much later on in the story and I'm sorry you disliked her.

Melissa- Nope not the end (well the sixth chapter wasn't anyway, it is over now), and glad you enjoyed it!

Iguana- Hope the rest lived up to your expectations.

LeeJordan9986- I did, hopefully you kept reading!

htfr- I'm glad you liked it, too bad ff.net knocked out all our favs lol.

Ash- I'm glad you like it, and yes Pan is a him, you must have caught one of my typos. I really ought to go back and edit the first few chapters better and repost them, shouldn't I?

Lady of the Ring- Glad you liked this, although you must have been a bit confused without reading TAS.

lightningkitty- Thanks.

Tortall Lioness- Glad you do, and I agree, W/L all the way!

Cybersurfer099- There is mooooooore, I hope you came back and read it.

split personalities are we-I agree, the ending was depressing, and I prefer my ending to Philip Pullman's much more! Thanks for adding me to your favorites.

Circe- Thank you, thank you, and I wish I had time to write more stuff like this too. Hopefully one day I can do this for a living, I just gotta get through a few more years of high school first.

sarah!!!!- I did, I hope you came back and read it!

Sar-Bear- I'm so glad you enjoyed this and preferred this ending.

Aurora Thyme- Your welcome, and I agree I didn't like the ending either.

Kataryna- I'm glad you liked this story, and I do understand your view. The ending did stay with me for a long time, and it was very powerful and well written on Pullman's part… but I've always been a sucker for happy endings. Depressing things, well depress me, and I didn't like the fact my favorite books were making me so upset, so I had to write this. But I understand totally where you are coming from.

Melanie- Glad you liked it.

butterflys&roses- I'm a hopeless romantic at heart as well (as you can tell from this fic, lol.)

Riona- Glad this story helped right what the ending wronged for you, and I hope you got my email and read the rest of it.

Abby- hehe, back after chapter 3 I still had a long way to go before even thinking of a sequel, but I hopefully will do just that.

Hhmavrik- more was ordered, more was provided.

blue42- Actually no I don't really, I'm rather confused. But if your meaning was something along the lines of how long my sentences are and the excessive use of commas in my piece I'm sorry bout that, it's just my style lol. My English teacher has been trying to get me to write shorter sentences, but it isn't really working. I like commas; I can't help it, lol.

craklyn- No other stories so far, but hopefully more in the future. I love happy endings too!

Eilynnylie-Yes, a lot of this fic was sap, but I couldn't help myself, Will and Lyra deserved some sap! And the direct quotes for Xaphania I used is on the bottom page of 494 in TAS, and the part about no travel outside their worlds is on page 495.

Renee Riddle- I must admit, I wasn't entirely happy with how I wrote their reunion, but I though it turned out reasonably good. I'm sure we all imagine how the reunion would go differently.

Lady Raghailligh- Thanks!

KaReBeAr-I agree, that ending was very depressing.

taiyohishou- Wow, I actually made someone cry? I'm impressed.

Eva- I had the same feeling after finishing TAS, I'm glad you enjoyed this.

Kevin- I agree (obviously, lol).

Emma-Yes it was technically supposed to take a lifetime, but I wanted them to still be reasonably young and not have to wait a lifetime, while would have basically rendered my plot completely worthless. Basically, I see it as their great love overcoming the time restriction the angel seemed to place on them. Yes exactly like that… sounds aright doesn't it? Lol.

Dazlindz- Yep, yay, reunions are fun.

OrcaPotter-Thanks, I have noticed that many of them are not very believable. I'm glad you thought mine was.

PixiSquirrel- Glad you liked this even if it isn't your norm. I certainly loved writing it.

Anguz- Glad you liked it!

Dani- Your welcome, glad it fulfilled what the end of TAS didn't in your mind.

Heather- I did, just not fast. Hope you enjoyed it.

kt wed- I did, and I hope you read the rest and enjoyed it.

Makoto- More crying, lol. Glad you liked it.

Fairy- Thanks, glad you think it was good.

Traciana- Basically the idea stuck in my head right away. The angel made a point to mention about the traveling, but then that was never really explored in the books. I immediately saw that as a way for Will and Lyra to get back together, and I think it developed quite nicely.

Jo- Nope not the end, and I'm glad you think highly of my fic.

curlyqueen4- I did, glad you liked it.

Lady Ev- Glad you enjoyed it, Thanks.

Little Witch- I'm glad you like the plot and my style, and I hope you tuned in for later chapters.

Jenus- Thanks!

LadyLyra- Glad this helped you as much as it helped me and many others.

kia- Brilliant? Me? Why thank you!

jelly bean- I understand what you mean totally, glad you enjoyed this.

Hanita-chan- Hope you liked the rest of this.

AkutenshiPunk- I know, aren't they grand? I love them!

Becky C.- I did, I did! It certainly took me long enough but I did.

Megan- Why thank you Megan darling. Of course I know you didn't read the books and are only reviewing this cause you're my best friend and I needed moral support at the time, but thanks anyway!

SkywaterBlue- Read on and you'll see. Quite a lot actually.

Avada- Thanks for catching that, I need to go back and edit the first few chapters.

A. Person- Thanks for the compliments.

NYB- That is a very odd idea I never thought of… which could make a very interesting fic. You should write one like that! Glad you liked my fic.

Red- Only 8.5/10! Lol, j/k I can deal with that. I think I improved greatly throughout the 12 chapters and I hope if you read the rest of the fic you will think it improves at least slightly. Anyway, thanks for being my first reviewer!

You know how much time I just wasted answering every single review I received? Lol. But it was worth it, all you wonderful people have made me so happy reviewing this work and I had to reward you with answering your questions and responding to you. Now this is the last you'll hear form me for awhile, but I really do hope to get a sequel out as soon as possible. And ya never know, one day you may be reading books by Amy Miller, and say hey, I remember reading a fanfic by her many years ago. (I can wish) Thanks again, and if you have any more questions or comments about this fanfic (and specific things you liked about it, hehe, although constructive criticism is appreciated too) please leave me a review. Well for now, good- bye my faithful fans.