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"Things are dead here, Whistler," King whined from the dark corner. Abigail didn't answer. She kept her dark gaze on the building. King tucked his hands up under his arms. They were getting cold in the night air. The little white cords dangling from his silent comrades ears might excuse her quiet and tell that she hadn't heard him… if the I-pod was on.

Abby strained her ears in the gloom and tried to block out King as he began to dance from foot to foot keeping himself warm. Part of her couldn't blame him. They'd been here for almost four hours. It looked like he was right. Things were dead here.

Since they had released the virus, the vampires seemed to have disappeared into thin air. It was more than Abby could hope for that they had all died. They hadn't. King and Abby had been hunting down a couple every month. Little strays. Stragglers maybe.

And they had lost blade. King was certain that he was still alive.

"I'm not so lucky," He had replied dryly at the suggestion of Blades death. Abby wasn't so sure. She knew that Blade was far from immortal and that Dracula was above any foe he had come across before.

There was movement in the building. Her keen eyes picked it up immediately. King had stopped trying to warm his hands and was also looking at the building. His skills from his vampire days stayed with. He was looking at Abby waiting her instruction.

King had no illusions about this woman. In this relationship he was the bitch. And didn't that always seem to be the way with him. The tough, crazy women who could kick his ass. Only Abby hadn't shown any insane tendencies yet. Probably why he hadn't tried to fuck her yet! He defiantly found Abby attractive but the spark was missing for a romantic relationship or even just a sexual one. No Abby was just his best friend.

She was tensed now. A sure sign way that she was preparing for action. King grinned. He felt sorry for the bastards who crossed her tonight. Her bow was slung across her back and hands hung next to her guns in the prepared way he had seen so often.

"Lets go," She murmured speaking for the first time in hours. King nodded and took her lead. She strode towards the building. According to sources this was one of the biggest vampire nests remaining in the city. King looked at it with disgust. It was a run down warehouse. Either the vampires had taken a vow of poverty and gone all mother Theresa or something was definitely wrong in the Vampire community.

They reached the front of the building and looked up. King felt uneasy. Not once in his vampire hunting days had he ever strolled up to the front door of what may conceal a vampire coven. Now all he needed to do was knock on the front door and pull out the welcome basket.

"What now?" He hated asking Abby. Why couldn't he figure that out on his own? She didn't answer but stretched up a toned arm to reach up over the door. She moved her hand alone the top ridge, feeling around with her eyes screwed up in concentration. King winced as the dust feel down and sprinkled into his hair and beard.

Abby retrieved her hand and a triumphant glint entered her eyes. She was holding up a tiny silver key.

"You've gotta be fucking me?" King exclaimed incredulously, "Shouldn't that be under the door matt."

Abby bent over and fit the key in the lock. King had gone from uneasy to perturbed. Why didn't the vamps just stick up a sign on the door that said: Walk into this trap so we can fuck you over. Carefully Abby pushed open the door. King tensed, ready to pounce on whatever vampire came flying down out the door. Nothing came. King and Abby exchanged looks and for once she was just as puzzled.

The moved cautiously inside. They were in a small entrance hall. Two rooms going off to the left and right and a staircase. They stood there in silence for a moment, hoping to determine the position of the vampires with in the building. They heard a floorboard creak up above. King gestured with his chin to the stairs and Abby gave a curt nod.

She moved with deadly precision towards the stairs. She placed her foot on the first stair and grimaced when it creaked loudly but she continued up. King brought up the rear with the stairs squeaking even more under his weight.

There was a pile of dust at the top of the stairs. Again King and Abby looked at each other.

"Looks like someone got here before us," King observed, kicking his foot through the ashes. So much for his respect for the dead. There was one room in front of them. It was rotting and had taken a grayish color that was very unattractive.

'Good luck trying to sell this place," King muttered. Abby gave him a stern look. This wasn't the time for his sarcastic one-liners.

"So what now whistler? In there guns ablazing?" King whispered to her angrily. Abby ignored him as she usually did when he took on that tone. Instead she kicked in the door and pounced inside with the UV torch that she had been pulling out while King had bitched.

"Took your time," A dark voice came from inside. King didn't need to wait for his eyes to adjust to the dark. He recognized that voice immediately.

"Blade," Abby said by way of greeting. If she was shocked to see Blade sitting there she didn't show it. Blade looked just like he did when they had left. His sword dangled from his hand and he had the satisfied air of one who had just killed a few vampires. King grabbed Abbys arm and went to pull her.

"Well nice seeing you, you should stop by for lunch one day but we have to be going now."

Abby yanked her arm out of Kings tight grip, "You left the key there."

It wasn't really an accusation but Blade nodded slowly. His eyes slid over the pair in front. The daughter of Whistler had grown into a fine warrior. And she was quiet. Not like so many women these days. He didn't mind fighting with her. His eyes then turned to King. His expression turned to one of contempt. Oh he could do without this one with his idiotic remarks but he knew Abby would have none of it. For some unknown reason she was fond of the boy and where she went he went. At least he was a good fighter. That in part redeemed his less than endearing person he was.

King was having similar thoughts of distaste about Blade. He wasn't exactly Marsha Brady or Einstein yet he had the nerve to look down on him like he nothing. Abby looked at both the men and resisted an uncharacteristic rolling of the eyes. With regards to each other they acted like children and Abby couldn't stand that.

"You wanted to talk to us?" She demanded breaking the stare off. She didn't need King dead. Blade shuddered invisibly at the term us.

"Yeah I wanted to talk to you."

King was tempted to give him the finger but he resisted, "So…" He prompted.

"You may have noticed that there are a significantly less numbers of vampires these days," Blade began slowly. King opened his mouth to say something but Abby elbowed him.

"There was a mass exodus. They left the country."

"Yeah we noticed," Abby said.

"Where did they go then?" King demanded. Time for almighty Blade to prove he knew something useful.

"Somewhere where the vampire resistance has never built up. Somewhere they could quickly get the upper hand and over run the place."

"So they went to the moon?" King asked sarcastically.

"No Australia."

"I was close! How do you know this anyway? Was it stuck to the fridge along side the message asking you to feed their cat?" King snarled at Blade. Blade sent him a withering look that could blast holes through solid rock.

"If you had a brain cell, Rookie, you would have noticed the signs."

"What the locust first, then the plague, water turning to blood. Isn't that supposed to come before the exodus," King retorted. In his anger he forgot the danger of pissing off blade.

"Shut up King. Blade, tell us what you know." Abbys voice brought the men beck to the previous discussion.

"There have been a pair of Vampire hunters from down under sending our a message. They call themselves the death twins," He broke off because King had just snorted, "Shut up NIGHTSTALKER," He said the name in an absurd manner. "They have been calling for help for a couple of days now."

"What they're just broadcasting this live?"

"This pair are smart," Blade reluctantly approval, "They have been doing it through subtle messages."

"And we are going to answer this?" Abby asked.

"Yes. My life has been about following the Vampires. They are in Australia now then that's where I'm going to be."

"Why do you want us?" Abby looked at King quickly. Blade wouldn't seek out the former vampires help if not needed.

"Apparently it's one giant vamp family reunion down there. I have no idea whose there, whose got the message and what weapons they have. I need people with experience who know how to fight and unfortunately that means you two."

"Oh since you asked so nicely," King drawled.

"When do we leave?" Abby asked quickly.

"Tomorrow morning."

"Wait. We're actually going?" King was shocked as he gazed at Abby.

"Yes I am. You can come along if you want."

"Well that leaves a lot of options," King sulked but Abby knew he was along for the ride.

"Passports? Tickets?" Abby was already thinking logically and planning.

"Don't worry. I have it sorted out," Blade assured her.

King felt like laughing. He didn't feel reassured. He didn't want to go to Australia. They had scary monsters there. Like Steve Irwin and those things that hopped on two legs. And it was hot. No he much rather stay here in America but regrettably Abby was his best friend and he wasn't going to let her wander off to another country with just Blade.

"I'm in," He finally said after that moment of consideration. Bloody Vamps. Always spoiled his night!

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