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Ageon walked into the kitchen where Abby and Zoe were sitting. Zoe was eating happily; she had quite forgotten the violent exchange. She was used to people yelling on the boat. King was always annoying Abby and she was usually telling him off.

Abby could not quite forget the exchange so easily. Iaz's rage and the twin's pain sat uneasily with her. She was similar to Blade as they both had problems dealing with emotional crap. But if she could help Ageon she would.

"Zoe, honey, can you go find King and make sure he's not doing any damage," Abby asked.

Zoe nodded, a mouthful of food, and went in search of the man.

Abby turned her attention to Ageon who was focusing intently on the fridge, pretending that he was trying to decide what to eat.

Abby cleared her throat to get his awareness. He turned to her and Abby realised she had no idea how to broach the topic.

"I'm sorry," She finally managed. It seemed pitiful and weak. All words seemed to lack meaning in their world but it was all they had.

"Thanks," Ageon returned, knowing the effort it had cost her to speak. He normally found Abby's company very welcome; they conversed easily, which was unusual for Ageon. He normally let Iaz do the talking because god knew she could talk lots. Now words hung awkwardly in the air.

"That was fucked," Abby finally said. It startled Ageon who had expected silence.

He actually smiled. "Yeah it was fucked." He relished the sound of the word. There was no swear word quite like fuck. The sound was forceful and the meaning was always perfect. It summed up more emotion than any poetic sentence of sympathy could.

"Fucking bastard," Abby prompted. Her eyes were bright as they found a common word of expression.

"Fucking vampires," Ageon added. This was a good way to vent. He had never ranted much, Iaz again was the resident ranter.

"Fucking salami," Abby stated.

Ageon gave her a curious look. "What has salami got to do with anything?'

"I just hate it!"

"Fucking tuna!"

"You hate tuna? I love it," Abby gasped.

"I fucking hate fucking tuna. I don't think we can be friends."

"Fucking coat hangers," Abby threw out.

"Fucking socks that fall down."

"Mice!" Abby said.

"Yes!" Ageon clicked his fingers. "Fuck mice!" They started laughing hysterically at the absurdity of their conversation and the excessive use of the word 'fuck.'

There was a cough at the doorway. Blade stood there, eyeing them peculiarly. He had obviously just cleaned his sword.

"What's funny?"

"Fucking mice," Ageon offered, trying to keep a straight face. Abby couldn't manage it. She was laughing harder and harder. Blade looked at her. He had only known her for a short time but he knew that she was nothing like her father. Or so he thought. Whistler had a certain mischievousness about him as he had flown through life helping Blade. He had only seen stoic seriousness in Abby's eyes until now.

He walked away shaking his head. Clearly he was not meant to understand what was happening.


"Fuck!" King cried as his move went wrong. He had been practicing slow movements with his sword.

"That's a swear word." Zoe had entered the room unseen by him.

"I'm sorry. I know it is. Don't use it ever… I was just angry."

"Everyone seems angry today," Zoe observed with intelligence in her eyes that made her seem older than she was.

"Yeah. Can't argue with that," King agreed.


King stared at the little girl trying to decide how to explain things to her without confusing her or explaining things that she was definitely not ready to be exposed to.

How did he explain that Ageon had pimped himself out for their cause and had obviously been willing to do it again. That kind of dedication should not be expected from anyone. Iaz hadn't been willing. Abby and Blade would never have considered it. King sure as hell wouldn't have done it after Danica had used him. Ageon, the one King had thought was the weakest link, was proving to be the one willing to make the ultimate sacrifices.

"Ageon didn't tell Iaz something and it hurt her feelings. And I'm angry because I cannot get this move right," King finally told the girl.

"You're not holding it right," Iaz's voice cut in.

"I thought you were asleep," King managed, a little startled.

"I was tired but it wasn't that easy to actually get to sleep."

King understood what she meant. "Because of nightmares?" Zoe asked.

"Because of nightmares," Iaz conceded with a smile at the girl.

"I used to have nightmares. My mother would sing to me. Then King did. He sang really bad so I stopped having nightmares."

King looked embarrassed. Iaz raised an eyebrow.

"What did you say about my grip?" he tried to change the subject.

"It looks a little off, at least from where I'm standing. You may not be able to get as much flexibility with your wrist holding it like that."

King shifted his hands slightly. "Like this?"

Iaz shook her head. "More like this. " She moved his hands till they were in the right spot. She smiled at him. King became all too aware of her hands on his, smaller and warm.

Iaz seemed to notice at the same time. "That should do it." She pulled away. King tried to focus on the sword and technique. It was a little difficult but he did it.

"Perfect," Iaz grinned.

"Why aren't we fighting yet?" King demanded.

Iaz seemed a little taken back by the question but smirked. "I'm regrouping. Besides that sword swing was truly pathetic. I felt sorry for the sword be treated thus?"

"Thus? What kinda pretentious ass says 'thus?'" King mocked.

"You wish you had my ass," Iaz replied flippantly.

"Ah so many meanings to be taken from that sentence." King grinned.

"Come on. We're meeting in the tech room for another plan discussion."

"I feel like I've stepped onto a spaceship every time I go into that room." Also awkward since he now knew how they had paid for it all.

"Well feel free to phone home and leave at anytime. Come on Zoe let's leave before his idiocy become contagious." Iaz held her hand out to the girl, who took it with a giggle.

King sighed and followed her. The girl drove him clear up the wall with her attitude and mood swings. At least Danica had been predictable in a psychotic way and Abby was the most stable person he knew.

The other three were already waiting for them.

"Ok we need step two," Blade said immediately.

"Well you've got their attention by taking out the familiars. You just need to present yourself to the actually vampires now." Iaz spoke as she lowered herself into a seat. Aeon avoided her gaze from his seat in front of the computer. They had reconciled but he still felt guilty for leaving her out of his plan. Her obvious sickness made it worse.

"Any ideas on how to do this?" Blade prompted.

"Hit every vampire club in the district," Abby suggested.

"Showy, lots of arsenal as well," King added.

"This isn't a democracy so you don't have to sell your theories but you will need allies. Powerful ones," Ageon said. He began tapping on his computer.

"What are you doing?" Iaz queried.

"Emailing everyone we know. I want names of exiled or shunned vamps who might support a radical change in the system."

"But if they are exiled what support will they have to offer?" Iaz demanded looking at Blade.

King answered however, "When vamps are exiled it is usually because they are too strong or too controversial. Kinda what we need right now."

"Ok so we have a plan!" Abby said quietly.

"Let's hope to hell it works!" King muttered.

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