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Space War I, according to history, was the first interstellar war that mankind had experienced. A war in which mankind had to fight for their survival against alien beings called the Zentradi, a war-like race of giants that were hell-bent on recapturing the rebuild alien fortress that crash-landed in the Southern Atarai archipelago on an island that was named Macross. The war lasted for two years of space fighting that stretched from the orbit of the planet Pluto to the rings of Saturn. From the vast deserts of Mars to the asteroids that separated the outer and inner planets of the solar system. And finally, to the surface of the Earth itself where the most destruction and loss of life had taken place.

Their were many hero's in this war. The most celebrated was not a person, but a ship. The Super Dimensional Fortress or SDF-1 "Macross", the first ship of it's class which was rebuilt from the wreckage of the alien visitor, was the vessel that braved the front-lines throughout the whole war. Even after being exiled by their own people, the crew of the SDF-1 fought on for mankind's survival, even while staring down the millions of ship of the Zentradi main fleet.

The war contained is share of hero's and characters. The most notable were the aces of the SDF-1's fighter squadrons of the U.N. Spacy. Characters like Rick Hunter, Maximillion Sterling, Roy Fokker were just to name a few. The captain of the SDF-1 Henry J. Gloval and his bridge crew of Lisa Hayes, Claudia La Salle, Vanessa Leeds, Sammie Porter and Kim Young. Then there were the no military personnel that contributed - Lynn Minmei and Lynn Kyle to name a few.

Yet, the history books are not always accurate. They almost never mentioned those that were not just elements, but keys that supported those that were praised. These elements could be anyone from a lone boy that joined the military to help all he could. A mechanic that fixed the fighters that the pilot flied. An engineer that repaired the ship. Even that soldier that scarified his life to save the many. It was not just mankind and the U.N. Space's variable fighter squadrons that won the war, but the men and women behind the scenes that made it all happen.

This is not a story about Space War I. No, this story is about another Earth in another universe at a time where the same sequences of events would bring mankind against the Zentradi. This is a story, not about the pilots of the fighter squadrons, the crew of the SDF-1 or the citizens of Macross City, but of a whole new set of characters that seem to of never existed in the other universe. Not just a set of character, but a whole organization with the courage that would inspire their peers and mankind as a whole. Dedicated men and women that embody the spirit and honor of those that came before them.

This is their story.

A story about the few and the proud.

The Marines.

End of Prologue
Author's Forward:

I'm a huge fan of Macross/Robotech ever since I was a little kid. I've seen almost all of the TV series, movies and even collect many of the DVD's and memorabilia. As much as I love the VT Squadrons, I have always wondered about the other military branches. The VT squadrons are obviously from the Navy, but what about the Marines? The Navy does not provide security aboard ship, that is just job of the Marine Corps. When I realized this, I was like.. WTF! I could never find stories about the Marines of Robotech or Macross, so I decided to do it on my own. And I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do. Semper Fi, Always Faithful.

Author's Notes:

I will be using the Robotech translated name for characters. Claudia, though, I will use the Macross version of her name, Claudia La Salle.

Also, you will notice throughout the story that I will be using characters from other animes as the names of the Marines. Yes, the characters are the same characters from their respective anime, but this is not by all means a cross-over of any kind. This is an alternate universe of the Robotech/Macross series. The main character will be an original character, but people will get a lot of background info on HER throughout the story.

Being that this is an alternate universe, I will only make one major change out of the canon characters. One person on the bridge will be changed to another character.

Now, the beginning of the story is Chapter 1: 1995 - World War III