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Semper Fi: The UN Marine Corps

By Bud

Chapter 35: Recovery and Reconstruction

They had won.

Humanity had beaten the odds and defeated the Zentraedi Main fleet in an all out battle of survival. For once in human history it was not the courageous men and women that fought tooth and nail for their fellow man's freedom. It was not the technology that took years of research and hard work to develop and produce. Nor was it their allies, Zentran and Meltran, that were the major key elements that resulted in the destruction of the main fleet.

It was a girl.

A petite teen-aged pop singer and movie actress whose songs had taken the fight out of all but the most mentally strengthened Zentraedi soldier. Human culture had defeated the Zentraedi war machine and brought together two genetically similar species from across the stars together. Humanity had earned it's right to live among the stars. Like many points in human history, mankind was struck down into the depths of despair but came back strong, rising above the clouds to claim Independence. Humanity would live for generations to come.

The Earth, however...

Over the next few weeks after the destruction of the Zentraedi mobile HQ, damage assessments came in from locations all over the globe. Naval vessels and ground force installations had survived along with many cities. However, the destruction caused by what was called the Rain of Death would leave a lasting effect on the Earth for the rest of her existence. The destruction of the planet was overwhelming, with vast pot marked desolation where great cities and beautiful forests once stood. With the evaporation of a large quantity of ocean water within the span of a few seconds, the sea-level dropped over one hundred feet, expanding land across the globe. Several thousand tons of dust was thrust into the air by the reflex weaponry bombardment, blackening the skies above South Africa and turning it's lands into a frozen land of ash. The melting of the polar ice caps caused severe temperature changes of the Pacific and Atlantic waters, causing the extinction of many species of ocean life and changing the weather dramatically in many parts of the globe. Where it was once cold, it became a desolate wasteland. Where snow was said to never fall, it fell and continued to fall.

Relief efforts by UN Army, UN Spacy and UN Marine Corps surviving divisions were underway. The men and women that survived the rain of death began emergency relief efforts; getting civilians organized, treated for radiation or chemical poisoning, medical attention. But most importantly food and water rations. Search and rescue units constantly patrolled the Earth, searching every square mile for survivors . Tragically, the death toll caused by the Rain of Death was staggering. Of the over 8 billions people living on Earth, less than 500 million survived.

Under the direction of Doctor Emile Lang, the Robotech Research Group along with the surviving members of OTEC from the Australian facility and others from a surviving European branch began devising methods of restoring the Earth. For months, UN Spacy and UN Marine Corps fighter and transport aircraft flew daily missions high above the clouds all around the globe seeding clouds with rain making chemicals specially formulated for their current situation. The theory of using rain to cure the Earth seemed a little far-fetched, however, heavy and consistent rain would eliminate contaminates in the air and also wash away thousands of tons of contaminated dust on the ground that would pose health and construction problems in the future. Months of global rain began to show fruition after the sixth month over the skies of South Africa. For the first time since the rain of death, sun light beamed down from between clouds upon the muddy, ash-covered wastelands.

It would almost two years before humanity would begin life anew once again.


Two Years Later...

The reconstruction of Earth has been steady for the past years. Major cities have begun to sprout up around the globe as people began some sort of attempt at recovering the normalcy of their lives. It would be another year or two before the cities regain the size and splendor of their predecessors. Many cities had survived; such as Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Paris, Berlin and Tokyo. Many other cities took up the names of others, such as New Detroit, Panama City, New Portland and New Macross City.

In the wake of reconstruction, projects aimed to restore the natural beauty of the Earth soon began. Civilian botanist, hydroponicist and bio-genetic engineers from the surviving Moon Base Apollo were transported to Earth to assist in the creation and construction of vast hydroponic farms and take part in various regional nature recovery programs. Several of the gigantic hydroponic facilities were constructed around the globe -- a total of ten, excluding one that was an expansion of the original moon base plantation -- four of which were located in the North American quadrant. Four more were planned to be constructed -- one in Europe, another in North America, the largest being planned to be hosted in Japan and a hydroponics and research facility in Australia. With careful monitoring the natural recovery control zones were making progress. Already a small woodland knoll and several acre plain existed several miles south of New Macross City. The same could be said for other locations around the world.

However, there have been reports, especially from on Rick Hunter, of wild flowers and other forms of vegetation growing outside of the control zones in the middle of nowhere. It was a sign to humanity that the Earth had forgiven the tragedy that has befallen upon her.

Ironically, peace was brought to the Earth because of such a tragic fate that was befallen upon it on July 4th, 2012. However, with the introduction of micronized Zentraedi and Meltraedi into the population, many knew peace wouldn't last very long.

How true were they.


Morisato Marine Air Station - Conference Room

Several miles near New Macross City

"Alright, what's the situation now?"

"Another report of renegade full-sized Zentraedi. Three assailants, all piloting Regult battle pods attacked New Portland over on the west coast. They did some real heavy damage over there." reported a lance corporal reading a clipboard. "Situation was taken care of by UN Spacy Captain Rick Hunter and the Skull."

"How many does that make this month? Nine?" It was a rhetorical question filled with sarcasm from a Lieutenant. No one really payed him any heed. "These damn Zentraedi are getting hard to deal with."

"Those Zentraedi morons do not know anything but war." The statement obviously came from a micronized former Amazon. A captain at that. "You should of been rid of them when you had the chance."

"Could you be a little more courteous as to what kind of company you are in, Captain?" asked a micronized former Zentraedi. Also a captain. "Not all Zentraedi have combat on their mind. There are some whom cannot control themselves or do not know any better."

Colonel Nabiki Tendo rubbed her temple feeling the oncoming migraine. Ever since her former CO, the legendary Ayame Kusanagi retired to live the life of a wife and mother, she was promoted to a full bird and given command of the 1st Armored Tactical Assault Division. She knew she was ready for the responsibility, however, she wasn't ready for the amount of headaches she would be suffering with such a mixed command staff of junior officers. Those that were part of the original command staff during her period as executive officer were long gone to become executive officers or commanders of other ATAD units around the globe. Her new command staff were an elite bunch, yet they could sometimes be a little... skittish.

"Is there a possibility that this attack was somehow related to Khyron Kravshera?" the Colonel inquired.

"Negative. His last known origin of activity was somewhere in the Middle East near the mountain ranges in Afghanistan."

Khyron Kravshera. The number one wanted criminal in the whole world. During the mass Micronization process under went by the Zentraedi soldiers, he had somehow bypassed mandatory registration and was micronized without others realizing it. Even at human size, Khyron was a force to be reckoned with. Excluding New Portland, there have been terrorist attacks in Western North America, Spain, East Germany and Northern Egypt, all of them targeting military bases with large concentration of Meltran soldiers. Each attack had Khyron Kravshera written all over it. Yet, the micronized Back Stabber continues to elude capture.

And just to add on top of a horrible world situation, the re-establishment of a new United Nation brought rise to another Anti-United Nations coalition. Along with random and organized attacks by Zentraedi, there have been reports of human involvement in several attacks upon UN Army and UN Spacy bases and convoys located in North Africa and Eastern Asia. Once again, it seemed that humanity would repeat the same mistakes and crimes against one another.

They never learn.

Nabiki sighed. "From what we know, the majority of attacks involving Khyron have been conducted by micronized Zentraedi. Even still, we cannot ignore the threat of macronized Zentraedi organizing some form of militia and having their way with us." She looked over to the Zentraedi Captain. "Captain Horeal, your armored company will be working along side Captain Jasali," she nodded toward the Meltran Marine. "Your VTs will support her grunts. Your objective is to find and recover a stolen sizing chamber and turn it over to UN Spacy control in New Detroit."

He groans. "New Detroid...shit.."

"Watch your fucking language, Horeal." Nabiki warned with a firm no-bullshit tone. She completely ignored the fact that she used profane language, also. "I know you have ties in New Detroit, which is why I am sending you on this assignment. You'll receive the rest of your orders and information on leads within the hour."



SDF-1B Macross - Admiral's Radio Room

Outskirts of New Macross City

Outside the transplanted city of New Macross lied the behemoth called Macross, the ship humanity found and rebuilt to be the primary defender of Earth against extraterrestrial opposition. The Macross had seen better days; what was once a beautiful and pristine hull was now a charred and damaged shell surrounded by tons of scaffolding.

Near the end of Operation Minmei, the Macross plowed into the Zentraedi Mobile HQ, driving itself through a full kilometer of segregated hull and armor plating. The maneuver allowed access to the internal bay of the station in which the Macross released it's entire nuclear arsenal in one massive salvo, striking not only against vessels inside and the command center, but along it's massive cluster of protoculture reactors and reflex furnaces. With assistance from the omni-directional barrier, the Macross survived the resulting explosion and destruction of the station to claim victory of what many would have called a suicide mission.

Even though victory was in their hands, the Macross did not leave without serious damage. For the past six months the Macross had under went refit to bring the ship back to minimal operating conditions for space travel, a decision that came directly from the new United Nations governing council. The Macross would be allotted resources for immediate repair before being sent to Moon Base Apollo for a complete refit and upgrade. Only her damaged original reflex furnace reactors would remain on Earth, shielded by a thick layer of lead and hyper carbon and buried under three gigantic mounts several miles north of New Macross. She would be reconstructed to the all-human design of her sister ship, the incomplete SDF-2 Odyssey.

Admiral (O-10) Sesshoumaru Kusanagi stood before the window that separated himself from the cool summer night. His golden orbs stared out at the window toward the horizon, gazing at the stars that seemed to stretch on forever. The former Lord of the Western Lands now revealed his true self to all that gaze upon him without worry or embarrassment. The purple crescent moon upon his forehead, the purple slash marks upon his cheeks and wrist, and the sharp canine fangs of his teeth. The new UN Council along with many of the senior officers of the United Nations Armed Services had accepted the truth of his origin after several long weeks of interrogation and skepticism. Most importantly, his former bridge crew, Lisa and the crew of the Macross accepted him.

Hell, if they could accept the fact that aliens did exist, what's a true to life demon or two? It did explain why many of his older comrades were middle aged or older men near retirement and he looked like a twenty year-old full of piss and vinegar.

His promotion from an over burdened Captain (O-6) to a full fledged Admiral (O-10) came as a surprise to the proud ship master. The majority of UN Spacy flag officers were located at Alaska Base and NORAD, the latter of which was destroyed in first salvos of the Rain of Death while Alaska Base reflex furnace reactors chain reacted and exploded after firing the Grand Cannon. The lack of an experienced naval officers to command what remained of the human and Meltraedi fleet became a huge issue. It was only until Sesshoumaru's name was mentioned by temporary stand-in Prime Minister Clinton that the council formed a unanimous decision to promote him to a full four-star Admiral of UN Spacy. Such a huge leap in pay grade was unheard of in the history of the any Earth military and the short history of UN Spacy, however, considering the circumstances, it was required. There was no other surviving officer in the fleet whom had the experience of commanding a multi-race fleet of nearly a million ships and had experience in deep space command. The responsibility placed upon him would test his resolve and the decisions he would choose could reshape or break UN Spacy and the United Earth Forces as a whole.

Only time would tell.

"Come in." He commanded at hearing the quick chime from the door.

The door slid open with and audible sliding sound. Through the hatched stepped in a behemoth of a man, or Zentraedi, actually. The mammoth Zentraedi was forced to step in sideways and duck low under the over-hang before slowly striding toward the Admiral's desk. The Zentran giant stood almost a head taller than Sesshoumaru, his muscled body filling out every inch of the custom tailored UN Spacy officer's uniform. It was almost like a second skin on his blue-skinned body and looked to break if he made any quick sudden movements. His face looked every inch of a Rear Admiral (O-8) rank that he wore on his shoulders - rugged and serious. Besides his hulking form and his strange skin color, the only oddity about the mammoth Zentran was the metal device grafted to his head covering his right eye and skull.

Sesshoumaru turned to address the man. "Well, it is an honor to finally meet face to face, Commander Breetai of the Adocolas Fleet."

"An honor indeed, Micronian." the micronized Breetai replied in a humble baritone voice. "Execedor had warned me in advance that I would be initially deceived by your appearance. He had stated that you appear to be Meltran. I did not initially believe his claim, however..."

"I do not know whether to be insulted or amused." He allowed a brief chuckle to escape. "Either way, Rear Admiral Breetai, as the last of the Zentraedi to be micronized, this one welcomes you to Earth and the United Nations Space Navy."

"A pleasure, Admiral." Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow.

"It is rumored that pleasure was foreign to Zentraedi."

"Hmph," Breetai sounded amused. "Compared to those under my command, I was not built was weakly as them. However, even I was not immune to your psychological attacks using your world's culture and it's influence on my fleet. The defecting Zentraedi had originated from my flagship, after all."

"Indeed, they have. Sit down, please." The pair sat down, Sesshoumaru leaning back in his comfortable chair, Breetai struggling to get his hulking mass in a comfortable position in the human sized chairs. "Your envoy Execedor, I do not trust what he says at times, nor do I believe the reasoning to why you accepted the terms of your surrender agreement. I mean, personally, you have suffered extra-ordinary inconvenience in the micronization process due to your cosmetic condition. Why?"

Cosmetic condition. The reference to the metallic plate taking up the right side of his face and skull. A critical wound upon his person during a battle with the Invid many years ago which nearly resulted in his death. The wound in which he lost his right eye and his skull almost ripped open would be a lesson that he would always remember - never take your eye off the enemy. The micronization process had caused complications due to the cybernetic eye implant that replaced his original eye. The technology needed to be duplicated and a small-scale model had to be created and replaced on his person after the micronization process was complete. He had spent over three months in a stasis tank before the implant was reconstructed for his new size. Today was only the third day of being a Micronian.

"Despite what you may think of we Zentraedi, we are not that ignorant of culture. The older generations, such as myself, have been exposed to many cultures within the Robotech Empire that we protect. There are times when some are caught in the curiosity of a culture and defect." He let out a deep sigh of pain at recalling the memories of his past. "I too was once influence by culture, though I did not allow it to control me. My comrades, however, were ensnared and defected, completely refusing to fight. In the end, my fleet was ordered to raze the planet and the defective Zentraedi involved in the incident. When I heard of the Main Fleet coming to your Earth, I knew that your people, Azonia's fleet and my own would be destroyed by the fire power that they possess. I had ordered Execedor to make sure a cease-fire and treaty are drawn up by any means necessary."

"Enslavement over death, hmm?"

Breetai crossed his arms. "Call it what you wish, Admiral. I believe that many of we Zentraedi will benefit from that agreement. We may actually learn something different besides combat."

Sesshoumaru frowned. "That may be true, Admiral Breetai. Beware, though; humanity has a history of being cruel and unjust to those whom are different. Do not be shocked when you find that your people, Zentran and Meltran, are discriminated against and suffer violent hate crimes."

"Time would only tell, Micronian." Breetai stood to gaze out of the window, admiring the stars. So different from any other world. "Personally, I would not blame your people." He stood at ease. "Admiral, I believe you did summon me for something other than pleasantries?"

"Yes, actually." He pushed a button on his desk. "Send them in."

Again the door slid open, revealing a small group of mix high ranking officers conversing with one another. The first to enter; Captain (O-6) Lisa Hayes, current ship master of the SDF-1 Macross. With Sesshoumaru's promotion to a fleet officer, it was by his signature that the most dedicated officer to the Macross become her ship master, the greatest honor that she had ever received. Even though Lisa was not the first woman Captain in Earth naval history - that honor belonging to Commander (O-5) Yurika Misamura - she was the first to hold command of such a large ship of the line.

Since the Rain of Death, Lisa Hayes had changed somewhat. The death of her father at Alaska Base was the stake that pierced the heart. However, no one had ever seen Lisa Hayes grieve for the man they called Admiral. On the outside, Lisa Hayes was still the same Lisa Hayes, only with more responsibility. Rumor had it that the brunette grieved in her own way, in the privacy of her own quarters in the suburbs of Macross City. Other rumors stated that she substituted her loss by pursuing the famous medal of honor recipient Captain (O-6) Richard P. Hunter.

Following Lisa came said honor recipient, Richard (Rick) Hunter. Nothing had truly changed for the fun loving fly boy besides a much deserved promotion. During Operation Minmei, Lieutenant Commander (at the time) Hunter was shot down mid-way before the battle was concluded. He had survived a devastating missile salvo all thanks to the chobham reactive armor of the Super Valkyrie augmentation units, a fact that he would remember for the rest of his life. After entering atmosphere, he came upon Alaska Base and a distress signal from within the soon-to-be destroyed facility. Rick had attempted to rescue Lisa's father, Admiral Donald Hayes, however, he had come across a small group of junior officers before hand. Struggling with a decision, Rick departed from Alaska base just seconds before it exploded upon itself, sealing the fate of others left inside. Confronting Lisa about the incident, she praised him for making the right decision and did not blame him for rescuing her father. He had no choice in the matter and attempting to rescue the Admiral would of resulted in his death in the process. He had only seen Lisa while on duty since that encounter.

However, he did wonder how the hell his apartment in town was always clean.

Then came Lieutenant Colonel Max and Major Miriya Sterling, the shining stars of the Marine Corps Aerospace Wings. Since Operation Minmei, Max had moved up within the ranks becoming the youngest wing commander in the history of the Corps. His promotion came at the sudden retirement of Lieutenant Colonel Steven Miller, who had decided to leave war behind and spend the rest of his life caring for his family. Max now commanded the reformed 1st Marine Aerospace Group of the 1st ATAD, a smaller unit compared to the fighter wing stationed on the SDF-1 Daedalus arm during the war. Miriya had taken his place as squadron commander of the SVMFA-232 Red Devils, while he had formed a new squadron designated the SVMFA-586 Blue Devils. The former Meltraedi Ace had received her new station after being cleared to return to duty, though she was still not cleared to fly. Since the end of the war, Miriya became pregnant with child, a joyous occasion for the recently wed pair. Nine months later a beautiful green haired baby girl was born to the pair, the first child born of a human and Meltran. Miriya had learned much from her in-laws from the Dixon family on how to care for a child, something she enjoyed more than the thrill of combat. It has been four months since little Dana's birth and the Meltraedi woman was ready for duty once more. Why she and her mate were summoned before the Admiral, she did not know.

Nabiki felt a little sour as she stepped into the Admiral's office. Why she was called here? She did not know, only that he had to do with a new assignment for the 1st ATAD. Why else would all the war horses be called together to meet with him at the same time. The whole situation had mission written all over it, and knowing her luck, the same luck she was having in apprehending Khyron Kravshera, she would be stuck on a float and sent into deep space somewhere. It was at times like this that she wished she was the one that got knocked up, not Ukyou.

"You rang, Admiral?" Nabiki said with as much sarcasm she could put into a sentence. She was not in a good mood at all. "Sir, next time you call for me, make sure the chatter box isn't around when I am."

He raised an eyebrow. "Chatter box?"

Said chatter box decided to show itself. Execedor walked through the hatch, a tea cup and saucer in one hand while he spoke to the Admiral's secretary. He finally stopped talking when he noticed his former commander. "Greetings Lord Breetai. It has been a long time. My, you do look a little different as a Micronian."

The hulking Admiral grunted in acknowledgment.

"Hey!" Rick pointed at Breetai. "You're that--!"

Lisa nodded. "That he is, Rick. I would recognize him anywhere." She smiled. "Though the last time we met, I believe you were a little taller, Admiral Breetai."

"A pleasure to meet you Micronians once again, though this time you won't be under my interrogation." He shook the hands of Rick and Lisa. "I believe the last time we met, you two demonstrated that kissing." He chuckled at seeing their reddened face.

Max looked at Breetai a little strangely. "Hey... aren't you the guy I threw out of that ship?"

It was Miriya's turn to raise an eyebrow. "You tossed Commander Breetai out of his own vessel?"

"It is true, Quadrano Leader Parino. Your mate had indeed ejected me from my own vessel. An amazing feat in it's own right. You have chosen your mate wisely."

"Thank you.. I think."

"Ahem." Sesshoumaru cleared his throat to gain their attention. "I believe that I called you all here for other reasons than to reminisce on past events." He narrowed his eyes. "Minister Execedor, if you would begin, please."

The short Zentraedi set down his empty cup of tea. "Yes.. Just yesterday, Vice Admiral (O-9) Azonia Laplamis' advanced scouts have located the Zentraedi Automated Factory Satellite. Being constructed within the satellite are hundreds of warships powerful enough to annihilate the surface of the Earth three times over; an upgraded version of the Meltraedi Rineunadou Lojmeuean gunship monitor." He nodded at a few of the shocked face. "Yes, it is a terrible thing."

"With the Earth's industrial sector still recovering, Moon Base Apollo has been our only reliable source of weapon systems manufacturing and that is something we cannot fully rely on. The demand is just too high for their facilities." The Admiral slid a manila envelope toward Nabiki and Lisa. Another was taken by Max and Miriya. "Considering the threat level of the factory satellite, I have received confirmation from Prime Minister Clinton to spearhead an operation to eliminate the threat of a second Zentraedi invasion and capture their means of waging war. Captain Hunter, Colonel Tendo; Carrier Aerospace Wing 1 and the 1st Marine Aerospace Group will be deployed for this deep space mission aboard the UNS Sword of Vengeance. Vice Admiral Laplamis will be in charge."

"Aye-aye, Admiral." Rick replied.

"Aye, sir." Nabiki acknowledge with a yawn. Better get some shut eye.

"Captain Hayes, you are being sent as my liaison and an advisor for the Admiral. Until the Macross is ready for departure, your duties as Captain of this ship are not required." The brunette nodded in understanding.

"Copy that, Admiral."

"Admiral Breetai. Even though you have only been micronized for such a short period of time, I am sending you at the request of Azonia to participate in this mission. She believes that you would be able to assist greatly in the benefit of the mission. Are you comfortable with this?"

Breetai crossed his arms. "There may be a conflict of interest, due to my natural will to command, Captain. However, I will agree to volunteering for this task. I do have tactical knowledge of the satellite that would be useful."

Sesshoumaru stood, eying each one of the Marine and Spacy officer. "The rest of you will receive further order from Azonia once the mission is underway. I do not have to tell you the importance of this mission, nor do I have to remind you of your duties as protector of this planet. Only remember of what happened two years ago, and know that we must prevent that tragedy from happening a second time."



New Macross City, North America

Of all the major cities in the world, New Macross was the first to re-establish itself after the Rain of Death. No more did the citizens of the New Macross City have to abide by an involuntary banishment issued by the formed United Earth Defense Council or the old United Nations. They were now free to live wherever they wished on their home planet; whatever was left of it. The citizens had once again transplanted the city of Macross from within the hull of the gigantic UNS SDF-1 Macross to the wasteland that stretched out in all directions. With the help from UN Army Corps of Engineers and equipment, the wasteland created by the Rain of Death was turned into their own stretch of paradise.

The barren surface of the Earth, glassed by Zentraedi reflex weaponry, was excavated for miles to lay in the foundation which would contain a working sewage system and underground electrical networks. Hardened reinforced concrete formed the network of tunnels and a flat surface as a base for the transplanted buildings. Within A year and a half, Macross City became New Macross City, nearly a duplicate image of it's Macross Island counter part. However, civil engineers did not stop there. Assistance from Moon Base Apollo scientist and engineers working on restoration committees orchestrated natural recovery projects within and around the city. Only just recently, two years after the glassing of the Earth, did New Macross City have young, but beautiful trees lining many of the side walks and flourishing city parks containing various types of trees, shrubbery and plant life.

New Macross City became a transportation hub for the rest of the world. The majority of supplies transported down from Moon Base Apollo would land at either Morisato Marine Air Station or Fort Fokker Aerospace Facility. From there, supplies and other goods would be sent to manufacturing facilities located in the New Macross industrial sector, or sent immediately by air transport to locations around the globe. Larger goods and commodities would be transported by ocean freighter or surviving military transports from the Port of New Macross located twenty miles away that was once a Naval Port located in the former city of Chicago.

The outskirts of New Macross held the suburbs, where a majority of UN armed forces members, both active, reserved and retired, lived with their families. The suburb area was littered with stack homes, small single story complexes that held one, two or three bedrooms with all the amenities one would require to live and raise a family.

Only one home stood out of all the others. Unlike the size and technological design of the surrounding complexes, this property encompassed the area of six three-bedroom homes, taking up almost half of a full city block, and had a traditional Japanese feel. The home was designed after a traditional Japanese home, a two story five bedroom home complete with oak hardwood floors, tatami matted areas and shoji bamboo rice paper sliding doors. The home began at the genken, a foyer in which visitors are greeted and remove their shoes before going inside. That lead to a winding hallway that branched in three directions; to a small dojo after crossing a covered walk way, to circle through and outside the home to reach every room on the first floor, and finally to upstairs.

The first floor held the most rooms, all but one styled in the traditional Japanese architecture. The second largest room was a nine tatami room used for receiving and entertain guest. It was complete with a tokonoma, or alcove for displaying a scroll, flower arrangement or altar. In the case of this home, the tokonoma was an alter displaying a pair of katana and a necklace made of beads and fangs. The largest room was a twelve tatami room partitioning the second largest room with a set of fusuma bamboo and rice paper sliding doors. This room was the family room, also used as a dining room with a four by eight foot low kotatsu table directly in the middle surrounded by zabuton sitting cushions. The family room lead out past a pair of shoji into a nuri-en, a veranda that linked the home and the outside garden. Another set of fusuma doors lead to second nine tatami room with many shelves containing plaques, trophies and various forms of military honors, awards and citations, pictures, country and military banners along with a small collection of artifacts and memorabilia. From the nuri-en veranda outside the family room and down the hall past the second nine tatami room was the large bathing area complete with changing room with wash and drier, an inner bath with shower and traditional Japanese furo, and a toilet facilities. Adjacent to the family room was the kitchen, the only room in the house that was modernized for today's standards and needs. Finally, on the opposite end of the house was combination bed and living room for one of the residence.

The second floor was designed to have the feel of a traditional home, though with the amenities of a modern home. The upstairs floor contained four bedrooms, one master bedroom, two larger than standard bedrooms and a guest room. The last was the only room designed in the traditional Japanese style complete with tatami mats, futons and shoji. The upstairs portion was finished with a single bathroom complete with shower. Both the guest room and the master bedroom lead to twin balconies that over-looked the garden.

Past the nuri-en veranda was the expansive backyard, the garden. It's beauty was a combination of various styles of Japanese gardens separated by small granite stone linings and fumi-ishi, or stepping stone pathways that lead to all parts of the expansive property. The center piece of the garden was a huge three foot deep 70,000 gallon clear freshwater pond filled with Japanese Koi and small amounts of plant life that promoted the beauty and harmony of the pond. A fumi-ishi path lead to the ponds seemingly floating hand built bridge that stretched from the path to the center of the pond, then split out in two directions toward other gardens. The bridge was made out of strong iron wood, giving it a reddish brown color under it's weather sealer coating. It seemingly hovered just six inched from the calm surface of the pond, the shadows underneath hiding the water-sealed iron wood legs that supported the bridge. A waist high iron wood railing provided a little protection for human-sized contaminates disturbing the tranquility of the Koi.

Branching toward the southwest corner of the pond led the pathway to a Karesansui garden, or sand and stone garden. The most abstracted of of Japanese Garden forms. It features the stark simplicity of weathered stones rising from a bed of sand ripple raked to suggest the sea. Several of these weather-beaten stones, all varying in size dotted the sea of rippling sand.

Across the pond beginning at the north western corner and stretching across the northern wall and ending near the north eastern corner of the property was the largest and possibly the most beautiful garden on the property. The center pieces of this garden were a pair of Sakura, Japanese ornamental cherry blossom trees, one on each corner of the garden. This type of garden was called a Hiraniwa, or Flat Garden, one of the earliest manifestations of garden design in old Japan. The north east corner held the smallest of the two sakura, this particular tree containing more white than the other. This one was surrounded by a later of moss near it's trunk than expanded out in a sea of raked white sand like the Karesansui garden. The sand continued toward the middle where many Japanese black pines of various sizes are styled in Bonsai. As the sand continued toward the north west corner, it's progress was cut off by a yukiyanagi shrubbery with white flowers. Japanese moss continued past the shrubbery for several feet before becoming another fumi-ishi pathway that circled the larger Sakura. This tree, compared to the other, was taller with a wide over hanging canopy that provided adequate shade for those who wished to sit under. It's blossoms were a mix of white and pink with the pink leaves being the most dominant. This tree, unlike the other, gave the whole garden a calming and captivating beauty when seen from across the pond.

The land and property belonged to the most wealthiest officers in the United Nations Armed Services; Admiral (O-10) Sesshoumaru and Colonel Ayame Kusanagi (Ret.). It was one of the first buildings and property in the suburb to be constructed and completed, the majority of the landscaping done by Sesshoumaru's own hands. The property had a mysterious feel about it since it's creation. How the Kusanagi family acquired the material to build such beauty in the middle of a wasteland? No one involved with the construction could give a straight answer and earning a response from the two home owners seemed to be impossible. Not many had even seen the inside compound due to the ten foot high walls surrounding the property. Only the tops of the Sakura tree and other vertical shrubbery gave any indication that something existed inside.

Such a beautiful day.

Ayame sat on the hardwood deck of the nuri-en, leaning against one of the supporting wooden pillars as she gazed out toward the koi and the large blooming sakura. The powder blue and cherry blossom print kimono matched the feel of her home and garden, allowing her to relax and just enjoy the day. Her attention was pulled away from her garden in favor of the shifting bundle in her arms. She smiled down at her little baby boy, poking his little nose and earning a fit a giggles in the process.

"And how is my little grandson doing?"

She leaned her head back against the pillar, looking up at her mother. Within the Goddess' arms was another bundle, this one being fed from a small bottle filled with warm milk. "Playful one, he is. Always smiling and giggling. He rarely cried today." She eyed the other bundle. "Trade?"

"You always seem to amaze me, Ayame." Urd sat on the steps of the nuri-en in front of her daughter, leaning toward her to allow the platinum haired Marine to accept the feeding child while she took the baby boy into her arms. "Placing yourself in danger for so many years. Surviving encounters were any normal human would of died. When I joked about grandchildren, I was talking about one boy or girl." She giggled, pulling another bottle of milk out of nowhere to feed the little boy. "And here you go having one of each, a set of twins at that!"

It was a year after the Rain of Death where Ayame became pregnant with the twins and the reason why she decided to retire from the Corps and military service. Nine months and fifteen hours of labor later she gave birth to a six pound seven ounce baby boy, one minute and thirty nine seconds later came a five pound twelve ounce baby girl. That day would be remembered for years to come, not because of the birth, but for the scene Urd, the grandmother, made dancing in the hospital hallways waving Japanese victory fans and the silly grin plastered on the normal stoic Sesshoumaru as he held his two children. Both of their children were spitting images of Sesshoumaru, having been born with his crescent moon and double stripe marks. Besides gender, the only difference between the two children were their eye color. The boy had the jade eyes of his mother. The girl had the golden orbs of her father.

Ayame had given her husband the honor of naming their children. The girl was named Rin, named after the first human to capture the heart of the former Lord of the Western Lands. A human that he had saved as a child that soon became one of his most trusted companions and retainer. The boy was named Inuyasha, after his dead half-brother. Ironic that Sesshoumaru would name his own son after his brother. He had first hated Inuyasha because he was born a hanyou, a half-breed. Now here he was fathering two half-breeds. Inuyasha was a fitting name for his son.

"Any word from the ice cream fiend?" Urd let out a chuckle at her daughters naming.

"She promised she would make it for dinner this time. You know how we Goddess' are with our promises." She sighed. "Really, she works too hard on those research projects they have going on. If I had just a fraction of my powers available, I would change the Earth back to it's original state."

"Yeah," Ayame agreed, rolling her eyes. "And have your old man fry your butt for jacking up the Yggdrasil again, like he did when you created the material for our home." Urd stuck her tongue out at her daughter, an act that made little Rin giggle. "Yesh, grand mama likes to piss off your great grandpa. Yesh, she does! Yes, she does!"

"You know I intend to spoil your kids rotten, right?"

"Why? Because you didn't get to do that to me?"

"Affirmative, Colonel."

Urd tickled Inuyasha. "Yesh, grand mama is going to get you anythin' you want, Inuyasha. Yesh, I will. Yesh, I will." She wrinkled her nose.

Ayame gave her a sour look. "Looks like Inuyasha wants you to get him a new diaper. Well, you said you'll get him anything he wants, so..." The Goddess of the Past muttered something about insolent daughters before she carried her grandson away for diaper maintenance.


She awoke with a start, shooting up from her lying position on the veranda to her sock covered feet. She frantically looked around within the family room for her children with look of fear in her eyes. She began to panic when she couldn't find any trace of the twins or her mother. Fear struck her once more and she whirled around toward the garden, praying that her babies didn't learn how to crawl all of a sudden and drowned themselves in the koi pond. However, her fears were put to rest at the sight she found under the large sakura. She let out a sigh of relief, wiping her sweating brow with the sleeve of her kimono. She must have fell asleep while watching her children, something she hated herself for more than anything else. While she slept, she dreamed of her children and what they would be in the future. But her dream turned into a nightmare where her babies were taken away from her by evil mad scientist and experimented on to find their hidden demonic genes.

Silly as it was to others, it was a pure hell for the mother of two.

Her fears were put at rest, though. Slipping her tabi covered feet into a pair of vinyl zori sandals, she slowly made her way long the fumi-ishi pathway to the floating bridge. One of the larger koi jumped from the water, landing with a light splash that caused the normally calm pond surface to ripple under the light of the full moon. Even at night, under the natural illumination created by the moon, the garden held a different kind of beauty that one could not express with words. It was a beauty that Ayame ignored for another, one that lied under the sakura with her two bundles of joy.

Sesshoumaru rested with his back to the tree. Gone was his UN Spacy uniform in favor of his favorite white and red trim kimono and yellow and dark blue obi wrapped around his waist, one of thousands that he had worn over the years since he was a child. Minus the steel spiked shoulder armor, if one could somehow provide a picture of the former Lord of the Western Lands from six hundred years ago, his current state of attire would be a spitting image of him during the Sengouku Jidai period. Laying around the demon dog and across his lap was his white boa, an article of clothing that earned him the nickname Fluffy from his wife. The boa provided warmth in the cool night, not for Sesshoumaru, but for his children that lied across his lap within his arms.

Ayame felt her heart swell with emotion, the warmth of her love for her one and only man. His eyes were closed, his head a little slack and the slow rise and fall of his chest gave the impression that the effeminate was slumbering, however, she knew that despite appearances, Sesshoumaru was wide awake and aware of his surroundings. A demonic guard dog ready to attack all that jeopardize what belongs to him. And that was another quality that she found attractive. The platinum haired beauty carefully made her way to her lover, kneeling down at his side to snuggle up against his boa to feel the warmth of his clothing accessory and his body heat.

"My love," she whispered, not wishing to wake the twin. "You look very lovely tonight."

He seemed amused by her words. "Should it not be this Sesshoumaru that gives the compliments? This one is not worthy of such words from one who surpasses the beauty of even the most holy of angels." Blush spread across her cheeks.

"Don't say that too loud. My mother might become jealous."

"In this one's eyes, there is nothing that is more beautiful than you..." He paused, his eyes casting downward. "Except..." He centered himself in her twin gem-like eyes. "Thank you."

"For what?"

He looked away. "Everything."


"We have been mates for over twenty-five years now. Through the good and strife, wars and peace, through separation because of duty, you have always remained true to our bond were others would break. Despite our petty arguments or clashing of ideals and disagreements, this Sesshoumaru cannot help but admire how far the both of us have come in this life, how we have survived through so much strife yet still find the time for each other. My only regret would be what this one have not told you, about myself and my long past - something this one is ashamed of. Even still, you have given me a gift and honor that no other could give. An heir; two of them in fact. And for that, this Sesshoumaru can never stop thanking you for this precious gift of life."

His words warmed her heart even further. "The honor of bearing your children is more than enough. It was my pleasure and my desire. You are my one and only... forever."

A long pause.

"Tell me."


"You said I only know a fraction of your life. You have told me about your brother before and that was it." She looked up at his loving eyes. "Tell me more."

He smirked as a certain memory came to mind. "Let this one tell you of one of my most loyal retainer. The namesake of our dear Rin..."

End of Semper Fi: The UN Marine Corps
Author's Notes:

Notice it? Earth is slowly recovering. But did you notice it? That's right, an alternate time line compared the canon series in Robotech. All Zentraedi have been micronized, including Khyron. However, there are macronized Zentraedi causing serious havoc. What's up with that?

Where exactly is New Macross City? Technically, in the storyline, it's in Alaska where Alaska Base use to be. However, Reflex Point in the New Gen series is located somewhere near the Great Lakes. In the Xmas Macross Saga episode where Khyron sets the city ablaze, Macross City is located near a port. In this story, Macross City is located where Chicago use to stand. Although, it wouldn't be called windy city anymore because of severe weather changes. Plus, New Macross was near New Detroit, so Chicago was the best choice.

If you have questions on anything, do not be afraid to ask.

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