Later that night, Molly and Golly were in the middle of packing up their belongings for their honeymoon which was to follow right after the wedding.

Molly spoke up, "Golly, I'm really sorry for this week. I don't suppose you could forgive me?"

"What for Molly?" Golly folded a shirt and Molly sat down on the bed, while he placed him self beside her.

"I just felt terrible that you came to the shop with those flowers and I wasn't there. I feel badly..."

"For being preoccupied?"

Molly sighed out, "Yes exactly. Golly is this how it's going to be when we marry- both of us running in other directions?"

Golly smiled enchantingly to Molly, "No, just when our children are having world's worth of problems, I suppose."

"About that, are you really sure about marrying me tomorrow in the garden?"

"Of course I am. I'd marry you if we were the last astronauts on the moon," Golly reassured Molly, while she grinned, "Good, then let's take off tonight before something else goes wrong here and we don't get hitched!"

Molly bolted up, running around shoving her blouses, knickers and shorts into her luggage and Golly gazed up at her amazed, "Molly?"

"It makes sense doesn't it? You and me on a beach, saying our vows together..."

"What about our family? Our friends? Are you sure that's what you want?"

"Golly I was putting on a show for Lexie, maybe Lizzie and maybe your girls...it's important we do this and we do it the way we want."

Golly was speechless, as Golly always is. And Molly beamed like at star at night, when Golly said, "You're a free spirit, like me, Molly Mac---?"

"MacKenzie," Golly chuckled at Molly's willingness to take on his surname, "Has a very nice ring to it."

"Yes, you don't have to take it..."

"I want too...let's get packed, Golly, what's stopping us from leaving this place and being by ourselves?"

"Nothing, my free spirit, nothing..." Golly grinned miraculously.

Lexie had everything planned, the caterers to come at 11am, the Bogle Boys to arrive at noon, the flowers and wine to follow--and every other traditional trimming. Lexie decided to pay the happy couple a visit down at Golly's croft. She stepped up to the stoop as she knocked on the door.

Jess answered it, "If you're looking for them, they are gone."

"What?" Lexie penguin walked in, assuming Jess was joking, "What do ya mean gone!"

"They left this on the kitchen table this morning," Jess handed Lexie a videotape with a label, 'Please play for Lexie'.

Jess turned on the TV as she helped Lexie sit down on the couch. Lexie couldn't believe her eyes, the bride and groom had both done a runner on their wedding day and leaving Glenbogle to elope!

"Is it on?" Molly asked as Golly nodded his head 'yes' as they looked into their latest wedding present, a video cam-recorder...

"Hello Lexie, Archie, my beloved poppets Jayne and Wayne, Martha, Lizzie, Graeme...my family...Kilwillie, Merilyn, Zara...Henry, little Georgina..." Molly in her tartan and red wedding frock with the bouquet of Golly's flowers from the other day in her hands, and began to rattle off the guest list for the wedding. Golly sat by her side sporting a kilt, a Bonnie Prince Charlie jacket aside from a Tam o' Shanter on his head and helping Molly cite the guest list too, "Jess, Claire, and yes, Duncan, Minnie, Emily...Sean...Nigel, Paul, Susan and others..."

"We've come to our own conclusion that this sharing of our vows will take place once we arrive in Hawaii and we decided it should be for ourselves. I know you worked really hard Lexie dear, my chief bridesmaid, and for that we can't thank-you enough. You and Archie never had a proper party after your wedding and so with all of your hard work you should celebrate in our honor...Nigel thank-you for the horseshoe dear last night...even though we had the rain for good luck." Molly winked while she showed the horseshoe that she got from their page boy, Paul's son.

Golly then poured single malt into the quaich and said, "We'll miss you both and see you soon,"

"In about two and half weeks, bye..." Molly waved at the camera. Golly and Molly then held the quaich together and toasted by taking sips of the single malt, before embracing each other and kissing. The camera shut off and static filled the TV screen.

Days later...

Lizzie had come back from the house to check out her flat and as she stepped up to the doorway, she cast her eyes down upon her feet. Lizzie's fingers snatched up the origami 'court' papers, first a boat with 'I' on it's sail, then a swan with 'am' on it's wings, and lastly a frog with a tag hanging off of it's green papered foot, 'sorry.' Lizzie weirdly smiled at the hand writing---knowing who it was from, David.

Lizzie then noted an envelope at her toes too. It was the envelope that had held the court paperwork for Martha's custody, and instead of the papers, it had a Glenbogle Rose...and a note with a smiley face, "Truce?"

The End for Now...