I think I'm high. This just popped out of my ass.

A fictional fart, if I may.

Love Lolly.

- 0 –

More Powerful

- 0 –

I suppose that I'm expected to be scared of you for the rest of my days

Well let me be the first to inform you, Paul, that I can hit you in a million ways

The darkness that you make me feel eclipsed my once bright world

You think I'd stand back and let this happen? Well, you've got the wrong girl.

- 0 -

I used to have nightmares about you, now I don't really care

You taught me all I needed to know, now I'm more aware.

I had feelings for you. I admit it. It's out. That's the truth. I've confessed.

But it really was nothing to me. I don't love you. haven't you guessed?

- 0 -

Stopping, saving,

Escaping, craving,

Lusting, dreaming,

Hating, screaming.

- 0 -

Do you surrender?

Will you leave?

Do you give up?

Can you still breathe?

- 0 -

You're an egotistic jerk who cares for your self and no one else.

'Oh, Suze, come on, I can show you the world, you need my help.'

I'm above you now, Paul, I have the power, the upper hand.

Get out of my sight, hopefully now you know where you stand.

- 0 -

Burning, dying,

Running, trying,

Luring, thrilling,

Snaring, killing.

- 0 -

Am I all you want?

All you need?

Do you think I enjoy

Watching you bleed?

- 0 -

The way you say my name used to send shivers down my spine.

It burnt you up inside how I wouldn't allow you any of my time.

I suppose if I let you in then you'll conquer me. Conquer my soul?

How does it feel to know that you're no longer the one in control?

- 0 -

Chasing, missing,

Seducing, kissing,

Resisting, using,

Winning, losing.

- 0 -

I've kicked you down

I'm not afraid,

The terms were stated

The deal was made

- 0 -

I've seized control.

You had no clue

That in the end

I'd be more powerful . . .

- 0 -

. . . Than you.