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Chapter Four:

Those are some hot buns.

"Colin!" Harry jumped up from the pillow, knocking Draco onto the carpet and jolting him awake.

"What's going on? Hey, what the fuck! Was Harry, and I, were we," Draco's eyes grew the size of saucers and he buried his head in the pillow. "Was that a camera flash I heard?" Draco's face grew even paler that it's regular shade, and a tinge green.

By this time, everyone in the room was awake. Harry was running toward Colin, ready to destroy the camera.

"What the fuck Colin! What are you doing here?" Harry was strangling Colin's pencil neck, who was making gurgling sounds.

"Harry! Stop!" Hermione yelled from across the room. She was still sitting next to Blaise, who was gently rubbing her hand. "Get a grip!"

"Yeah, come on. Last night was great!" Ron piped in. He had his arm around Erin, who was still half asleep from the night's events.

"I second that." Said Millicent. Her make up was smeared, and she still had the Britney Spears get up on. Pansy was draped across Millicent, and was gently stroking her hair. "I know I had a good time." Millicent leaned over and gently kissed Pansy.

"Ew, morning breath. Don't ever do that again." Said Pansy, who didn't look at Millicent's wreck of a face.

Harry grabbed his stomach like he was going to puke. "But, me, and um, Draco, and we, um, yeah. Can you tell why I'm a BIT freaked out!"

"Come on Harry. We all saw you and Draco. It was definitely hot, as you put it last night." Justin said. He had a pink boa and a leopard print button up shirt on. Susan had heavy black eyeliner and bright blue eye shadow, and it made her look a bit too much like Mimi from the Drew Carey show. Evidently, Susan and Justin had a little "make-over session" last night instead of the make-out sessions like the others.

"That's enough!" Draco yelled. "Whatever Potter and I did, or should I say didn't do, last night will be forgotten!" Draco looked like a dragon ready to strike. He eyed every person in the room, waiting for them to object. "If this ever gets out, you'll wish you were being tortured by Lord Voldermort himself!"

Everyone in the room shuddered except Harry. He was still holding Colin by the neck. For the first time in his life, Harry actually agreed with Malfoy. He watched as he gave everyone in the room the evil eye, He's so cute when he's angry. Harry slapped himself across the face, and everyone turned to look at him again.

"Um, it was a bug." Harry said meekly.

"Right." Said Ron sarcastically. "Let's just get out of here. Colin, hand over the camera."

Colin began to shake and threw the camera at Ron, who caught it and handed it to Hermione. She flicked her wand the camera's film turned to dust.

"There. Now I'm starved. Come on Harry, Ron. Let's get breakfast." Hermione jumped up from Blaise, who started withdrawals already. He blew a kiss to Hermione, who turned and winked at him. "And I'll be seeing you later." She said seductively. Harry gave Hermione a dirty look, who just shrugged in response.

The three made their way down the stairs and toward the great hall. They sat at their usual table, but much emptier.

Harry hunched over and meagerly reached for a piece of French toast. He felt like all thirty people in the room were watching him, including the platinum blonde in the corner. Harry turned his head, hearing his neck creak each centimeter he turned. Draco was sitting next to Pansy and Millicent, who were still all over each other. He was staring down at his empty plate and occasionally rolling his eyes at Millicent, who was still looking like a toad mated with Britney Spears. Harry cracked a smile and felt kind of bad for Draco. He should come sit with us, He thought. Harry slapped himself across the face again, but louder. STOP! Thinking thought about Draco, unless they're about him turning into a ferret again.

"More bugs Harry?" Hermione questioned Harry sarcastically. She was looking extremely beautiful this morning. She was actually wearing make up for a change, and her hair wasn't a bushy mess but a neat bun on top of her head with little fairy clips. Justin must have gotten a hold of her last night.

"No, I'm just disgusted with myself. Last night, was, well, let's not talk about it." Harry stared down at his plate. The syrup-drenched toast didn't look appetizing anymore. It looked more like Draco's face. Harry grabbed his fork and began mashing the toast up like a child.

"You have serious issues Harry." Ron commented. He was shoveling bacon and eggs into his mouth. "I mean," he said between intakes of food, "of all people, you and Draco ended up making out. What are the chances?" Ron started laughing and reached for a link of sausage.

"One out of ten." Hermione said snobbishly.

"Did I mention you have serious issues too?" Ron said while finally stopping to take a swig of pumpkin juice. "What's up with you and Blaise? You actually like him?" Ron started laughing and grabbed his fork for another go.

"Is there a problem with that? Aren't I allowed to like a guy?" Hermione's ears began to turn red like Ron's and she was getting upset.

"Yeah, I just always thought you and Harry would get together." Ron said a little too loud. "But whatever." This was followed by an awkward silence. Harry continued mashing his plate while Hermione sat staring at a muffin. Ron didn't take notice to what he just said and continued chowing down. Finally the silence was interrupted by something other than Ron's pig sounds.

"Where were you last night? I've been looking for you everywhere?" A screechy voice squealed in Harry's ears.

"I didn't do anything! I was doing nothing! I swear!" Harry said in a high-pitched voice. He began to sweat at the thought of McGonagall finding out anything.

"Ok." McGonagall said suspiciously. "I just wanted to tell you the first Quidditch match is a week after class resumes, so when everyone comes back you need to have an immediate practice."

"Alright, I'll make sure everyone knows." Harry said. He was relieved when McGonagall turned and continued to harass other students.

"Close one eh?" Ron piped in. He burped loudly, and then was given a dirty look for Hermione.

She jumped up from the table and pushed the chair loudly, "I'm going to spend some time with a real gentlemen!" Then she stomped off to the Slytherin table and sat next to Blaise.

"Smooth Ron." Harry said sullenly.

"Well, if she's friends with guys, she has to deal with us daily." Ron said triumphantly.

Harry rolled his eyes and looked back down at his plate. It was a goopy mess, and he smiled. At least it doesn't look like Dr, I mean that certain someone. Then Harry saw a blonde flash out of the corner of his eyes.

"Hey," Draco said quietly, "I need to talk to you." He was dressed in all black, with a My Chemical Romance t-shirt. His hair was still disheveled, and he had numerous red marks on his neck. Harry let his eyes travel down Draco's body unknowingly, I wonder who those are from? Harry laughed inwardly. Ron snorted as Draco snapped his fingers in Harry's face.

"Yeah. Ok, let's go." Harry got up and made a 'help me' face to Ron, who ignored him because of a blonde girl walking over. Harry watched as Ron hugged Erin, and signaled for her to sit and scarf down some food with him.

Harry sluggishly trotted behind Draco, and stole a glance at his butt. Oh, must be all that quidditch practice because those buns are hot! HARRY! JUST STOP! Harry stepped faster and walked next to Draco, trying to prevent himself from stealing any more looks.

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