In the Back of My Mind

Chapter 6

First Love

Jordan's hand clamped back over Olivia's mouth and he pulled her back against his shirt roughly. Struggling, Olivia turned so that she was facing him. Elliot and Fin weren't coming to her rescue this time; calling out his name was stupid. They had a code word but she had panicked.

"What do you want from me?" she asked her captor. Keep him talking, occupied, find his weakness and act. That was what Munch had said in their class on Tuesday. When stuck in a hostage situation, keep your captor distracted enough so that they can't hurt you.

Jordan smirked. "I just want you!" Olivia suppressed her shudder as her awkwardly dragged his hands along her sides.

"Why?" she asked, clawing for anything to say, to take her mind off of what was happening to her at that very moment.

"Cuz you looked so hot the first time I saw you, and you chose that ghetto punk over me!"

Olivia was shocked, "Fin?"

He nodded.

Time for clarification, "He's like my best friend, nothing more!"

"You're lying!" Jordan's eyes narrowed dangerously. "Tutuola calls you his friggen Baby!"

She laughed lightly, "Nickname from Elementary School, Jordan." She waved her hand casually in the air. "It's an inside joke that stuck!"

They matched looks, trying to determine each other's next move. Olivia's heart was still racing through her chest, this still wasn't a comfortable, or safe place to be. God Elliot, Where the Hell are you!


"What do you think of Olivia?" George casually asked Elliot, plunging his hand into the large, red bucket to grab an icy bottle of water.

"How do I know you won't tell Liv what I say?" Elliot easily countered, holding back his blush.

Huang smiled, "Doctor-Patient confidentiality!" Elliot gave him an incredulous look, "Hey," George started again, "It's the only reason I haven't told you what she said,"

"What did she say?" Elliot demanded,

George grinned cheekily,

"She was telling me how much she liked someone," Elliot glowered at the shorter boy.

"Who?" he demanded again, this time his voice was barely above a whisper.


Both boys froze.

"Holy Shit!" Elliot whispered, "Its Liv." His chest felt too tight, like it was being squeezed in a bear hug. Only a hug would be a welcome comfort, that desperate scream wasn't. "Get Munch and Cragen!" he ordered, Fin was already catapulting towards the campfire. George hesitated, "Now!" he moved.

Elliot sprinted after Fin, sliding to a stop behind him and frantically searching for Olivia. She wasn't anywhere in sight.

Come on, Scream again Baby! He willed, but to no avail, no matter how smart Olivia was, who ever had her wasn't gonna let her yell for help again. At least, not until he was done with her.

Fin jogged towards Kathy and Melinda who were still sitting by the fire, placidly eating graham crackers and marshmallows. Elliot watched them engage in a hurried conversation before Melinda jumped up and hurried in the direction of Alex and Casey, undoubtedly to pass on the message that Liv was in trouble.

Voices, Elliot thought suddenly, I can hear voices, hushed ones, but they are still there.

Slowly Elliot inched towards a large, wooden cabin. Noticing for the first time, a set of uneven footprints had been shuffled into the dirt. More muffled voices traded words, one was definitely a girl.

Elliot rounded the corner and came face to face with a heart stopping sight. Olivia was pulled tightly against Jordan's body, her wrists held harshly at her sides. He couldn't see Jordan's face but he felt a cold air seep through his body, Olivia liked this boy. There was nothing wrong here.

Olivia caught his eyes over the blonde boy's shoulder. She didn't blink, simply stared, conveying the fear she was filled with.

"You ready baby?" Jordan asked her darkly, Olivia shut her eyes against his voice.

"No Jordan!" she tried to pull away from him. She had backup now, Elliot wouldn't let him hurt her.

Not listening to her protests, Jordan snaked one of his hands up to quickly untie her halter top. Olivia bit back a sob when it slipped to rest around her waist. Her strapless bra was the only thing covering her upper body. She didn't allow her hidden tear to drip. Elliot felt his heart break. Stepping forward, he was ready to have at it with Jordan, his only thought was helping Liv.

Cragen dashed past him and placed to harsh hands on Jordan's shoulders. Fin wrapped Olivia in a bear hug and hid her while she pulled her shirt back up. She finally allowed her tears to drip and splurge onto Fin's chest.

"Shh baby," Fin mumbled, Olivia only sobbed louder.

Elliot reached out to place a comforting hand on Olivia's back. She turned from Fin and wrapped her arms snuggly around his waist. Her cries had decreased in volume and she was allowing silent tears to slowly dampen his shirt instead.

Fin smiled at Elliot sadly, before grabbing the collar of Jordan's shirt and muttering death threats in his ear.

"Liv, it's okay Angel. He's gone!" she turned a tear stained face to look at him.

"That's not it Elliot, I froze!" she sniffled softly, "I forgot what to do!"

"You were perfect!" he interrupted. "Don't think any different."


"Promise you won't forget me?" Olivia whispered into Elliot's neck, They were standing around central park and Elliot's sister Jessica was ready to drive them back home to Queens.

Leaning down, Elliot softly brushed her lips with his own before he pulled back. Olivia smiled and pulled him back to her. Their mouths crashed together again and she sighed in contentment.

"This will always be in the back of my mind!" he whispered, when Jess honked the horn of the car.

"Are you sure?" Olivia was trembling slightly.

"You can never forget your first love!" he promised. Giving her one last kiss before jogging out to the car.

Cragen sidled up to Olivia.

"We need you in court on Monday, you gonna be alright!"

She nodded softly, "Ever thought about joining SVU?" she asked him

Cragen smiled, "Have you?"

Not waiting for an answer, he walked back to John to shake his hands, almost missing the teenager's answer.

"Every day!"

THE END . . . .