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SUMMARY: After she left Pan hated Wendy Darling most of all. The girl who had enchanted him, who had insulted him, the girl who had killed him. (Metaphorically of course!)

Pan did go back, after Wendy and the Lost Boys had left Neverland. He went back nearly every night, sometimes with Tink, but mainly without her. She got bored when he sat and watched, just listening morosely.

They spoke of him once, that Pan heard, Michael had asked Slightly if he thought they would see Peter again, Slightly had smiled humourlessly, "that wasn't real Michael, Wendy made it up." Michael had nodded seriously, and Peter had never gone back.

He had sat in the bed under his tree, and he'd heard Hook's words again, "She was leaving you, Pan. Your Wendy was leaving you." She had left him, she had forgotten him.

"You sir are deficient!" He remembered her angry words, the soft quiet words that had cut through him, still cut through him "You're just a boy." He felt a trickle run down his cheek.

"I am not crying, I am not!" He looked around, daring nameless boys to say otherwise, but nothing moved.

No one was there.

He had gone to see the mermaids, asked if Hook was really gone. He was. And somehow Pan felt even more alone, Hook had never left him, never forgotten him, when Hook had been there he had been the most important thing in that broken man's life. And in that instant Pan learned hate. He hated Captain James Hook, for dying, for leaving him with no purpose. He hated Tink, for not understanding that he did not feel like playing anymore. He hated the Lost Boys, who had looked after them? He had, he had brought them up, looked out for them, and they had left, left with the story teller he had brought them. A girl. Most of all Pan hated Wendy Darling. The girl who had enchanted him, who had insulted him, the girl who had killed him.

All of Peter's good memories became twisted, each one corrupted and warped by Wendy. Every good memory led to her, every thought of her turned to bitterness.

Slowly, the flowers and trees died in Neverland. The Indians abandoned their camp, moving as far away from the Black Castle as they could, because that is where Pan now stayed. The place where there were the fewest memories of Wendy, the place where Hook had almost killed him. Pan roamed the dark, stone corridors, remembering. Forgetting.

His hair got longer, dirtier, the colour darker, like his mood. Tink did not come visit him, she was scared, his face now pale from lack of sun, his hair dirty, black and matted, his eyes so grey and cold. She shuddered when she saw him, vaguely remembering an embittered, lonely man when she looked into his once kind eyes.

Pan did not look for her, he knew she would leave him. Everyone else had.

Pan did look for the pirates after that, he told himself it was for adventure, still clinging to the belief that he was Peter, a child, archenemy of Hook. He wanted company, purpose. He found them, no longer on the sea, they slept on the beach, fighting together, eating together, drinking together. Pan watched them, looking at the familiar, unchanged faces. They had not left him.

He pushed his hair back, and strode towards them, the sneer, which he reserved specifically for them, set firmly on his face. And as he walked forward, they stopped drinking, stopped eating, and they stared. Finally, something was as it should be; the pirates afraid of Peter Pan.

As he drew closer one stood up. "C…c…captain H…Hook?"

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