Mya Granger rolled her eyes as her mum pounded on the door after trying numerous times trying to open the door, Mya had just found out that her real dad's dad is none other then Lord Moldy-Pants, now Mya is all for that, shes hated harry potter since she first met him, the reason why Mya Locked her 'Parents' out of her room is they want her to be good, they are week dumb muggle lovers, always has been, thats why LD kicked dad out in the first place. "God i hate this family." Hermione waved her hand at her door to open it, she learned waldless magic the first summer out of school, shes a fast learner. "mother, father. i have decided im going to find grand pappy and move in with him, that'll be much better then living with you dumbasses. try to stop me and you'll regret it for the rest of your lifes. leave me now." Myas mom ran from the room in tears and her father followed slower with one last glance at Mya.

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