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The Coven of Reformed Supernaturals

Angel couldn't be sure how long he'd been fighting anymore. He felt like the whole world had become nothing more or less then a mad, rampaging swirl of violence, demon after demon charging at him, Spike and Illyria.

He vaguely recalled seeing Gunn collapse after decapitating a particularly large and ugly demon, but that aside, the only really memorable thing about the fight was when he'd managed to decapitate that dragon that had been annoying him. Illyria and Spike were still standing, but he'd lost sight of them after the dragon had collapsed; he wasn't even sure if they were still standing anymore.

Roaring with rage, he took a desperate swipe at something in front of him that vaguely resembled a Gorgon from Greek myth, except that it was more muscular and had scorpion-like claws rather then hands. The blow sliced off some of the snakes on its head before it grabbed his sword in one claw. It swung the other claw towards his head, in a blow that looked almost guaranteed to take his head off…

And then a massive red, stone fist struck the Gorgon lookalike in the head and knocked it back into a nearby wall, leaving Angel staring at where it had been, his sword still clutched in one hand.

"What…?" he said, confused.

"Me," a deep, rough voice said from off to the side.

Angel looked in the direction of the voice…

And stared in amazement.

It was a large figure, a fair few inches higher then a normal human, and evidently a great deal more muscular. It- no, he, Angel corrected himself almost automatically- had red skin and thick black sideburns, with two wide circle-like things on his forehead that looked almost like stumps. He was dressed in a long brown coat, a black shirt and trousers, and was carrying a large gun in his left hand.

However, despite all this, Angel's eyes were mainly drawn to the right hand. It was almost twice the size of the left, and appeared to be literally made of rock, of a similar red colour to the rest of the figure, that stretched up to the elbow and almost resembled a glove. The hand looked like it could deliver a great deal of damage in a fight, and something told Angel he wouldn't want to receive it.

"Um… who are you?" Angel asked, looking at the figure curiously.

"Name's Hellboy," the demon said, as he raised his gun and checked it for bullets. "Some higher power guys- think they're called 'the Elders' or something like that- sent me here to help you guys out." Then he smiled at something behind Angel. "Ah, and there's the others."

"Others?" Angel said in surprise, as he spun around to see what Hellboy was looking at. To his surprise, there were three other figures suddenly standing behind him struggling with the demons as they charged towards him, Hellboy, and (He hoped) Spike and Illyria…

As soon as that thought had crossed his mind, he turned back to look at Hellboy.

"What about my friends?" he said. "Illyria, and Spike? Are they still alive?"

"Yeah, they're good; they're just trying to take out a couple of golems the Partners hit 'em with," Hellboy said, as he raised his gun.

"I'll get them out of that, don't you worry," he said, grinning over at Angel as he indicated the weapon in his hand. "I'm not the best shot, but the Samaritan here fires really big bullets; I should be able to stop those lumps of rock soon enough."

Angel opened his mouth to protest, but shut it again almost instantly. He'd encountered few golems in his lifetime, but in every fight he'd had with them, he'd never managed to do much damage to them; even at his age, he couldn't do much damage to solid rock.

Hellboy, on the other hand… well, if that fist couldn't shatter the golems, he'd be stuck for ideas. Besides, there was something about this guy that made Angel trust him, even if they'd only known each other for a few minutes at most.

Almost a sense of… recognition, he guessed he could call it.

"All right then," he said, raising his sword. "But get them out alive, OK? I may have lost Gunn; I'm not losing anyone else."

Hellboy nodded, and then dived into the mass of demons, charging (Angel assumed) towards where Spike and Illyria might be.

Angel watched him go, and then raised his sword and charged towards the demons that the other three figures were fighting. He didn't pretend he knew what was happening right now- he didn't even know what Hellboy and these others were doing here- but he couldn't just stand by and let them get slaughtered.

Right now, until further notice, he was going to consider them reliable allies, and try to act as such until they'd proved themselves otherwise.

As Hellboy charged through the army of demons, knocking them aside but hardly out, he desperately kept an eye out for the two he was looking for. He couldn't be sure where anyone was- those Elder guys hadn't exactly been very forthcoming- but they'd given him and the others basic descriptions of the two vampires and the ex-demon queen, and he should be able to spot peroxide-coloured hair fairly easily…

There it was.

Glancing over in the direction of the hair, Hellboy smiled in satisfaction as his eyes fell on two figures that could only be Spike and Illyria. Spike's neck was clasped in a golem's thick hand while he desperately kicked out at its head, while Illyria tried to fight with another golem, despite her slighter bulk putting her at a definite disadvantage.

Hellboy smirked, raised the Samaritan, and fired a couple of bullets at the golem holding Spike up. The bullets shattered the creature's head, leaving it standing there like the statue it should be, and then it fell apart, leaving Spike lying on the ground staring up into the rain, his throat red and sore from the golem's grasp. Hellboy didn't even stop to introduce himself to the vampire; he just charged forward, shoved Illyria aside as the golem threw another blow at her head, and grabbed the fist in his other hand.

"Bad manners," Hellboy grunted at the golem, as he drew his stone hand back. "Basic chivalry; don't hit women!"

Launching his fist forward, Hellboy tore right through the golem's chest, leaving a massive gaping in its stomach, following it up by quickly yanking his hand out, grabbing the thing's head, and crushing it like so much powder.

He looked down at it, shrugged, and turned to look at Illyria. "You OK?" he asked her, as he slid his gun back into its holster and crouched down on the ground, offering her his hand.

She waved it aside as she got up. "I am well, thank you…" she said, looking at him for a few seconds before continuing with, "Amung-un-"

Hellboy clamped his hand over her mouth, his eyes almost gleaming with fury.

"Don't say that name," he said, growling. "I don't like it, I don't want it, and the effects of me saying it are not pleasant, so don't tempt me. Got it?"

Illyria nodded. Hellboy took the hand off her mouth and looked over at Spike.

"You OK, Will?" he asked, holding out his hand again. This time, it was accepted, and Hellboy hauled the collapsed vampire back onto his feet, Spike taking his hand back afterwards.

"Yeah, I'm good, thanks," he said, as he looked over Hellboy. "And who the bloody hell are you, Red?"

"Call me Hellboy," Hellboy replied, jerking his head towards Spike's axe. "Now, get that up and help out; we've still got an army on our backs."

Spike smiled. "Right!" he said, grabbing a nearby axe that he must have dropped earlier and charging back into the fight.

Hellboy rolled his eyes and looked over at Illyria. "Is he always like that?"

"Indeed," Illyria said, looking over at Hellboy. "Spike is a true warrior; a worthy champion for these people. Much like his… 'sire', correct?" she asked, looking over at Hellboy.

Hellboy shrugged. "Hey, I'm just the guy who kills the things," he said pulling his gun back out. "You want the 411 on vamps, remind me to introduce you to Abe Sapien someday." Then he grinned and jerked his head towards the army in front of them, some of whom were now turning towards the two demons. "Right now, we've got some ass to kick."

Illyria smiled.

"Good," she said simply.

The two of them charged at the vast army, fists flying as they launched blow after blow at their new adversaries.

"There's too many of them!" somebody yelled from beside Angel as he slashed against and again at the demons before him. Angel hadn't even had the chance to see who these others were; he'd just charged blindly at the demons and started to attack, not even looking sideways once.

"Just hold on, Blade!" another voice said, that sounded like its owner was under a bit of strain in the fight. "The Elders should be finished soon!"

"Easy for you to say, Leo; you can get out of here easily enough if the need arises!" a third voice cried. Angel raised a curious eyebrow to himself as he listened to the voice; it sounded like the throat that it came from had been damaged in some way…

Then every demon around them vanished, and Angel fell to the ground as his sword failed to make contact with anything.

"BOLLOCKS!" somebody yelled from somewhere behind him. Despite the sharp pain in his shoulder from where he'd fallen on it, Angel grinned; evidently Spike had fallen down as well. At least he was still alive…

Rolling onto his back, his eyes briefly shut against the rain, Angel sat up and looked around the alley for his friends. Spike and Illyria were still standing, he was relieved to see, but Gunn…

His eyes fell on a still body in the middle of the alley.

"Oh no…" Angel said, getting up and running over to the body.

Crouching down, he rolled the body over onto its back, and stared at Gunn's face as he looked blankly up at the sky, his hooded top and T-shirt stained with blood and covered in various deep cuts; Angel was pretty sure he could see Gunn's heart

Angel sighed and, his hand over Gunn's face, slowly closed his friend's eyes for the final time.

He looked at Gunn for a few seconds more, and then smiled.

"Thank you," he said simply. "It was good to have a friend like you."

Then he stood up and turned to look back at the others. Spike and Illyria were standing right behind him, looking at Gunn's body.

Illyria looked up at Angel.

"He has fallen?" she said to the vampire.

Angel nodded.

Illyria sighed and looked down at Gunn, before looking over at her two… friends? It had been so long since she had ever looked at others as anything other than servants… once again.

"It is not right that he should have fallen," she said to them. "I wish to cause more pain."

"Well, you'll be getting that chance," a voice said from behind the three of them.

Angel, Spike and Illyria looked over at their other three saviours…

And stared in amazement.

The first figure was a tall black man, dressed in a dark leather coat and trousers and a sleeveless black vest, with a long, gleaming sword in his hands. He was wearing black shades that totally concealed his eyes from view, and had long spindly tattoos that stretched from his neck to down below the vest and presumably along his chest.

The second figure was the most remarkable, mainly because all three of the gang knew his appearance well (Even if, in Illyria's case, the memories were second-hand). His limbs appeared a great deal thinner then they normally appeared to be in the comics, and his face and chest looked slightly decayed, with sharp white teeth very prominently displayed, but other then that, he looked exactly like….

"Batman?" Spike and Illyria said in confusion.

The man in question shrugged.

"Close," he said, looking at them with eyes that gleamed a deep, forbidding red in their hollowed sockets, "but I am far more than that now."

However, Angel's attention was immediately drawn to the third man. He was about Angel's height, with dark blond hair and a handsome face, dressed in a dark blue shirt and jeans, and generally looked rather unremarkable, but Angel knew him well enough.

"Leo!" he said, sounding very shocked.

The man smiled. "Hello, Angel," he said.

Spike and Illyria looked at each other inquiringly, before turning to Angel and Leo.

"You two know each other?" Spike said, looking at the two of them curiously.

"Oh, yeah," Leo said, looking over at Spike. "Angel helped me out a bit in the Battle of Gaudalcanal; helped me get some soldiers out of harm's way, and…" He sighed and looked over at Angel.

Angel took up the story, looking over at Spike. "I stayed with Leo after he got hit by a bomb."

"Eh?" Spike said, looking at the two men in confusion. "What do you mean; is this guy a soddin' vampire?"

Leo smiled. "I'm hardly anything that simple, Spike," he said, before turning to Angel. "I'll explain later, I promise, but right now, we need your help."

"Really?" Angel said, looking at Leo curiously. "What kind of help?"

"Oh, your usual kind," Leo replied casually. "Demons threaten humanity, innocent lives are at stake, and the fate of the world is on your shoulders. Are you interested?"

He held out a hand.

Angel smiled and shook it.

"Where do we begin?" he asked casually.