A/N: Strangely, reading Diabolo has compelled me to write X fanfiction. Don't ask. Maybe just because it was so depressing and sad...

Pairing: Seishirou x Subaru

Warnings: angst, weirdness

Disclaimer: If I owned X, then Sei-chan would not be dead and would be doing unmentionable things to Subaru. So I do not own X.

Do You Love Tokyo?

No one ever knew.

They did not ever know of the lambs who were the sacrifices of humanity. Those who were born to die.

They did not know what those who saved it had to give up. Had to lose.

They did not know of the pain that they had suffered. The pain of loss. The pain of hope, a hope that could not-would not-be fulfilled.

They did not know of the tragic love story that had happened. The tears that were shed. Because they couldn't.

They did not want to know. After the last kekkai fell and everything was still, they pretended. Pretended that nothing happened, that it was all a bad dream. A dream that never was and never will be.

Even though the city of ashes was finally amongst the ashes-they would rebuild it. They would rebuild the sin, the turmoil, and the pain that their lambs had died to rid. Their black lambs of humanity.

Subaru walked past the wreckage in an area still left to be cleared out.

The people there did not see him. They did not want to see him. They would rather direct their turmoil at the remnants. Searching hopelessly for loved ones, scavenging what was left to save.

There was nothing left. It was all nothing to him. The people. The city of ashes.

He was glad that Tokyo fell. Glad that there was nothing left, and that there was nothing left to take from him. Glad that so many of those people died-the ones that looked down upon him. That Tokyo was finally to the ashes. That the city of sin was finally paying for its sins.

After all, everything was at a cost. And Tokyo finally paid its debt.

But it didn't. The ones who gave up so much for it did. Tokyo paid nothing.

Subaru stopped at the mass of rubble. What was left of the Tokyo Tower. What was left of where he had once stood with that person.

He trembled. It shouldn't have mattered. It didn't matter. But it did.

"Do you love Tokyo, Subaru-kun?"

No, he thought. I don't. How can I?

"Do you love Tokyo, Subaru-kun?" the cheerful voice in his head repeated.

No! Subaru trembled. Why would I love the place that took everything away from me?

"Do you love Tokyo, Subaru-kun? Do you love Tokyo? Do you love Tokyo? Love Tokyo? Love Tokyo..." the voice mocked him.

"Yes, I do." Subaru felt tears fall from his eyes, but he was not crying. He could not cry.


Subaru smiled, bitter, but genuinely happy. "Because, Seishirou-san, no matter how ugly and dirty it truly is, no matter how deadly and sinful... Tokyo is beautiful."


A/N: Did anyone other than me actually understand it? The question wasn't truly about Tokyo, it was about Seishirou. Basically, Subaru still does love Seishirou (as does he Tokyo) despite everything. Just like he still thinks Tokyo is beautiful.

I wasn't truly able to capture the feeling of what I wanted. I somehow feel a sense of anger that's so hard to portray through Subaru. The essence of the story seems missing, but I hope I got what I wanted to convey.