My Fault

By: Sevetenks, the Ultimate Fusion

Summary: Kikyo's thoughts know that she knows the truth of events that took place fifty years ago. One-Sided InuKik, InuKag, OneShot.

Genre: Romance/Angst

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At first, I hated him. It all began on that day. He attacked me, called me names, despite when I yelled out my true feelings. He tried to kill me, and had I not been a priestess, I would have given in to the depression that tried to consume me. But I didn't. I sealed him to the Goshinboku, not even trying to listen to his side of the story, because I believed there was none.

Maybe if I hadn't kept Onigumo a secret… He would have seen the truth behind the broken body of the man and killed him, before everything changed. Inuyasha could always tell the true intentions of those with darker thoughts, though it seems he lost that ability in the fifty years trapped to the tree…

It all began on the docks. We were friends, a half-demon, a hanyou, and a priestess. He was the only friend I had ever had, and vice versa. Then it changed. I tripped, and fell into him. We kissed, by pure accident. The many that followed in the next weeks were not accident, and I treasure those memories more then I will ever let anyone know. They are all I have, the only moments of my life that were ever truly happy.

I was heartbroken when "Inuyasha" struck me. I had thought he loved me, and I was wrong. Or so I thought.

But now I know. It was my fault. I helped Onigumo, I even told him of my love as I treated him. I never suspected he would also fall for me. I never suspected I was creating that which would destroy the only happiness I would ever hope to have, I was a fool.

Naraku tricked us, and when I came back to life thanks to the witch, I hated Inuyasha for betraying me, at least… I did for a short while. Then I saw him with the young girl, how he protected her. Instantly, even before I learned I was never betrayed, but tricked, my hatred shifted to the girl for taking Inuyasha away. Odd, isn't it?

But now… I know… I healed Onigumo. It's my fault the monk is cursed. My fault the taijya (how do you spell that?) lost her family. My fault countless have died. And…

It is my fault I lost the one I love.

The End

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