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Danny's POV

AS Vlad pushed open a door, he grabbed my hair and lifted me off the ground. Trust me, that hurts! He carried me that way into another room. I looked at the other person in the room and immediately wished I hadn't. I was staring straight at Voldemort. Talk about creepy! Vlad dropped me on the ground. Unfortunately, the human-ghost cuffs were still on me.

We-are-in-trouble! Phantom, my ghost half, thought.

I know! Fenton, my human half, thought back. At least I'm already half-dead.

Correction, I am dead. You are alive.

S—so I could be killed?

I think it'd be best if we stayed in ghost-mode here; I can survive the killing curse. I hope.

Wait, we're in Amity! Mom, Dad, and Jazz can help us!

Against wizards? And, in case you forgot, I'm still a public enemy!

Oh, right. We are in trouble.

"Ah," Voldemort said, scaring me out of my thoughts. "Is this what you were telling me about?"

"Yes," Vlad replied, "this is the Fenton-Phantom boy. He also can become a ghost at will.

"I'd like to see that."

"Of course," Vlad turned to me and hissed, "Change or else!"

"Or else what?" I challenged.

"Or else my friend will AK you!"

"I'm already half-dead," I scoffed.

"I could throw you into the Ghost Zone with Walker, if you'd rather."

I gulped. "Okay, I'll change." As I transformed, Voldemort's eyes widened slightly.

"What all can you do?" he asked me.

"Go intangible or invisible, fly, shoot ectoplasmic beams, make a shield," I said, counting them off on my fingers, "oh, yeah! And I can overshadow people."

"Overshadow, hmm?"

"Yeah, it means—"


"Er, right."

"Rather dim, isn't he?"

"Quite," Vlad said, smirking.

"HEY!" I yelled at them. My legs and stomach went through the floor. "Shoot!" I said, pulling myself out of the floor.

"Keep him in the halfa-proof cell," Voldemort said to one of his many Death Eaters. I had just noticed the room was full of them when I was dragged out of it. I soon found myself in a cell. I immediately tried phasing through the ground and door. No good. I transformed back into Fenton and tried the door again. Still no good. I slid down the wall, transforming into Phantom halfway down. Once again, we are in trouble!

The next morning found me sitting against the wall, banging my head against said wall. Someone must have dropped off food a while ago; there was a plate by the door. I stood up and grabbed the plate. I ate so fast that I swallowed my fork. I phased my hand through my stomach to pull it back out. This is going to be a long day….

Boy, was I right. I wasn't let out of that stupid cell all day. I continued to bang my head, except at mealtimes. The food was a lot better than the cafeteria food, though. I had just finished dinner when I heard someone walk over to my cell. I froze and tensed as they opened the door. Vlad stepped inside, looking like he had won a trophy. By the way he was looking at me, I was the trophy.

"Hello, Son," he said happily.

"Don't call me that," I said angrily yet sadly. I wish Mom or Dad were here, I heard Fenton think.

I don't, Phantom thought.

"Oh, you'll be seeing your parents," Vlad said, "just as soon as we find a way to keep you in your ghost-mode."

"WHAT!" I yelled.

"I wonder," Vlad said as though he didn't hear me, "perhaps your parents will kill you for us."

"Mom and Dad wouldn't do that!"

"They would once we make them think you're the reason all the other ghosts always escape."

They already think that, idiot, Phantom thought. "And how do you plan to do that?" I said aloud.

"Simple, Sonny—" I glared at Vlad in a "I'd-kill-you-if-I-wasn't-locked-in-this-stupid-place" way—"we have Bertrand disguise himself as you and pretty much destroy the town. By then, we'll have found a way to make you a ghost for good. We'll turn you out onto the streets, and you'll be dead in a few hours," he said as he walked out. I'll repeat once more, we are in trouble!

Fenton home, two weeks later (Regular POV)

Jazz ran downstairs when the doorbell rang. She flung open the door, hoping to see Danny. Well, she sort-of did. Danny Phantom was in front of her. He looked like he was going to faint, so she pulled him inside and onto the couch. Their parents ran upstairs from the lab.

"Our ghost alarm went off!" Maddie said. "Jazz, where's the—" her eyes traveled to Danny, who had fainted on the couch. Maddie pulled out one of the Fenton Kill-All-Ghost-Gun-Type things and aimed at Danny. Jazz stepped between them.

"Don't hurt him!" Jazz said.

"He tried to destroy the city!" Maddie said.

"What if he was trying to stop the other ghosts?"

"He destroyed the city! Not to mention shooting at innocent people with an ectoplasmic beam!"

"We should let him tell his side of the story."

"Fine! When he wakes up, we'll make him talk."

A few hours later (Danny's POV)

I kept my eyes closed, even though I was awake. Whatever I was lying on was a lot more comfortable than the creepy surgery thing I'd been on the past week and a half. I slowly remembered being thrown out after they found a way to force me to stay in my ghost-mode. They were right; Bertrand had completely destroyed the town. I headed straight home, hoping that Mom and Dad could help me, even if they find out my secret.

I blinked several times to get adjusted to the light. When I did, I looked up and saw someone standing over me. It reminded me of being in Voldemort and Vlad's lab, so I was frightened. "AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!" I screamed. I guess I scared them, though.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I blinked again. Oh, good; it's just Jazz. And I'm stuck in ghost-mode in the town where I'm most wanted!

"I gotta get out of here," I whispered to myself. Unfortunately, Jazz heard me.

"Mom, Dad!" she yelled. "It's awake!" My parents ran into the room with all their ghost equipment.

"Alright, ghost-kid," my dad said, sounding creepily like Skulker, "you're going to talk once and for all!"

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