Doom Crystals

Old friends

It was an average day at Autobot base, Sideswipe and Sunsreeker were arm wrestling, nether winning, Prowl was checking Teletran's sky-spy activity, and Optimus Prime, well, he was unaccounted for. Jazz and Blaster argued over who was louder, and the smaller bot's like Bumblebee and Cliffjumper were learning games like hockey (yes hockey) from Spike. Suddenly, a message was received from Cybertron.

"PRIME! THEIR'S AN INCOMMING MESSAGE FROM CYBERTRON!" Prowl shouted in hopes that Optimus would hear him over the racket.

"What!" from how quickly he showed up you would've though he had been standing behind the doorway awaiting his cue, "Put it onscreen! NOW!" The loud noise from Blaster and Jazz had annoyed him to the boiling point, both mech's immediately ceased making noise, and everyone was suddenly brought to a hush.

A pink femme appeared on the screen, her optics looked exhausted and by her posture you could tell she was overworked, Prime immediately recognized her, "…Eleta-1?"

"Hello Optimus. Good to see you again."


"I don't have time to explain, we gained a few new members since we last saw you, but our new base was discovered, now only eight of us haven't been captured. As much as I hate to admit it, we need help to save them."

"Perhaps…" Optimus was obviously being cautious at his choice in wording, "…It would be best if you and your team came to earth, we could think of a plan to rescue the others then, plus your team would be safer here."

"I suppose that may work but… it may fully surrender Cybertron to the Decepticons."

"If memory serves, you are not the only survivors on Cybertron, perhaps-…" This lead to a long dull debate that Prime eventually won, and the femmes left for Earth.


At arriving, Optimus had insisted on being their escort to Autobot base. Those in the team were: Eleta-1, Cromia, Moonracer, Fierstar, Helute-23, Bluejay, and Shadows. Shadows instinctively stood upside-down; the mech was clearly uncomfortable on the ground. Suddenly Bumblebee noticed that only seven members were present, "Hey! I thought there were eight of you!"

"There are." said a feminine voice from behind him, he turned around to see a black and yellow striped femme with four wings outstretched behind her; she was about the same height as him, "Hi Bumblebee!" She said happily, causing him to fall in surprise.

"Who're you?"

"You probably don't recognize me. It's me! Bluebird! But, because of… obvious changes I'm now called Queenbee."

Chuckling, Cliffjumper whispered, "Maybe we should re-name him Drone."


"What in the universe is-…?" Perceptor asked wile entering the room, "…Helute-23? I-is that you?"

"Hi big brother." She whispered sheepishly.

Jazz turned and left the room without a word, His face showed disappointment, and pain. He entered his quarters and sat down, muttering about his stupidity, "Man, this isn't good, I know they were captured by the Decep's, but… why can't I just accept that they all died? Boomer… BeatBop… Rendition… Karma… Revolution… Mixist….. My bonding partner Jizz….. My baby sister Razz… all… gone… They've been gone since before I left Cybertron… Primus I miss them…I would give anything to have them back…"

He probably would've stayed sulking all day, but the Decepticons attacked, so he had to go to battle. The battle seemed normal enough at first, then Megatron brought out a bright red jewel, fire burst from the gem, causing several Autobots who were close to him serious damage.

Then a gush of water doused the flames, and Megatron was immediately taken aback, "Who DARES to defy my power!" He screamed to the air.

"I do." A calm feminine voice said from a cliff above them. There stood a femme with rather skimpy armor, a black mask that covered the back of her head and most of her face, and cold, grey, piercing optics, "But I don't have time to deal with you. I came to get the whereabouts of Shockwave."


"You wouldn't understand, he destroyed my friends in front of my eyes, killed my main gurl Jizz 'cuz she knew too much. He killed the youngest prisoner first… poor little Razz, she was such a sweet girl. Jizz swore all Decepticons and Autobots should die for the painful war they created. I am here to kill her killer, and his master. You have only one doom Crystal, I have ten."

Jazz had fallen to the ground in tears, his fears confirmed. Prowl ran to his side, "Jazz! Are you alright!"

"Razz was my baby sister… Jizz was my bonding… my bonding…"

"Oh man… I'm so…"

The femme suddenly noticed them, when she saw Jazz her eyes seemed to light up a bit, "Jazz…"

The Decepticons fled, not wishing to fight a battle that couldn't be won. The femme disappeared, giving so sign she had ever really been there. Optimus turned to the blubbering Autobot; he had heard everything, "Jazz? If you want to take it easy for a few days…"

"Nah." He muttered through the tears, "No use mourning over what happened eons ago…"

"Don't be so sure I'm gone." A light, gleeful female voice chirped behind them, the femme had bright blue 'hair', a pink-and-blue visor similar to Jazz's, pink-and-blue armor that covered almost all of her, a delicate frame, and soft smile.

At seeing her Jazz leapt to his feet, and for a long time just stared at her, "J-J-J-Jizz! Is… is it really you…?"

"Well… if you're dreaming I'd better not look like Karma or BeatBop!" Her voice was light and reassuring."

"Bu-but… that freak said you were dead!"

"She thought I was dead, but not quite, but I don't remember how I survived; I guess I've blocked it out…"

"You don't need to remember it." Optimus growled, "Let's go home."

"I'm no longed an Autobot. I don't wish to fight any longer-…"

"You don't need to."


Jazz insisted she be in his quarters, and after much argument, she agreed. That night Jazz checked her every few moments to be sure she was comfortable, "For Primus' sakes Jazz! Go to sleep!"

"I'm just concerned. I still love you." For a long time nether spoke, then Jazz decided to ask a burning question, "Why are you wearing a visor?"

"Well why are you!" She shot back angrily.

"Jizz… your eyes are beautiful, why hide them?"

"They aren't beautiful anymore. They've been scared, and now make me look emotionless."

"Jizz… I still love you; please tell me what is bothering you. I don't want to gain you back… just to lose your heart, and, inadvertently, lose you again."

She stood up and walked over to him, his face showed how much he hoped she was going to embrace him, he had put his bonding bracelet back on to prove he still cared, "Jazz."

"Yes Jizz?"

"I'm sorry for what I'm about to do." She reached over and snapped his bonding bracelet. And at his gaping face she pulled her bracelet off, placing it in his hand, "This isn't going to work out. Good-bye… my Ex-bonding-partner."

"Jizz! WAIT! Please! We can work this out!"

"No… we can't. I'm leaving. I hope we never see each other again." She stood up, began to leave the room when she stopped, reached into a sub-space pocket, and pulled out a gleaming silver Crystal, "You now have power of wind, it might help the Autobot cause." She tossed the Crystal on his re-charge birth.

His face was filled with tears as she opened the door, "Please don't do this… I love you…"

She paused in the doorway, and then turned, "I still love you too, but we cannot be. Don't make this harder than it already is."

"Please…" his voice was muffled and soft.

"Good-bye… Jazz… I truly am sorry." She left without another word; she passed Prowl in the control room and ignored the questioning look on his face. She walked thru the door, wondering what she was going to do next.

After his shift Prowl went to check on Jazz. The door was still open, and Jazz was still sitting on the bed dumb-struck, "Jazz! What happened pal?" He said nothing, but opened his hand to reveal the shattered and the returned bracelets. He gaped for a long time, "Oh man… she couldn't… no one in their right mind would just give up like that!"

"She followed procedure perfectly; she broke my bracelet and gave hers to me. We are officially, as the humans would say, divorced…" He let out a sob and rested his head in his hands, "She said that she still loves me but… She said she was sorry, yeah right. If she were sorry or really loved me she wouldn't have left..." He suddenly picked up the Crystal she left, "… I don't know why she left me one of these; I didn't even know she had one… She said it was of air…"

"Jazz… do you want me to help you?"

"No man. Just tell Prime I'm sick or somthin'. The last thing I need is pity from someone with a perfect relationship with their partner!"

"Okay then. Just… don't feel too badly about all this man."

"Trust me I don't. She was obviously just play'n me man."

"I don't know… she seemed happy to see you alive and well-"

"SHUT THE SLAG UP PROWL! You have no right to tell me anything about her! You've never believed you were in love!" Jazz had leapt to his feet, shaking in fury and tears poring down from his visor.

For a moment, Prowl simply sat silently, but then whispered, "Not true Jazz. I was in love once too, but after she died in the early days of the war… I didn't really allow myself to fall in love again. After all, true love shouldn't be betrayed. I've always felt like if I fall in love I'll be back-stabbing her… " Their optics met, both feeling sympathy for the other, "Jazz, she really loves you. But like you she's got duty's that come first-"

"She's not an Autobot anymore. What duty would she have to do!"

"Well… she said your sister was killed… perhaps she's let trivial instincts become her reason…"

"Revenge then. You might be right… she could want vengeance but… I don't know…"

"I hear you Jazz. Try to get some re-charge in buddy."

"Thanks Prowl… 'Night…"

To be continued… Maybe.

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