Hello everyone! I finally finished chapter 3, and now it's Jazz's turn to hide something. pluse; the captured autobots are A-Okay! problem is that Jazz and Jizz are on the rocks again, and will he be able to save her?

Jizz: Why can't you authers leave well enough alone?

Because that's no fun! Now; let us begin!

Doom Crystals

Jazz has a secret too

Jizz kept her word and returned to base, she also started wearing her visor constantly. Jazz apologized to everyone he'd cursed at; realizing that he'd crossed the line. He claimed that it was the temporary break-up with Jizz and the built up anxiety about her safety that had caused him to lose control.

Jizz however was not satisfied with the explanation; she snuck up on Jazz three times within twenty minutes of her arrival, each time pestering, "What's wrong Jazzy-wazzy?" She would say as she jumped on his back.

Most of the time he just shrugged her off and went back to work, but even he has his limits, "For Primus' sake Jizz! Will you go bother someone else? Like… I don't know! Prowl or somebody!"

"But Prowl's no fun! He just growls and yells at people! Besides, I know something's bothering you… and it isn't me!" She chirped.

He muttered something under his breath and knocked her off him, "Leave me alone, I have work to do!"

She moved so she was in front of him, "Tell me what's wrong. Now." Her voice was firm and demanding.

"Go away Jizz."

"That's it!" She shouted in frustration, she reached up and grabbed his visor, but before she could pull away, he grabbed her wrist and held it firm, "What the- let-go Jazz!" she tried to pull away but he held firm.

"Not until you let go of my visor." She put her foot on his leg and tried to pull away; he held firm. So she put her other foot on his other leg and tried again, she was growling and yelling when he muttered, "You do realize that if I did let go you would go crashing to the floor?"

"Yeah but I'd still win. I have a glorious grip on your visor."

He grinned, "…But not for long Jizzy-Frizzy." He used his free hand to tickle her.

She released her grip and fell to the ground laughing, "NOT FAIR!"

"Whatever, now go away; I have a lot of work to do!"

Her optics filled with tears, "What's wrong with you! What happened to the Jazz I fell in love with?"

His jaw was clenched tight before he muttered, "He died the day you and Razz disappeared." He growled. Every Autobot in the base turned to him, gaping at the unusual behavior. Whereas Jizz ran toward the base exit in tears; Queenbee flying after her.

Jizz suddenly stopped short, causing Queenbee to bump into her. She turned back to look at Jazz, she had felt something, like genuine sorrow coming from him. The only problem was that only Stebotes could have such powers. She began swearing at him in the language that came with being a Stebote. She also said (in that language), "What's wrong with you! I love you and I want to help! Please Jazz!"

Razz was gaping at her cursing, and gaped even wider when Jazz replied, "Swearing won't do you any good now."

"How'd you know what I was saying!"

"Your tone; you only ever use that tone when you're cursing."

"For your sake Jazz, I hope you're telling the truth." Jizz pulled off her visor, her grey optics glimmering, "And I hope your eyes are really blue."

She stormed off, tossing her visor to the ground as she left. Helute-23 tenderly picked it up, she turned to Razz, "Here, she might want it back one day."

"Where could she be going?" Razz whispered.

Jazz muttered something to himself before going to his room, he knew exactly what she was going to do, but saying something about it would reveal his secret.

He looked skyward, "She's going to save the others…"

Jizz put on her skimpy black outfit and ran toward the ocean. She could feel the captured Autobots in the under-sea Decepticon base. And she also felt a child-spark that was captured as well. Either one of the captured femmes was pregnant, or the Decepticons had captured an Autobot-child. She cursed the ocean's vast size as she plunged into it, the cold, salty water stinging at her systems.

"How could he?" She wondered aloud, apparently searching for an answer from the fish, "He should have told me… I'd have helped him… but he still doesn't believe what happened to him… Oh Jazz!" Tears pored from her optics unseen, but she knew they were there.

As she approached Decepticon base, she reached into her sub-space pocket and pulled out the Ice, and Radioactive/Explosive Crystals. She sighed deeply, "Forces above help me; I'm going to save them if it kills me. But once they're out… they're on their own."

She swam up to the wall where she sensed the captives. She froze the wall and prepared to crumble it.

Jazz prepared for a battle, he knew she was going to solve more problems than she fixed, but he at least had to help her. He heard a tap, at the door, where he'd have once rushed over to greet his visitor and act surprised at who they were and what they wanted, he simply hissed, "Go away Blaster."

"Jazz-man! We gotta talk."

"I'm done talking." He was about to leave when he saw it on his 'nightstand'; a swirling, clear-grey Crystal with powers over wind. It was the last item given to him, by her, in a heart-felt manner. He bit his lip-component and grabbed it, hiding it with his weapons in a sub-space pocket.

He finally opened the door, walking right passed a stunned Blaster, "Yo-man! Don't gimmie the cold shoulder; let me help ya get-back your composure!"

"I don't need help with nothin' Blaster. I'm the one who needs ta do da helpin'."

The turquoise femme counted again out of pure boredom; three femmes (besides herself), two mechs, and one little-girl-bot. not good odds even if they found a way out of their cell. Wrench had fixed the worst of their injuries, she wasn't much of a mechanic herself but her lost bonding partner was an expert mechanic, and often stressed over nothing, her soot-grey armor looked blackened and cracked

Monolia (a dark & light green femme) and her twin Miya (a purple & orange femme) (if you have seen "The search for Alfa Trion" you know who I'm talking about), sat gloomy and depressed, thinking of nothing but escape, not caring about anything but.

The mechs were Subroutine, a green and orange Autobot, and Sudation, a purple and blue Autobot; they were half brothers as far as she could tell. And when they weren't fighting, they were coming up with escape plans.

Whirl-wind as she'd named herself was a small, baby-blue femme who wasn't more than one hundred years old. She was sleeping soundly despite her lack of energon; the Decepticons had been starving them all.

Suddenly, and explosion ripped open the walls of their cage, water pored in, and a Femme swam in and began pushing them all out one by one as she shouted, "Swim east about fifteen miles and you'll find land; a short distance from that is Autobot headquarters!"

For the first time she got a good look at the femme, her armor was skimpy and black, as was the mask covering her face. But the voice was so familiar she just knew, "Jizz! Jizz that's you isn't it! You have to come too!"

"No Harmony-Melody. I cannot. I am no Autobot. But you are." She looked up as the door behind her opened and to Decepticons ran to nab her, "Take care old friend."

"Jizz! Don't be stupid! Please!"

"It's too late. Tell Jazz I'm sorry." was all she could say before she was captured.

Jazz finally made it to the shore, he saw several worn-out Autobots crawling onto the shore. He knew she had done it. He ran down to them, "Are you all alright?"

"Yes, thanks to Jizz."

"Jizz, what-what happened to her?"

"After she got us out she was captured by Decepticons."

For a moment Jazz was frozen by Harmony-Melody's words, and then whispered, "This is my fault…"

Harmony looked at him for a moment before saying, "Jazz, she said she's sorry about something…"

He shook his head, "She was probably just sorry she didn't save you sooner Harmony. I'll call Blaster and the others so they can help get ya back to base for a re-charge." he half-chuckled, "And a good screamin' at by Ratchet."

"Ratchet's… alive?" Wrench gaped as Jazz turned on his systems.

"Yeah, he is." he turned back to the communicator, "Jazz to Autobot headquarters, do you read me?"

Prowl's crackled voice came through the intercom, "Read you loud and clear Jazz, what is the problem?"

"Jizz released the captives, but they're at the bottom of the charts for energy."

There was a moment of silence before he answered, "We'll be there in a nano-click, just hold on."

Once back at base, everyone noticed an even darker energy level coming from Jazz. And after a long wile, Razz finally piped up the courage to ask, "Jazz? If Jizz saved them… where is she?"

He quickly turned away from her, then, after a long moment, whispered, "She was captured wile saving them. They've probably already destroyed her…"

"Jazz! I'm sooooooo sorry! I-I mean…" Razz clutched the visor Jizz had thrown to the floor.

Out of the blue he said, "Do your kind's powers work more strongly when your optics aren't covered?"

"Yes…" she was suddenly nervous, "Why?"

"I have to save her; it's my fault she's in this mess in the first place!"

Suddenly the alarm sounded, "Sorry bro, you have to plan on the go!"

"Don't do that."

Once on the battlefield, Megatron laughed like the moron he is, Optimus finally shouted, "What, pray-tell, is so funny Megatron?"

His smirk grew, "I have a new pawn in this game. Say hello to my newest, loyal Decepticon; Jizz."

"What!" Jazz, Blaster, Harmony-Melody, and Razz all shouted at once.

But it was indeed true, Jizz came out from behind the Decepticon army, mask gone, and eyes stone-cold, "Go on Jizz; show them the power of the Crystals…"

She pulled out a Sapphire-blue one, "Submissive surge!" An unfathomable burst of water flew from the Crystal and knocked every Autobot to the ground, she then pulled out a brown one, "Earthquaker!"

A sharp rock stabbed Jazz through his abdominals, and then hurtled him toward the sky, stopping about 300 meters in the Air; Jazz squired on top. His sister screamed after him, "NO! JAZZ!" she ran toward the tower of rock, but a metal shield rose around it, caused by a silver Crystal, "Jizz please! I have to help him!"

Jazz (unrenowned to them) pulled off his visor to reveal a scar running from above his right optic, to the bottom of his left. It also showed his own grey eyes. He focused all his energy to making a connection with Jizz, if he could just gain access to her emotions, even for a moment, she could be freed… he hoped.

To be continued…

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