I know, I know. I should be working on fics I've already started, but I have a hard time ignoring inspiration. Sorry for the delay on Numb, Tangled, and Darker Wings. This idea just keeps nagging me and refuses to be quiet until I get started on it. Besides, poor Sailor Uranus is the most ignored Scout in all crossover-dom. Except maybe Neptune.

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Chapter One: Ripple

Small bumps and fractures in the time stream are common, and therefore nothing to worry about. Usually. But now and then something or someone denies the current flow of events, and makes a big splash. As in any stream, the droplets of water thrown into the air, or in this case small events are thrown into the chaos of being in a different time and place. Not only does the large object, i.e. event, make ripples that can extend quite a ways, but the small droplets from the splash also make small ripples.

So when Sailor Pluto saw the enormous event of Darien and Serena realizing their relationship was purely platonic, the time Scout could think of only one thing to do. Panic. The thought of the potential consequences played havoc with her normally rational mind. It was too late to change what had happened. Serena was now dating a guy from school by the name of Alan, and had set Darien up with a friend more his age from an extra-curricular course she was taking at a nearby college.

Rubbing her temples, Pluto muttered detachedly to herself about goofy kids who didn't look before they leapt. She could only hope this wouldn't turn out badly.


Chronos grinned as he watched his great-granddaughter fret. She rarely worried. He wanted to tell her that he and the council had planned for this, but had been forbidden to.

A wave of sadness came over him as he thought about exactly what was going to happen, but he knew it was for the best. After all, some things were simply meant to be. Too bad he and the other gods had to tweak things a little to bring this about.

Sorry for the short chappie, and not letting ya know how this involves Amara yet. It'll get better.

And as for why I'm using the stupid dub names, I figure for what's going to happen to Amara it would make things easier on her. She's going to have it hard enough as it is.

BTW, for the sake of this story, she will be seventeen. Despite being a long time moonie, I'm not sure if that's her age (plus I haven't seen the season of SM with the Starlights even though I've seen all the other seasons). But it will work best, I think, for what I'm planning.