Sorry everyone, but I feel I can no longer continue this story. I have not the inspiration for it. Nor, it seems, do I have the time, especially since I have other plot bunnies waiting.

So, if someone wants to adopt this story, I ask that you email me at:


I do have a few criteria I would like the new author to fit. All I ask is that you have decent spelling and grammar skills, and that you not turn Whisper of the Wind into a Serena (Usagi)-centered fic. This story was meant to be about Amara (Haruka), and I would like it to remain that way.

Again, my apologies. If a suitable person hasn't adopted this fic within the next 2-4 weeks I'll either delete it or see if I can find an author on the other site I've been posting it on:


I do find a suitable author, I would love to work something out with you about updating it on Devoted to Smallville.

Sincerest Apologies,

Kari Anna