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Background: Motoko and Keitaro are married, and live a peaceful life at Hinatasou with their son, Kenichi. However, their lives are about to change when Naru and Kenjiro, along with their daughter Yuri, returns to Hinatasou to obtain Motoko's sakabatou, which is Kenjiro's heirloom. Not only are these un-welcomed guests causing a great deal of havoc, but also an unfortunate accident is waiting to shatter the happiness of our beloved kanrinrin and swordswoman...

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Darkness had been her refuge since the day she was born. In the stillness of the night, no one could recognise the difference between her and the others, no one could distinguish her cries from the joyous cries of children. She could sit in the shadows of the great maples, letting the ominous moonlight cast on her countenance as she tried to smile despite the tears that continued to run with each blink of her eyes, only to become trapped in a maze of sadness, unable to escape.

There was no escape. She would never lead a life like any other, because she was Himura Yuri, the daughter of two broken hearts that had come together to mend each other's wounds, but failed miserably as they found their past replaying and replaying, becoming more and more detailed, with each rising sun.

The cruel autumn winds swept the poor child, sending a handful of fallen leaves battering on her face, but she merely closed her eyes, allowing the pain wash over her fallen soul. Her chapped lips curled upwards in what resembled a smile, a bitter but true smile that revealed her inner emotions. She was intoxicated by the feeling of loneliness, engrossed in watching the deep violet ceiling swirl above her. This was her safe haven; away from the sounds of an ever-lasting commotion between the two people she loved above all, the two people who never returned her affections.

Many a time she had asked herself this question. Did she do something wrong? She must have, for there was no other way to explain her parents' indifference to each other, let alone their frosty attitude towards her. But no matter how hard she tried to find that mistake, she couldn't. From the very beginning, Yuri had been absolutely obedient, completing every task she was given without the slightest bit of hesitation, without a single word of question. At the young age of three, she had taken care of herself in every aspect, never asking for help, never asking for company. Yet, all she obtained in return were the horrid images of fighting that polluted her innocent blue eyes, the lengthy silences separated by heated arguments that made her wish she was deaf. Why? Why did this have to happen to her? What mistake had she made?

All of a sudden, the soft sounds of treading disrupted the rhythmic howls of the wind, awakening Yuri from her deep trance. As she reluctantly opened her swollen eyes, the blurry outlines of a familiar figure appeared in her vision.

" Let's go home, Yuri," a low voice spoke in an emotionless tone.

Yuri got up and mindlessly followed the man, down the silent hills and tall forests to the ancient dojo that rested on the foot of the mountains. The journey was completely tranquil, safe for the slight ringing of bells that dangled from the hilt of the man's katana, marking each of his sober steps. Heat returned to Yuri's numb body as she entered the building that she was led to, and following the man, she came to a room, her own room.

The man pushed the door open, revealing an empty bag on the ground. Yuri was surprised. What is happening? What is this all about?

" Go pack your belongings. We're leaving tomorrow," the man spoke in a cold tone before leaving the little girl dazed at the doorway.

She just wanted to ask...


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